Shissou Suru Shishunki no Parabellum:Volume1 Chapter1

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Misfortune was attached to Sasaki Itto’s life. No matter how much effort the person himself put in, something would hold back Itto from achieving success that was completely unrelated to his ability. When that sort of incidents continued to happen time and time again, a human would gradually become sour.

What was his first misfortune? That probably happened when he was in elementary school. If Itto got a perfect score on a maths test that he wasn’t very good at, his parents promised to buy him the latest portable gaming console. Itto made a lot of effort to study for that test. There was a game that he wanted to get no matter what. It was a new RPG, where you bought tanks, remodelled them and used it to kill the enemies. As a result of Itto’s great effort he got a perfect score on his maths test.


—However his delight did not last for long. Itto was involved with a boy that cheated who sat in the seat next to him. Two people got a perfect score at the same time, and a notepad with the answers for the test was found in the desk of the boy sitting next to him. Itto was innocent but the teacher in charge didn’t believe him. “Both of your answers are suspicious and even the way you solved the question is exactly the same.”

With that, the chances of him getting the portable gaming console was nothing. He was scolded by his parents and teacher and was looked coldly at by his classmates.

Just before the entrance ceremony of Itto’s high school his parents got into an argument and divorced. Itto wasn’t able to start attending high school until two months later, since the trouble became very serious as a child was involved. Itto was already so accustomed to such developments that it was normal for him.


In any case, my life has these kind of things.

It’s useless for me to have any expectations and it’s useless for me to make an effort. That’s my life.

Every day was endured unhappily. Itto thought he doesn’t mind that particularly.

Whatever he did was useless in this world.

Itto was of medium build. He wasn’t a handsome man but he didn’t have an awful face either. His face was very unremarkable but his eyes stood out. His eyes lacked spirit like they were glass beads embedded into his face.

“They’re fish or bug-like” was what people often said.

He arrived at Kido High School.

Kido High School was very close to a large shrine. The high school was in a good location surrounded by the shrine and a quiet residential area. It was a five minute walk away from the station where you could get on the Touzai Line so that was also good.

Recently strange events have been happening in the area so private security guards stood close to the front gate.

The school building wasn’t particularly beautiful but it wasn’t untidy as well. Its appearance was the same as any other place really. Itto thought the ordinary school building was somewhat like himself. But the members of the track club were making an effort in morning training at the sports ground in the morning.

Itto’s classroom was the first year general education class B.

He participated in lessons. He started late but, the lesson subjects didn’t particularly trouble him. But his surname was suddenly changed in the attendance book so his classmates were slightly confused. Itto said to himself. Even though they didn’t take him into consideration, he was alright with it.

Itto wasn’t familiar with his class at all. He could tell that it was going to be hard.

“Well, that’s the thing right.”

Itto said the small soliloquy in a voice that only he could hear.

That was Itto’s favourite phrase.

–My life is like this.

“Let’s see, Kishida…Sasaki who isn’t here.”


During lunch break, his homeroom teacher Wajima talked to Itto who was having lunch by himself. The middle aged gym teacher was a good person but didn’t seem to be very smart. He had a very conspicuous gold tooth which Itto could only stare and become irritated at.

“You still haven’t joined a club yet.”


Anyway, Itto’s high school life just started today.

“The high school has decided by the school regulations that every student must take part in a club activity.”

“I see.”

That was news to him.

“Before the week is over, you must choose a club to enter.”

Was what he said.

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