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Prologue: A Look to Ridicule Fate[edit]

-- Tender feminine pants resounded in the room.

Sounds of fawning [1] came from within the shadows -- with the accompaniment of a luscious smell spreading throughout the room.

The unique design of this spacious room results in a unique reverberation of sounds, allowing the females to hear their voices, hence achieving an aphrodisiac effect.

The indiscernible screams failed to register any meanings, but yet seemed to mean something. And that, is the state of intoxication -- experiencing thrill and joy in the pleasures taking over one's body.


With small and light steps, someone entered this room. From the contours of the one emerging from the shadows, one could clearly make out the curves of a female body. With each slow step made from the dark wall towards the center of the room, the silhouette of gradually turned into a beautiful and stunning youthful female -- a demon named Zest.

Zest's eyes revealed -- the place that she was going to, was the only illuminated place within this darkness. That place, is a giant bed covered with luxurious carvings, fitted with a canopy cover. On the bed was a high class demon, with many female demons scantily clad in lingerie gathered around him.

Amongst them, one sat on his lap facing him, indulgently taking the initiative to twist her hips about. Speaking of which, the sounds filling the room was mostly hers.

"! ...ah ah, ah, fu... ha, ah! Zolgear-sama..."

She had a lascivious [2] expression with her eyes were out of focus; behind that high-class demon's back was another female demon, continuously rubbing her two breasts trying to gain even more pleasure -- and more importantly, to please their master, the high class demon.

This scene was all silently taken in clearly by Zest, who had stopped before the giant bed.

-- Soon, the female demon twisting her hips about arched her body, letting out an especially pleasured scream.

Then, while still moaning in her trance at the ending of her climax, she was shifted away from Zolgear by the others. Taking her place was three more females moving their heads towards his lap -- at the part where the two legs split, a wet sound was created. While having the selfless service from the females, Zolgear suddenly spoke:

"--Is that you, Zest?"

He had not moved his sight towards her at all, and him calling her name shows that her presence in the room was already known.

"Yes, master. Your servant has just returned from the human realm, and is ready to report to master about Wilbert's daughter -- preliminary report of the surveillance of Naruse Mio. Not sure if master is willing to allocate more space?"

"Of course I am... Isn't that the reason I had sent you on this?"

Zest then focused her consciousness on the crystal ball on her right palm, having received her master's permission. The crystal ball immediately emitted light, and before Zolgear's eyes -- an image was projected on the wall in front of the giant bed. It was taken by Zest in the human realm, the only daughter of the former demon lord's current state.

"Ah... it has only been half a year since I last looked at you, and yet this girl has became even more beautiful."

Zolgear scrutinised the image of Mio, and narrowed his eyes with satisfaction.

Immediately, the image then changes to that of a battlefield. The youth from the hero tribe wielding a spirit lance let out a powerful attack -- but just before it swallowed Mio and Maria, some sort of spherical gravity field surrounded them. It was this disruption barrier, that protected them from the spirit lance's attack.

"Although not fully awakened, there are some signs of it already..."

"Is that the power left behind by Wilbert-sama?"

The never seen before scene, caused a lingerie-wearing female demon to ask.

"That's right. His majesty demon lord and the moderates all want to gain that power...because once the power sleeping in that girl is gained, redrawing the power map of the demon realm is possible."

Another female demon then lightly moved beside to press her body against him, smiled and said:

"So -- once you manage to get this girl, Zolgear-sama will be at the apex of the demon realm?"

"That is how it ...--hmm?"

Zolgear, who was smiling, immediately raised his eyebrows at the next image.

It was a close-up view of Mio's face in an intoxicated state. After zooming out a little, it can be seen that Mio was sitting on the lap of the young man living with her while he massaged her big breasts with maple syrup and she moved her hips about indecently. Mio then turned her body to face him, both her hands clasped around his head, and became even more frantic; this was with the young man putting the tip of the breast that could not possibly get bigger into his mouth. Soon, Mio and the youth was bathed in light -- and the collar-like markings on Mio's neck went through some changes, turning into a deeper shade of red.

"Oh... Isn't that the response from the master and servant contract? While I know that she had undertaken a master and servant contract, to think that she knows about using a succubus' aphrodisiac power to deepen the master-servant contract... If that's the case, things seem to be a little more interesting than I thought. With this, I must get her at all costs."

Even if it means going against the current demon lord. Following up, Zolgear asked:

"But seeing my prey being played with to this extent, it really goes against my your previous report, the brat living together with Naruse Mio is the one exiled from the hero tribe?"

"Yes... After looking into it, he is only child of Jin·Toujou."

When Zest said the name, Zolgear let out a snort filled with scorn and disdain.

"So its that guy...but he is not by his son's side now right? Then it would not be too much of a hindrance. Even if he is his son, his power isn't that much of a threat as that of his father."

"...But, Zolgear-sama, this youth -- although his strength is nowhere near his father Jin·Toujou, he is sometimes able to release incredible power."

Zest then changed the projection to another scene. It was the youth wielding the cursed blade, and cancelled out the gale magic released by his old acquaintance, a young girl, with a slash.

"Did he just...cancel out magic with that slash?"

"That is the case, I fear. No traces of the activation of the magic were left. That is the ability of complete annihilation of magic."

Zolgear went silent for while after listening to Zest, and then finally spoke with the attention of the female demons on him:

"...Not long ago, Naruse Mio had lost control of Wilbert's power, right?"

"Affirmative. In the last periodic report, I believe Lars has already clarified this event."

"The report said that the power had subsided before it was totally released...but what if, that and your records of the accidental release are different, and the power was completely out of control? The yet to be awakened Naruse Mio, it doesn't really seem that she could be able to stop that state, if so--"

"--Yes. It is seems likely that it was the power of the boy that saved Naruse Mio."

"I see...if that's the case, wouldn't it be more interesting? The former demon lord's daughter with enough power to conquer the demon realm, living together with one who can erase that kind of power. I see, a tiger father will not beget a dog son [3] -- who else knows of his ability?"

"Lars would know of it, as I observed the battle with him. But in his periodic report, he gave no mention on the youth's ability, like before."

In the report given by Lars, he only described that Zest was also observing Mio's surroundings for other reasons, as well as Varga acting on his own after being dispatched by the Council and being killed by the spirit lance user from the Hero Tribe, and that Mio and the rest successfully survived the the hero tribe's attack.

From the start to the end, Lars didn't mention anything about the boy's ability to annihilate, so there might be ulterior motives for this. In the war, Lars and the younger Current Demon Lord fought in the same unit, thus rising to today's position with the trust he had gained back then, and had accepted the big responsibility of observing Naruse Mio -- but in the shadows, he had already made some suspicious movements. Just then, Zolgear smiled and said:

"No matter what he wants to do, his trick of being on both sides cannot last long. In the end...with the direction where this is heading, it is still advantageous to us."


"Ah. Those who will be a hinderance to our aim will never survive, but having such a rare ability is another totally different matter. No matter whether it's Naruse Mio or that brat, I will not allow anyone to come between me and them. I want the both of them in my hands -- Zest, how are the preparations of that coming along?"

Hearing about the enquiry about the main reason of Zest going to the human realm, she immediately answered with a nod: [4]

"No problems at all. Everything is going as master planned."

"Very well -- I guess now is time to take action, and take what I want -- Zest, tell me the brat's name one more time."

Zest then responded to her master's request, reporting the name of the youth with the special ability once more.

"--Toujou Basara."

"Ah -- Toujou Basara, is it? Yet even more fun."

Zolgear then looked at the image of Basara and Mio projected on the wall.

With a cold smile, towards the prey that he has decided to never let go, he uttered the words:

"You will very soon experience -- irresistible joy and despair."

Translator Notes and References[edit]

  1. Displaying exaggerated flattery or affection; obsequious
  2. feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire
  3. a phrase meaning that talented people will have talented children.
  4. This trip is in the side story Volume 6 Chapter 2

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