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Hello readers, it's been a while, I'm Totsuki Yuu.

It's not because of something I can brag about like taking an energizing break or learning stuff, my work was simply delayed.

Whether readers, friends, editors or the illustrator Yasaka-san, I am sorry for making you wait.

...Okay, let's not have things too gloomy. Let's get back to the main topic, the story.

This is a rare moment, or perhaps the first time. The protagonist's basic parameters are the weakest among all the major characters.

To me, an author who believes in male supremacy, this is the newest and weakest protagonist.

I also think that the difference in protagonist this time compared to before is huge, but in a certain sense, the strongest and the weakest is actually a very thin line, different paths towards the same goal. (Probably)

Okay, because the protag is like this, I have arranged many strong females around him.

Perhaps you can't imagine from Yasaka-san's moe moe style of drawing, but they all possess grip strength on the level of gorillas, don't they?

If they were serious, dashing 100m in 9 seconds or jumping vertically over 1m would be a piece of cake.

Just as the clever readers have realized, the protag Hisui is virtually powerless to resist if any of the heroines push him down.

In the story from now on, no matter what new characters appear or how the plot develops, this basic setting will not change.

Kujou Hisui may be the protagonist but rather than a 'hero' he is a weak 'heroine.'

According to some so-called theories of the strongest, please regard Hisui's normal combat strength as "one" in this story. Because that's the standard.

Such a weak ass guy why make him the protagonist? I can almost hear these complaints. Well, that's the kind of existence protags are: even if they lose 99 battles, as long as they win in the critical moment, it's fine.

Conversely, even if someone wins 99 times but loses pitifully in the critical moment, that guy cannot work as a protag.

Losing is fine, unsightliness is fine, but shining in a critical moment, now that's a protagonist, that's Kujou Hisui... that's what I hope.

After talking about the protag, let's discuss the story's setting. This story mentions the race of 'vampires' originating roughly two thousand years ago in Europe, scared of crosses etc. That's the kind of setting I've used.

From an academic perspective, seeking the origins of vampires, through various legends and myths, the basic ideas could be found in very early eras, so one could say their birth far predates thousand years ago. But since the vampires are just part of this story's setting, please don't take things too seriously, dear readers.

Vampires as a category of supernatural creatures is quite broad, currently speaking, but in this story, only the heroine Rushella and her kind are defined as 'vampires.' So readers, please don't worry too much about the other definitions of vampires.

It's about time to say bye, actually when I was writing this afterword, I was in a certain kind of hellish battlefield... but anyway, this is all my own fault. (weeps)

In order to see everyone again as soon as possible, I will turn everyone's support into motivation in my battle to complete the draft.

Well then, see you next volume.

Totsuki Yuu

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

I am Yasaka Minato, this is my first time illustrating novels for Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. Surrounded by cute heroines, I was happy throughout the illustrating process.

I still have many things I need to improve. I will be in everyone's care from now on.

Yasaka Minato

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