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Nice to meet you. This is Ryouya Matsumura.

While writing this ‘afterword’, I’m suddenly reminded of my middle school memories. The memories of happiness and bitter experiences of the past seemed to flash by my eyes. Those who could talk well were very popular, and those that knew their own styles well would be popular with the opposite genders; stupid these, I had fun fooling around with the friends I was close with, and happy that girls would take to me. However, I would still secretly admire those popular ones from time to time, and often did stupid things, anguishing because of my shame—

And then, I realized.

…This does seem similar to an afterword, yes.

Surely, other authors will write better ‘afterwords’ through their own ways! Humorously describing other unexpected incidents while writing, or something like that! While I’m hesitating on how to describe this useless self, a popular author will definitely be designing some witty character, and getting lots of fans through the afterwords alone. This is tough. This isn’t time to indulge in past memories! There is a huge problem ‘now!” I got to figure out how to solve this afterword…

Well, luckily, I wised up after I graduated from middle school.

At the very least, I became good at flattering others.

Anyway, first, the thanksgivings.

To the two editors. Both of them kept stopping me from going out of control while editing my work, and I really don’t know how to express my thanks…I always reflect on my actions after I end the phone calls.

To Miss Miho Takeoka, in charge of the illustrations, Sayo’s so cool, cute and scary. I’ll continue to work hard on writing, and not to let down your beautiful illustrations.

To my buddies in the social sciences classes and college research, if not for you guys criticizing my work all over the place, this work surely won’t get published. At the same time, to my friends who gave thoughts on my work, the classmates in my high school, and to my buddies in the club, I’ll have to grovel down to express my thanks.

And finally, to the readers picking up this novel. I did my best to write this novel, so as to make it enjoyable for you. If you can spend 90% mocking the protagonist of the book and loving him with the remaining 10%, I as an author will be really elated. I do earnestly thank you for the purchase.

…Ah, this isn’t flattery. These are my true thoughts.

Ryouya Matsumura

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