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ME2: Early Characters[edit]


Sword Art Online ME02 024-025.jpg

Age : 16
Level : 96
Main Equipment :

「Elucidator」 (One-handed Straight Sword)
「Dark Repulser」 (One-handed Straight Sword)

Skill Slots : 12

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

One-handed Sword (1000)
Dual Blades (1000)
Blade Throwing (967)
Parry (1000)
Battle Healing (944)
Searching (1000)
Tracking (963)
Hiding (1000)
Night Vision (908)
Extended Weight Limit (949)
Sprint (870)
Fishing (604)

At the age of fourteen, while still a second year middle school student, he was imprisoned in SAO. He was truant from school due to being heavily addicted to games. Rarely conversing with his family, he was set on indulging in the virtual world, hence he was one of the first players to adapt to Aincrad, which had turned into a death game.
However, ironically, due to his immersion in VR games, he had cultivated a high nerve reaction speed, and because of that he was given the proof of a hero, the [Dual Blade] skill. With Kirito's good intuition, he probably realized the role he was given quickly.
Within that boundary of time, Kirito was a person who intended to strengthen only himself through solo play, but shifted to a style more fitting for a group player as a member of the raid group (although he probably wasn't aware of it).As a result, he shouldered more problems, but with Asuna and Klein's sincere devotion supporting him, he carried out his duty as a hero in the end.


Sword Art Online ME02 026-027.jpg

Age : 17
Level : 94
Main Equipment :

「Lambent Light」 (One-handed Rapier)

Skill Slots : 11

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

One-handed Rapier (1000)
Two-handed Assault Spear (590)
Light Metal Equipment (1000)
Heavy Metal Equipment (678)
Parry (917)
Battle Healing (877)
Emergency Recovery (968)
Sprint (852)
Cooking (1000)
Sewing (211)

Among the raiding group, Asuna is included among the top ten percent of the highest leveled players, which is mostly occupied by beta testers. However, not only had Asuna not experienced the beta, she had never even touched any VR or MMORPG games before SAO.
As such, it is said that this girl who climbed to the ranks of a true top player from a complete beginner really does have the strongest hidden potential in SAO.
However, that was only possible due to the capable Asuna's intelligence and spirit, and while her fast reflexes played a part, the largest reason was the strong intent to protect and stand beside Kirito, who had pride in his formidable combat prowess.


Sword Art Online ME02 028.jpg

Age : 24
Level : 88
Main Equipment :

「Karakurenai」 (Katana)

Skill Slots : 11

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

One-handed Curved Blade (957)
Katana (822)
Light Metal Equipment (913)
Light Shield Equipment (861)
Battle Healing(562)
Emergency Recovery (759)
Searching (710)
Listening (594)
Extended Weight Limit (685)
Fighting Spirit (712) (Hate Skill)
Sewing (366)

The guild 『Fuurinkazan』 led by Klein was the core class among the raid group, they contributed greatly in the spot they filled with their calm mood, which helped relieve the savage atmosphere of the front lines.

He has a carefree attitude, but it isn't easy to see through the bottom of his heart. He was charmed by Kirito, whose combat prowess made him stand out despite being younger, and was always there to support Kirito's insecure mental state.

In an Aincrad Raid, he is the mood maker, and is certainly indispensable.


Sword Art Online ME02 029.jpg

Age : 29
Level : 80
Main Equipment :

「Ground Gorge」 (Two-handed Battle Axe)

Skill Slots : 10

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

Two-handed Battle Axe (875)
Hand-to-hand Combat (726)
Parry (726)
Leather Equipment (733)
Equipment Appraisal (930)
Tools Appraisal (901)
Purchase Negotiation (846)
Sales Negotiation (716)
Extended Weight Limit (838)
Cooking (514)

The SAO Aincrad Package is sold nowhere else aside from within Japan, and the users who connected on the release date became "prisoners", thus players from other countries made up and remained quite a small minority.

Agil is one of them, but fortunately, thanks to his perfectly fluent Japanese, his muscular physique turned out to be popular instead, and he ran his shop with absolutely no lack of customers.

He is likely thought of as top class in terms of assets held even among all the players, but there is a rumor that he invests the profits from sales into increasing the population of the raid group. Due to the person in question keeping his silence, the truth behind the matter remains unclear.


Sword Art Online ME02 030.jpg

Age : 17
Level : 79
Main Equipment :

「Zoringen Hammer」 (Smithing Metal Hammer)

Skill Slots : 9

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

One-handed War Hammer (615)
Light Metal Equipment (529)
Slash Weapon Forging (923)
Thrust Weapon Forging (912)
Blunt Weapon Forging (830)
Light Metal Armor Forging (846)
Heavy Metal Armor Forging (784)
Metal Equipment Repairing (909)
Metal Refining (877)

To try and divert their fear, the ones trapped in the world of SAO more or less all resorted to either aiming for a goal, or through pure tenacity.

In Lisbeth's case, that was the ownership of "Her own shop".

To the girl whose real family runs a small retail business, creating and selling things must have been the most suitable means of preserving her sense of living on.

However, thanks to her cheerful personality, she soon earned many regulars and friends, and as a result, being a "Smith" advanced from her form of escapism to her own way of clearing the game.

In actual fact, as the smith who forged the sword, "Dark Repulser", that defeated the final boss, Heathcliff, Lisbeth's name is widely mentioned even after the release of SAO.


Sword Art Online ME02 031.jpg

Age : 14
Level : 62
Main Equipment :

「Shadow Dagger」 (One-handed Short Sword)

Skill Slots : 8

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

One-handed Short Sword (710)
Light Metal Equipment (644)
Familiar Recovery (681)
Familiar Communication (597)
Acrobatics (623)
Musical Instrument (749)
Sewing (606)
Cooking (560)

The game software, "SAO", had an age rating recommended for 15 and above, but of course, that rating was not perfectly upheld.

Most of the children similar to Silica, who were below 12 years of age at the start, did not leave the Starting City on the first floor, but Silica was an exception who was able to reach the ranks of the high levels.

The reason must have been due to the girl getting hold of the familiar named Pina through her luck, and the bottomless affection she poured into it as she brought it up.

There is no mistake that the players of the raid group who got to know Silica through Kirito deeply regret not researching the means of utilizing a familiar.


Sword Art Online ME02 032.jpg

Age : 26
Level : 81
Main Equipment :

「Tyrant Dragon」 (Two-handed Straight Sword)

Skill Slots : 10

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

Two-handed Straight Sword (841)
One-handed Straight Sword (204)
One-handed Short Sword (453)
Heavy Metal Equipment (755)
Battle Recovery(328)
Hiding (829)
Searching (776)
Discern (697)
Medicine Mixing (897)

VRMMO-RPGs highlighted the importance of a certain ability not necessary in MMOs for PCs up till then.
That is, simply, the skill of personal communication, whose level corresponds to that in reality.
Due to the fact that characters are replicas of the players' actual bodies in SAO, this viewpoint is further strengthed.

Kuradeel must have been a person who wished to become a hero capable of besting all others in the world of SAO.
However, for him, who lived with practically no need for any real conversation until he was imprisoned within the game, "Actually conversing, and giving off a good impression" to others ended up being an exceptionally difficult feat.

The dilemma that no matter how much his stats rose, or whatever powerful equipment he obtained, had no direct effect on his popularity might have been what pushed him onto the path toward becoming a red (killer) player.


Sword Art Online ME02 033.jpg

Age : 28
Level : ?
Main Equipment :

「Liberator」 (One-handed Straight Sword as well as Tower Shield)

Skill Slots : ?

Equipped skills :
(Degree of proficiency in parenthesis)

Holy Sword (1000)
One-handed Straight Sword (1000)
Hand-to-hand Combat (1000)
Heavy Metal Equipment (1000)
Battle Healing (1000)
Searching (1000)
Tracking (1000)
Spiritual Light (1000) (Hate Skill)

The one and only person with an outer appearance created from scratch in the world of SAO.
That might just be one of the reasons for that unique charisma of his that gathered many admirers.

But of course, what enchanted the players the most was his defense that appeared to be impenetrable.
In the raid on the 50th floor's floor boss which caused the front lines' (switch rotation) to crumble, even with his upper body armor demolished, he still maintained its attention for over 10 minutes, presenting a figure that could be said to be no less than that of a hero, or perhaps that of an actual king.

That said, the person in question doesn't seem to have even the slightest desire to do anything like playing hardcore, usually concentrating wholeheartedly on the paperwork-related affairs of the guild and those from the raid group as he cut out a plain robed figure.

Whether his name was a reference to "Wuthering Heights" or "Phantasy Star Online" is unknown.

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