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Chapter 6 - Anti-DracAnti-Vampire[edit]

"This place is...?"

Rushella woke up and looked in all directions, finding herself in a dim location.

This looked like a warehouse, with cardboard boxes scattered all around. The warehouse was quite spacious with faint sounds of ocean waves and the smell of the tide. This was probably a corner somewhere in the harbor.

Chasing after hazy memories, she then flew into a rage.

Back when the pungent smell of garlic hit her, she could not bear it no matter what.

Right, I fainted and lost consciousness, then...

Rushella recalled her mistake and could not help but gnash her teeth. Then immediately she discovered that her arms and legs were immobilized.


She could not move naturally. Because her limbs were bound tightly by silver chains then tied to the wall. These chains were apparently prepared in advance and already installed into the wall, extremely secure.

But as a vampire, if Rushella used her full strength, breaking the wall should not be that hard—but she could not do it.

"Silver, huh..."

Because touching the chains produced a scorching pain akin to being burned, only then did she realize the chain's material. Vampires were afraid of silver itself. These chains were most likely designed specially for vampires, making escape even harder.

"You woke, Your Highness the True Ancestor?"


Although Rushella did not know him, the man before her was Kishida whom Hisui and Eruru were well acquainted with.

"Who are you...? You should be my kin. But how are you able to use this contemptible thing."

Just as Rushella pointed out, no matter how effective anti-vampire equipment was against other vampires, a vampire would find them difficult to use. But this man was making perfect use of them.

"Please call me the Baron. Although it differs from the West, I have received an official title of nobility in this country."

"Really... I heard from my servant already, this country no longer has a system of nobles. Judging from that fact, you must have lived here since a long time ago."

"Compared to a True Ancestor, I'm nothing. But living in the human world, I have learned knowledge. Although using these kinds of tools to bind my kin is difficult for myself, a person in the process of turning does not have this inconvenience."

Behind the Baron, a girl in a patient's gown was standing at his service.

"The class rep...!? You bit her!?"

"Exactly. A young virgin... especially a saint, how could I resist? Well done. These chains I'm unable to touch, by ordering her who is still in the middle of turning, she helped me to tie you up."

"I see... You sucked her blood to approach, but not reach full vampirization in order to create a more loyal servant who can perform tasks you cannot. What a lowly man you are."

"Very unfortunately, I am not as noble a vampire as a True Ancestor."

Mixed with self-mockery and anger, the Baron smiled in a complicated manner, twisting his lips.

Rushella went "hmph" and asked arrogantly:

"Then, why would you perpetrate such rude behavior against one so far above you as I am? Have you been smitten by my charm?"

"Charm... That is true in a way. I have spent so much effort searching for a True Ancestor-class vampire."

"How so?"

"I became a vampire out of my own volition. I asked my 'master' to suck my blood, thereby abandoning my human identity. I originally looked forward to eternal life, but once I got my wish I discovered there were so many inconveniences."

"My race's weaknesses are common knowledge. You should have known beforehand, right? Don't complain after the fact."

"Indeed... Light, crosses and the like cannot be helped. But not only that, for those of us who became a vampire through a master's bite, we must live in fear of death every moment of our lives, do you know why?"

"Like I would know."

Rushella replied arrogantly.

These troubles of lowly commoners did not concern her.

The Baron's face twisted in resentment after hearing her.

"How arrogant of you. For us 'servants,' when the 'masters' are destroyed, we also perish in a chain reaction. Do you understand? Immortality is just an empty label when we 'servants' must fear destruction through chain reaction every second. Can you understand these troubles!?"

"I don't want to understand. You're just mentally weak. If you want to preserve your existence, just leave descendants behind. The master-servant chain reaction does not spread to blood relatives. It's only an issue between the biter and the bitten. Since your descendants won't be killed, your bloodline continues to be passed down."

"Utterly inane. I only want myself to survive eternally. Not just that, I can't even surpass my 'master' in power ever. All I can do is fear the chain destruction. No matter how many people's blood I suck, this fact cannot be changed. Who wants such a fate?"

The Baron discarded his earlier calm and gestured with his arms and legs in an exaggerated manner.

"Precisely because of that, I have made my decision. I will achieve the taboo that no vampire has achieved so far: surpassing the master! Hence, I have sought the 'True Ancestor'... but perhaps you are a fake?"

The Baron extended his finger towards the neckline of Rushella's dress. His sharp claws scratched her large bosom, leaving a red trail over her skin.


Embarassement and slight pain made Rushella roar. Blood seeped out where her chest was scratched, then dripped to the floor.

Rushella suddenly realized his intent and looked down.

So did the Baron.

This was the method Hisui described to identify a True Ancestor and the result was right there.

A rose-like elegant emblem appeared on the floor. Despite falling naturally due to gravity, the droplets of blood produced an extremely complicated and intricate pattern, carved distinctively on the floor even though a skilled craftsman would find it difficult to trace out.

"A real 'True Ancestor'...!! Looks like I've finally found one."

Clenching his fists, the Baron spoke emotionally.

Rushella was also relieved that her memory was not forged. However, she immediately felt gloomy.

"Now that you've verified I'm a True Ancestor... what are you going to do? Even if it's me, I have no way to release you from a vampire's fate, right!?"

"Hard to say. If your body is researched and completely understood, perhaps I can find the answer? Also, True Ancestors themselves are unknown mysteries. If humans are the race that were born through evolution, then what's their method of turning into a vampire without biting humans? If they're like apes, where branch species arose aside from humans, what is the reason for those branch splits? If they're like aliens, xenomorphs completely unrelated to humans, then where did vampires come from? No matter what the truth is, a True Ancestor's body must hide the secrets to 'surpassing the master'!!"

The Baron's eyes shone with dangerously cold light. An evil crimson brightness.

His way of licking his lips made Rushella feel chills down her spine.

Rushella wondered if she made such a hateful face whenever she sucked blood as well?

"Although I've been thinking many things... but first, let me taste the 'blood' as the source of power."

Face twisted uglily, exhaling breath that reeked of blood, he approached Rushella's pale white neck.

"S-Stop it... Get away from me!!"

"What's to be afraid of? So many years in passing, you must have sucked countless people's blood already."

No! She wanted to say. At least in her memory, she had only sucked Hisui's blood.

The face before her was filled with gluttony or lust, one could not tell them apart, his bloodshot eyes looked frightening.

Only when placed in a situation of her blood about to be sucked did Rushella finally experience the fear and revulsion felt by the victims. Standing there with hollow eyes on the side, did the class rep feel the same back then?

Rushella felt lustful breath on her neck.

Long sharp fangs were about to pierce her skin.


Tears appeared in her eyes as she screamed feebly, matching her appearance of a girl.

Just at this time.

"What kind of R-rated show are you performing, old guy?"

The Baron looked back in surprise. Rushella was also dumbfounded.

Neck wrapped heavily in bandages, Hisui stood there, smiling fearlessly.

"Let's put aside the fact of her physical age. Her mental age is clearly a teenager's no matter how you cut it. Making a move on a minor, that's a crime even if the girl consents. Isn't that common sense?"

"How did you...!"

Rushella could not help but cry out with joy.

Hisui shrugged to hide his embarrassment and said indifferently.

"I will save you so you owe me one. So... old guy, did you hear my warning?"

"Who would heed you...!! Why can you oppose me!? I sucked your blood!?"

"Unfortunately for you, my constitution is a bit strange. If negotiations don't work, only force remains."

At this time, Rushella and the Baron finally noticed the silver chain wrapped around Hisui.

As well as carried on his back: a giant cross!

The two vampires relexively closed their eyes and turned their faces away.

Hisui stabbed the Tzara Blade into the ground and crashed with all his might into the cross.


A blunt sound resulted from the cross, stabbed into the ground. The heavy noises echoed in the warehouse like a bell. This vibration, resembling a tuning fork's, immediately produced an effect that drove off vampires.


The Baron roared and covered his ears. Tied up, Rushella could only twist her face in pain, shaking her head. Even in the process of turning, Reina had to cover her ears and crouch down.

The only one here completely unaffected was Hisui.

Using the Tzara Blade as a tuning fork to produce sonic waves, this was just a bell's noisy racket for humans. But the sound produced by a holy cross was equivalent to a choir singing hymns to a vampire.

Hisui took this opportunity to get past the Baron and rush towards Rushella.

"You look really kinky here... are you okay?"

"S-Shut up... why didn't you come earlier... Also, what's with that noise..."

To a vampire, this noise would be like scratching fingernails on a blackboard or noisy rock and roll.

Hisui ignored the panting Rushella and helped release her from the chains' restraints.

"Fucking brat... Getting in my way everywhere!!"

"You woke up huh? Excuse me, I'm a bit busy right now. So... I'm leaving things to you, Sudou."

"Coming coming~❤"

With a seductive reply, Mei stepped into the warehouse.

As soon as the Baron discovered her, she grabbed him by the neck with her slender arms and threw his entire body into the air!


"Not to the extent of my ancestor, but I'm still quite strong, you know❤"

Mei winked seductively at the Baron flying through the air as she spoke.

She widened her right eye and light began to concentrate—then she fired a heat beam.

The focused beam of light scorched the Baron's face, lighting up the warehouse instantly as bright as daytime. The burned Baron rolled on the floor with unsightliness.

"Okay, mission accomplished... Is that okay?"

Mei was about to turn towards Hisui proudly but in the end, she stared at the Baron with a severe expression.

She also expected it. Since the enemy was a vampire—immortal—he was tough to handle.

"Not too bad... little girl!!"

The Baron's face was badly burned but the burns were recovering at an astounding rate.

Even if scorched by a nuclear weapon's shockwave, they can revive—that was the vampire.

"You're dead meat!!"

The Baron bared his fangs and attacked Mei. Using his claws, sharp enough to serve as weapons, he swung at Mei with full force.

"Oh dear, you want a contest of strength?"

Mei entered a combat stance and met the Baron's arms with her own, smiling fearlessly.

The delicate looking girl vs the vampire—who would have expected Mei to win a contest of strength? With brute force completely unmatching her figure, she pushed the Baron back.

"Hmph... As expected of Frankenstein's creature..."

"Compared to the first, my strength is already adjusted much lower, you know? But still, much stronger than you, that's all."

"Perhaps. But you're just as stupid as your ancestor."

"What did you say!?"

Mei roared angrily and went all out. Despite his disadvantage, the Baron remained composed.

"Say, artificial human... what is going to happen to this girl in the process of turning?"

Mei realized she was careless.

Inside the warehouse... there was one more person. Although infinitely approaching a vampire, she was still human.

Reina stood behind the Baron.

She held a knife... to her own throat.

"If you continue to hinder me, she's dead. You should know that someone who is turning will obey the master who bit them, right? Besides, her blood is almost completely sucked dry so she'll listen to me unconditionally. I turned her like this just in case of something like this."



But even the laser could not give him a fatal wound. Unless he was completely destroyed, the current situation remained unchanged.

Mei was stuck in stalemate.

Hisui and Rushella were also on the side, watching the impasse.

Although finally free of the chains, due to the chain's holy property, Rushella's strength had not yet recovered.

"What should we wo...? If this continues, that fake, even the class rep will...!"

"I know. So... hurry and suck my blood."

Hisui said softly. Taking off the first aid bandages, he exposed his neck. Although this was the most effective way to let Rushella recover her combat strength, she shook her head.

"No... you're already pale from blood loss. Already... lots had been sucked, right!?"

"...Not that much. It's nothing."

Hisui tried to act tough but blood-related matters could not deceive Rushella.

With a caring expression, she said solemnly.

"In fact, you're finding it hard to move your body, right? I can tell that. If you get your blood sucked even more...!"

"It's fine. You don't need to worry about that."

"If I sucked enough to recover my energy, you'll...!!"

"Stop saying nonsense and drink."

Hisui did not allow any objections. Rushella fell silent.

Trying to persuade her, he continued:

"If this continues, me, Sudou and the class rep are all dead. And who knows what treatment you'll get. But if you use your full strength, that kind of third-rate garbage can be handled easily, right? In the worst, the only sacrifice is me."


"Fine, don't worry, just drink enough to recover your energy. But you must destroy that old guy."

Hisui looked into Rushella's eyes as he spoke.

There was no time to hesitate.


As if interrupting their argument that was about to start up again, Mei was thrown to the ground beside them.

"Sudou...! Are you okay!?"

"Probably... not."

Saying that, Mei closed her eyes and stopped moving.

Hisui pulled Rushella towards his neck and said again:

"Suck it right now."

Silently, Rushella sank her fangs into Hisui's neck as a reply.

"Hmph... Finally acting a little like a True Ancestor. However, although that brat's blood is tasty, its 'quality' is terrible. Even though I sucked so much, I didn't feel any power at all."


"At least suck him dry. That way there might be a little feeling."

"Shut up!!"

Rushella roared and jumped into the air.

At her feet lay Hisui who had fallen powerless.

Like Reina and the rest, his entire body lost all color of blood and his pale white face looked like a corpse.

All the blood was drained from him.

"Bastard... I won't forgive you!!"

Rushella drew her short swords from the sheaths on her thighs and slashed at the Baron backhanded.

This strange dual-wielding was swift as lightning, so fast that even the Baron could not handle it.

However, he smiled fearlessly and chose to retreat.

"Don't think you can flee!!"

"I'm not fleeing, just finding my hostage."

The Baron escaped towards the collapsed Hisui.

As he sank his claws into Hisui's neck, Rushella's face went livid.

"I knew it. Your speed is definitely fast but still too far from True Ancestor-class in power. You probably tried to leave him some blood in an attempt to spare this brat's life? You didn't think I'd notice?"

"Shut up... Get away from him!!"

"You're so persistent. Well then... offer yourself obediently to me."

Helpless with Hisui as the hostage, Rushella had no choice but to silently throw down her twin swords.

The Baron immediately grabbed Rushella and pushed her down on the floor.

"My servant. If this girl resists in any way, immediately kill the brat."

Hearing the Baron's orders, Reina stumbled over to Hisui.

Seeing her last hope dashed, Rushella lost the will to resists.

The Baron gloated proudly, approaching Rushella's neck with his fangs.

Rushella tearfully turned her face away.

Only to see Hisui sprawled on the ground like her in front of her eyes.


His completely bloodless looking body suddenly moved.


Not enough blood.

This feeling was like life itself was draining from his entire body.

Yes. This is the moment I'm waiting for.

Blood loss—over 2L. Almost half of the entire body's blood.

In other words—the critical value for fatality.

Blood pressure dropping rapidly, entering circulatory shock, heart beats weakening.

As his consciousness gradually grew hazy, rejected memories were awakening.

On that battlefield full of blood and screams, a certain person had desperately tried to save his life.

"You will live on."

Trying to call him back from the boundary of life and death, she desperately performed chest compressions. That vampire had said that.

It's enough, he wanted to tell her.

It's already enough. Don't continue—he wanted to tell her that.

Clearly a vampire but being exposed out in bright daylight.

For saving, doing this kind of thing...

Her skin was more white and pristine than anyone's. Raven black hair. Beautiful face. All turned into dust and ashes.

Collapse had already started. Every time her hands pressed on my chest, more 'ash' fell and scattered.

Enough, it's already enough, Miraluka.

But that woman did not stop.

Until I woke up.

In order to stop me from dying, in order to make me revive.

Even with my blood sucked by a vampire—she made me continue living as a human.

Even when I was about to be killed by a vampire—she made me continue living.

The awakening was imminent.

Hisui slowly stood up.

As though to show everyone present, he took off the bandage from his neck.

Then solemnly, he whispered the words of an oath.

"...Eli Eli lama sabachthani. Your blood is my blood; my blood is your blood. Blood entering the body to slake my thirst; Yonder God of the heavens, liberate me from this cross; The time for atonement is about to arrive!"

Anti-DracAnti-Vampire mode, activate.

Instantly, everyone present heard a noise, one that everyone was familiar with, yet normally not aware of.

The especially loud sound of a heart beating endlessly.

"Get away."

By the time the Baron realized this was Hisui's voice behind him, he was already flying.

Only when his body struck the wall violently did he realize he was kicked flying.


Not an artificial human but a normal human, and even a human on the verge of death at that.

But reality was harsh and merciless.

"Stand back, Rushella."

Hearing him call her name, Rushella looked up blankly at Hisui. His face was still completely devoid of color. But he was not his usual self.

The exposed neck with the bandages off, let alone traces of blood sucking, even the flesh torn by fangs was regenerating.

But around the white neck there was a pitch black crest that resembled thorns in shape.

Surrounded by thorns, the neck looked like it forbid all contact and rejected the act of blood sucking itself.

The scar marking the center of his chest was glowing with crimson light through his clothing!

"Who are you!?"

Faced with the Baron's question, Hisui lightly caressed the scar on his chest.

"This constitution of mine... not turning into a vampire no matter how much blood is sucked, if I died from blood sucking, it'd be meaningless. Hence, on the verge of death from blood loss, it automatically becomes like this."

Draculea V01 - 236.PNG


Indeed—it became like this. For protecting oneself from the fangs of vampires.

Although born as a mortal, the existence capable of opposing vampires.

Rapid recovery of wounds, immunity to vampires, this sort of constitution.

Namely, the Anti-Drac.

The existence diametrically opposed to vampires. A vampire's nemesis.

Existing beyond the crimson fate.


Precisely due to this constitution, he was afraid that Rushella might suck too much blood.

Because he did not want to hurt her.

"Could it be, you asked me to drink your blood to turn into this...!?"

"Blood loss is difficult to control. If I did it myself, who knows how much effort it'd take so I had you suck it. I believe in you, that you'd stop before I died from blood loss."


Rushella tearfully poked him but her face was smiling.

"I said it before. In a critical moment, a certain power will awaken in my body."

Hisui looked at the Baron again.

He was glaring back at Hisui, teeth gnashing.

Humans could not possibly have such a body—he kept repeating in his mind.

But reality was harsh, the human who overturned vampires' common sense was standing before him definitely.

He was currently at disadvantage—hence, he decided to make use of Reina whom he had prepared for this kind of situation.

When he looked at Reina, he found standing beside Reina another person he had been using.

Kariya Eruru.

Hisui's earlier plan was to have Eruru prioritize protecting the ordinary human Reina.

When Hisui's awakening drew the Baron's attention away from Reina, only then did Eruru enter the warehouse.


"You know my marksmanship, right? Missing is impossible. Apart from this poor victim here, please go ahead and find a meatshield. After all, you will not die from one or two bullets."

Eruru spoke coldly, took out the weapon that did not match her petite physique, and aimed the sacred gun Argentum towards her former subordinate.

"...You're putting up a tough front, Miss Consultant. You're not as experienced as you think. Even if you can be utterly merciless towards vampires, you can't do it to a human. Oh well... after all, you're just a dirty counterfeit, no surprise there."


Eruru did not waver. However, her finger's force on the trigger was increasing.

"So... You're unable to shoot that damn brat, right!?"

The Baron moved.

Eruru pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

The sound of gunshot. Just as she warned, the bullet pierced the Baron's right shoulder unerringly.

The Baron endured the scorching sensation of sacred pain, feeling there was a chance of victory.

This is fine. As long as my heart and brain are not hit, it doesn't matter at all.

Although having his body pierced hurt a lot, having the silver bullet remain inside the body would produce even more damage.

He forced his body to move. Once I reach that damn brat, if only I can get near that human!!

The Baron displayed a vampire's full capabilities at night and quickly grabbed Hisui, using him as a shield facing Eruru.

"How's that, you can't shoot now, right!? Although you're acting tough, you can't kill humans!"

As if affirming his words, Eruru made a troubled expression and lowered her gun.

The Baron smiled proudly and attacked Hisui's neck with his fangs again!

"Will not turn into a vampire...!? How could something so ridiculous be possible!? I'll suck again and make you my servant!!"

With this, I have a chance of winning. Make him my meatshield, use him as bait, there are any number of ways to use him.

Although the True Ancestor is right here, it's a shame to let her escape, but I can just bide my time for a comeback—



He was unable to suck blood.

Fangs—could not move. For sure, he had torn through skin, pierced flesh and reached the blood vessel.

However, a strong pressure prevented him from going any further. On further examination, not a single drop of blood flowed out from Hisui's wound.

"Impossible... You!?"

Hisui had not moved.

All that moved were the platysma and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

In other words, simply through muscular power, just by contracting his muscle, he had blocked the Baron's teeth.


"You forgot about my constitution?"

The neck with the crest of thorns was physically rejecting blood sucking.

The Anti-Drac.

True to its name, this completely rendered blood sucking ineffective.

"Kishida, let me tell you this. All your actions have occurred within our calculations. We already planned ahead of time what a vampire would do when cornered. Too easy to guess. You are the one who fell into a trap."

Eruru mocked.

The Baron's mobility was sealed, his face turned pale.

Then Hisui counterattacked.


Hearing her name called, Rushella understood Hisui's intent.

"Hurry and get your filthy mouth away from my servant!!"

Rushella roared angrily, picked up a sword from the floor and threw it at the Baron's heart.


The Baron spewed fresh blood. Due to the intense pain of his heart piereced, he stopped for a few short seconds.

Hisui did not miss the chance, relaxing his neck muscles, he released the Baron and kicked backwards, creating some distance in order to unleash the final terminating move.


Struck down by the Baron earlier, Mei called out.

After she recovered, she had secretly moved over to the Tzara Blade embedded in the floor.

Her original mission was to pin down the Baron as well as move Hisui's heavy weapon.


Uprooting the magnificient giant cross, she used her inborn strength to throw it at Hisui.


The circular portion at the center of the Tzara Blade was a perfect fit for Hisui's right arm. Instantly, the thorny crest appeared over Hisui's right arm and temporarily raised his strength.

As if equipped with a cross shaped shield, used as a bladed weapon it would be like a shuriken, Hisui's right arm was transformed into an anti-vampire armament combining offense and defense.

Simply the sight of the brilliant silver luster was enough to make the Baron lose his will to fight.

The cross's image seared into his eyes, stopping all his bodily functions including regeneration.

Everything was for this current moment—in order to use the most effective anti-vampire weapon to exterminate him for good.

"Stop it...!! I was wrong..."

"Oh~ Whatever."

Hisui spoke completely unenthusiastically.

He felt bored to death from the bottom of his heart and declared coldly.

"Everything will be repaid by your blood."

With a flash of silver, he gracefully severed the Baron's neck.

The sharp blade then turned towards the decapitated body and pierced the heart without hesitation!

Chopping off the head, piercing the heart, faithfully recreating this ancient legend, the Baron's entire body instantly turned to ash.

The body quickly collapsed and perished forever without trace.

"Well done!!"

Rushella ran over and cheered with joy.

Then Hisui collapsed in her bosom.

"Ah, hey, what are you doing!?"

Hisui did not move. Just like before he awakened... no, his face was even more pale than that, he was in a complete coma.

"No good... complete shock has occurred. He needs a transfusion quickly..."

Eruru noticed Hisui's state and immediately took action.

"Can he be saved!?"

"We must move him immediately. Please help me!"

Then Hisui was moved out of the warehouse.

Dawn was about to arrive soon.

The time of the day belonging to humans had finally arrived, but the boy watched over by the girls was still lingering on the boundary of life and death.

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