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Status: Incomplete

to be further revised

Breaking Damage's Limit[edit]

“Say, Kirito-kun, is there an upper limit for the damage value in SAO?”

Asuna asked me this question all of a sudden, thus I tilted my head and thought about it.

“You see, old-age RPGs have a maximum damage value of 9999, right?”

“Mm… Should be about that. But the damage value in SAO won’t be shown directly, thus you you have to calculate it based on the opponent’s HP loss.”

“Then let’s find a Mob with a high HP, that can be hit easily to test. I don’t know if an attack of 10000 exists or not.”

“T-Ten thousand…? Even with «Vorpal Strike», it seems to be very difficult without enough support. Hm, first…”

Once I began thinking, my soul as a player activated, listing out all points that I can think of.

“We have to go find Liz and let her produce various types of high-bonus equipment, and then ask Silica to come to let Pina use its Supportive Breath to increase our stats…”

“Nee, Kirito-kun, how about me?”

“Hm? There’s no need for Asuna to support. Then it might be better to use Yuriel-san’s whip to freeze the opponent and then…”

“Kirito-kun no baka!”


Asuna’s boots caused critical hit on my right little toe, and 99999 point of damage appeared in my vision – it seems like this way…

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