Shissou Suru Shishunki no Parabellum

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Shissou Suru Shishunki no Parabellum (疾走する思春期のパラベラム) is a light novel series written by Fukami Makoto and illustrated by Unaji. The series is completed with seven volumes. The original publisher is Enterbrain (エンターブレイン).

Story Synopsis

"It is a boring club", Sasaki Itto was interested in entering the Movie Club just because of such a light and lazily written club introduction. He was 2 months late starting school because of his family's problems, and with hope and anxiety he entered the club's room. Inside the room, there is Hasegawa Shiho who is dancing while holding a toy gun, and the arrogant Kudou Ozuma. "Get the hell out of here! You have nothing to do in this club" - was the greeting Itto got from Ozuma.

But on the way home from school, Itto gets attacked by a guy with a huge weapon. By coincidence Shiho was also there and the attacker changes his target to attack Shiho. In the urge to save her from the attacks, Itto's power as a Parabellum awakened...



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  • August 31, 2012 - Initiated as a Teaser project
  • August 31, 2012 - Volume 1 Prologue complete
  • November 16, 2012 - Volume 1 Chapter 2 complete

Shissou Suru Shishunki no Parabellum

Volume 1 - The "Parabellum" called "Dangerous Rabbit" (Partial PDF)

Parabellum 002.jpg

Volume 2 - Girl in "The Grayzone"

Volume 3 - Day Dream

Volume 4 - Wide Area Bombing of Mind

Volume 5 - 100billion Nights to Peaceful Days

Volume 6 - Everybody Loves War

Volume 7 - Love for You & Gun to the Mind

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