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Volume 1 Cover

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (心霊探偵 八雲|Psychic Detective Yakumo) is a light novel series written by author Manabu Kaminaga with illustrations done by Katoh Akatsuki in Nihon Bungeisha publication and later in the Kadokawa Bunko publication with cover arts done by Yasushi Suzuki. Currently are 8 volumes published.

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  • 23th November 2010
    • Shinrei Tantei Yakumo teaser project page created.
  • 2nd March 2011
    • Added 20% of the prologue (translated by yamikumo46 on LJ)
  • 4th March 2011
    • Added remaining 80% of prologue (translated by yamikumo46 on LJ)
    • Added chapter 1 of volume 1 (translated by yamikumo46 on LJ)
  • 6th March 2011
    • Added chapter 2 of volume 1 (translated by yamikumo46 on LJ)
  • 7th March 2011
    • Added prologue of volume 2 (translated by yamikumo46 on LJ)
    • Added last chapter - chapter 3 - of volume 1 (translated by yamikumo46 on LJ)

The Shinrei Tantei Yakumo series by Manabu Kaminaga


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Volume 1 - Red Eye That Knows (Akai hitomi wa shitteiru (赤い瞳は知っている))

Volume 2 - Things That Connect the Spirit (Tamashii wo tsunagu mono (魂をつなぐもの))

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Volume 3 - Before the Darkness There is Light (Yami no saki ni aru hikari (闇の先にある光))

Volume 4 - Thoughts that must be protected (Mamoru beki omoi (守るべき想い))

Volume 5 - Connected thoughts (Tsunagaru Omoi (つながる想い))

Volume 6 - At the end of disappointment (Shitsui no hate ni (失意の果てに))

Additional Secret Files bonds (Kaiden SECRET FILES kizuna (外伝 SECRET FILES 絆))

Volume 7 - The spirit's whereabouts (Tamashii no yukue (魂の行方))

Volume 8 - Lost spirits (Ushinawareta Tamashii (失われた魂))

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