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Partial Patch questions, concerns and problems[edit]

After the choice on August 10th, all of the text is still in Japanese, so I was wondering if it was possible to complete the game with the partial patch and not have to skip over text because I can't read it. It is possible that I got knocked off the main storyline since most of that seems to be translated, and was wondering if that was the case. Thank you for your hard work and keep it up. --Zandercp11 08:26, 22 March 2011 (EDT)

Aug 10th is where the translation ends. Hence partial patch.

I've been playing though the beginning of the of the game and I've been noticing a lot of inconsistencies such "onii-chan" being translated as 'onii-chan' and 'brother'. I can probably help edit and QC later when the entire script is complete.

It keeps you on your toes, never knowing what comes next, no? --karmainall 23:45, 22 March 2011 (EDT)

Right now, I'm stuck with the bad end on July 20th when trying to figure out what happened between Takafumi and Kanako. I tried looking for a walkthrough but I couldn't find one. Can someone help me out there? --Tib sun1 03:42, 22 March 2011 (EDT)

Nevermind, I found out what I did wrong. For others like me who got stuck on the first bad end, make sure you look for Tomo's mother so they can meet.--Tib sun1 04:57, 22 March 2011 (EDT)

Hi, i know some japanese although i cant read or write it very well i am currently learning the language and feel i have a decent knowledge of the vocabulary and was wondering which scenes still need work on? i am hoping i can be of help as i got the patch working and figure its the least i can do

In the future, please post below. If you can't read Japanese then there's nothing you can help translation wise. But, try this SEEN0812. See if you can translate it to English. Please do not use machine translators to translate. You need to register an account on this wiki to edit. --karmainall 17:57, 21 March 2011 (EDT)

The patch only works with the 18+ version of Tomoyo After which can be downloaded from here. If you have any questions, concerns and problems post under here. --karmainall 23:03, 16 March 2011 (EDT)

I'm trying to download the Tomoyo after 18+ and it says that I do not have permission to access this page. What happened? --dodongo

Having a slight problem where the game freezes up ( and I'm forced to close it. Any idea how to fix it? thanks --SeoulnFunk

What day does it happen on? --karmainall 23:49, 18 March 2011 (EDT)
Hi, I already found the problem. There are 2 lines in the file SEEN0726 where instead of the '}' at the end of the name of speaker a ')' was inserted. I already fixed this in the wiki yesterday. --Shortmaster 04:33, 19 March 2011 (EDT)
Thanks and here the fixed version of the patch click here--karmainall 20:11, 19 March 2011 (EDT)
The working link for the patch is, I also mirrored it at -- 08:31, 20 March 2011 (EDT)

The text doesn't wrap properly for me. Is this a known issue or am I the only one with this problem? --Tib sun1 06:24, 19 March 2011 (EDT)

No way to fix that. --karmainall 20:11, 19 March 2011 (EDT)

I have the game installed and was waiting for this patch, i installed everything the standar way, but the game is still 100% in japanese :( am i doing something wrong or is there a special way to do this? thanks and sorry for the problems --NekoPalta

Ensure the game is the 18+ version. Try installing the patch onto your desktop, THEN copy all the files MANUALLY into the game folder. --karmainall 20:11, 19 March 2011 (EDT)

I have manually copied and put the patch into the game folder, but I got a note saying "#MOUSE_CURSOR.000NAME="s_mcur00" and a black screen follows it. Is there any way to deal with this? Sorry if this was asked before, but I can't see to find the solution. FallenMithos 23:57, 27 April 2011 (UCT)

You need to set your system locale to Japanese. BTW, I dropped the project, Doki fansubs are gonna take over from here. I don't know if they'll use our crappy translations or not. -Karmainall

Sigh, though it's been a while since last time I worked on this project, it's kind a weird feeling to have the project to be handed over to someone else. Still, it's great to know that there are others who want to make it happen. P.S. >"I don't know if they'll use our crappy translations." Hahaha, ouch XD --Mr4eyeguy

When I started playing the VN, I used the 2nd patch (the one that fixed the bug) but I found another bug: please help :< --Haa-kun

Hello... I'm very desperate to find a translation for Tomoyo After: Its a Wonderful Life Memorial Edition... please give me anything... I want a happy ending for the two of them... I can't accept that ending. Please I'm begging everyone here! Otakuprince

project Related Questions[edit]

Hi sorry for posting on the wrong section earlier on, but i would like to ask if this project is officially dropped by members of this group and that nothing else will be done on this project by members of the group, or will the group continue the project provided that there are external translators who are willing to volunteer themselves to the commitment of this project? I know some japanese (not sure if its enough to help translate) and chinese as well (my chinese is quite good ^^ ), and i heard that there's a complete chinese patch of this game, so i was wondering if maybe i could get a translation done from the chinese version? I just wanna help, as personally i want this game to be translated to english for my personal enjoyment and also for the enjoyment of others, as i know quite a number of people who have been looking forward to the english patch of this game for a long time.. Adrianto95 April 11, 2011

Project is not dropped. It's university examination time, we're all busy. Feel free to help us translate, progress page is here: translating page. We'll do something after exams are done. --karmainall 15:30, 12 April 2011 (UCT)
Hi i just tried translating a little starting from some small things like manga and the untranslated part of the game, and unfortunately i've come to realise my knowledge of the japanese language is still not enough to help translate.. However, my English and Chinese is great, so if there's any way i could help, for example, check for grammar errors and stuff like that, i would gladly do so. So just let me know how i can help! =) Adrianto95 April 15, 2011
Sure, leave me your email on here or something so I can contact you in the future. --karmainall 15:30, 15 April 2011 (UCT)
Here's my email - [email protected] Feel free to contact me if you need any help! -- Adrianto95 April 16, 2011

Seen 0811 was already partly translated but after doing some major translating and edits im really getting stuck in between parts that are already translated and my entire mind blows from the kanji :D Hopefully if I find myself some time I might be able to finish the main route Tatsuya March 23, 2011

good job. -- 12:48, 30 March 2011 (EDT)

Am I the only one who regularly checks this page for updates and was disappointed to learn that it had been dropped? I would really like to see the game translated well, but I lack the skills (I think) necessary to help do this. Please, reconsider and continue the project as soon as you can! -Romdeau Aug. 29 2010

Find us an active translator and I'll see to it that RadicalR continues. karmainall Aug 29, 2010
Sorry for my late response. However couple things needs to be cleared up. First, EchoMateria is the project's graphic editor, he basically edit the graphical japanese names to english( Secondly, project manager isn't someone that just co-ordinate staff. On the contrary, the project manager must be able to hack into Realive, the program all Key VN runs on. Also Tomoyo After just happens to have a encryption etched into all game files which none of previous Key VNs had. So far in my knowledge only RadicalR knows how. Thirdly, finding a hacker to de-pack and re-compress all the SEEN files won't be much effort if we actually have a product worth their time. Meaning unless SEENS0714-0717 gets translated RadicalR or any other hackers to my knowledge won't be interested in joining. Once SEENS0714-0717 gets translated we can release a partial patch covering over 40% of the beginning storyline. -karmainall September 12, 2010

I'll do my best to find one then. -Romdeau Aug 30, 2010

Hi. I heard this project needed translators. I've been learning Japanese for a few years, so if it's okay I'd like to be able to help. I've never done anything of this sort before though, so it'd be nice if someone could tell me how and where to start. Thanks in advance! ~Sept 1, 2010

Is anyone here? Please respond. ~Sept 2, 2010

Try contacting karmainall via e-mail by clicking on his username. What's your name? -Romdeau Sep 2, 2010

My username here is PanzerElement. Is karmainall the person behind this project? ~Sept 3, 2010

Not exactly, but I think he can get the horse moving again. Glad to see a potential translator interested in this project, try e-mailing him! If not, post on the baka-tsuki forums and see if you can get a response there. -Romdeau Sep 3, 2010

I've emailed him already, just waiting for a response now. Just a question, how dead has this been anyway? There are others who want to get it going again, right? I'd hate to devote a lot of time to this only to see it continue to stall. Though, that said, I'm willing to translate however much it takes, since I need the practic- okay, who am I kidding, I just want to see more of Tomoyo-chan :3 ~Sept 3, 2010 As for actual translators? Maybe, but you're the only one that has expressed interest in a good while. I've been following this project since June and it would be painful to watch this project just die. So know that you have at least 1 guy out there that supports you! If enough gets translated, I'll gladly proofread it as well. -Romdeau Sept. 3, 2010

Good to know I'm not the only one interested. Still though, I'm surprised that there aren't more people aboard. Given the popularity of Clannad, shouldn't that also extend over to Tomoyo After? I've got nothing against being the only translator, but it'd probably be better for overall quality if there was someone more experienced helping too. All I'm used to doing is textbook Japanese, so it's likely I'll get some things off. ~Sept 3, 2010

I can't translate but if needed I am more than willing to proofread and edit the script to a reasonable standard, if I'm ever needed for that then feel free to email me at [email protected] I've been following this project since 2008 and would hate for it to just shut down. - Zorbon Sep. 5th

So basically it looks like we are just waiting for "karmainall" to work his magic and press magic green button so RadicalR will start caring about this project again. I don't see why he (RadicalR) should manage it, as it doesn't seem he wasn't putting very much effort into keeping the project alive. Anyhow, I hope he gets around to it soon. -Romdeau Sept 6 2010

I have e-mailed several EX members of this project to reconsider working on it, I hope to hear back from them and to see who (if anyone) is interested in seeing this project to completion. Romdeau Sept. 6, 7:51 pm

I've never dropped the project. I'm one of the translators and came after receiving your e-mail. It happens that I, and all translators, are really busy with other stuff. As for me, I am rarely having time to even check how this project is going. The project was dropped but I was still working on it, translating some lines when I had time. At any rate, I dropped by to tell you guys that even if I'm busy with other matters, I'm still interested in this and don't want this to die. However, we MUST get more people to work. ESPECIALLY translators. HiagoX September 7

Potential translator here. Just waiting for the green light now. I emailed karmainall a while ago, still haven't gotten any kind of response. I don't have much going on right now, so I've got as much time to spend on this as needed. -PanzerElement Sept 7, 2010

Its a wiki no need to wait for a permission just register the SEEN you would like to translate and do it. - As long as the translation isnt too bad (like in machine translation ;)) there would probably be no problem. --Darklor 21:29, 7 September 2010 (UTC)

True, but what are we supposed to think when the person heading this project suddenly declares "project dead" and leaves? It's quite demoralizing, and I have not seen much activity on the project itself for quite some time. Romdeau Sept. 7

As previously said, we are not having much time for translating. However, things would be a little bit easier for everyone if we got more members. Also, even if the project is considered dead, you can continue working on it. There is no problem with that, I guess. HiagoX September 8

Working on an as dead declared project isnt a problem - as long as there is one left working on it, is it not dead! Only the quality should'nt suffer. Also that first sentence would only mean that the project would need a new Administrator who coordinates the project (as an example to ask the translators if they are still translating or already lost in oblivion.) Also normaly here are only stalled and no dead projects. ;) And stalled is only tagged after 6 to 12 month without translation activity. --Darklor 15:15, 8 September 2010 (UTC)

Could someone tell me how to get started, then? Where do I get the SEEN files? Sorry if that's a dumb question, it's my first time doing this. -PanzerElement Sept 8, 2010

You can see at the Registration Page which SEEN are already taken by other translators and how far their progress ist. The SEEN's are behind the SEEN links. Always the second line needs to get a translation. --Darklor 20:06, 8 September 2010 (UTC)

Ohh, I see. Thanks. How do you get that hyperlinked name thing? -PanzerElement Sept 8, 2010

The easy way is to click at the sign button up at the edit menu or just write --~~~~ (clicking would put that just at the last position of the cursor) --Darklor 20:25, 8 September 2010 (UTC)

I've begun to read through the translated scenes and editing them so that they sound smoother in English. I am avoiding changing any actual content, and edits I am unsure about I will make sure to leave a note so that a translator can review the line. Romdeau Sept. 8

Is there any way to view what actually happens ingame as the diologue in a SEEN file is played out, aside from maneuvering to that particular scenario in the game? It'd be much easier to have the translated text match up with the action if I could see the action for myself. --PanzerElement Sept 9, 2010

Also, since you're looking through the already translated scenes anyway, could you link me to the ones that have obvious need of being reviewed? I'd like to be sure that everything that's supposedly done is done up to standard. PanzerElement Sept 9, 2010

I have renamed the title of this section to be more accurate. SEEN 0629 has raw parts still (in the H scene), SEEN 0630 and 0701 also need to be looked at. For future reference, I will be leaving notes of SEENS I have read through and edited. SEENS that have already been looked through by an editor will not be touched by me. Panzer, ask EchoMateria (via e-mail) about in game images-he may be able to set you up. Romdeau -Sept. 9

Gotcha. Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to go through the list sometime. And may I ask, who're the editors? Would that be Echo? PanzerElement Sept 9, 2010

Look under the project staff to find out who Echo is. As for editors, I'm not sure-I suppose that would be the guys who can read Japanese and English who review the translated scripts. Since I can't read Kanji, I don't qualify-so I'm a proofreader who knows hiragana and katakana. Romdeau Sept. 10

Sorry for my late response. However couple things needs to be cleared up. First, PanzerElement, I didn't see your email due to the fact that I only use my university email now. If you wish to get hold of me in the future please add me on MSN (if you have). Secondly, EchoMateria is the project's graphic editor, he basically edit the graphical japanese names to english. Thirdly, project manager isn't someone that just co-ordinate staff. On the contrary, the project manager must be able to hack into Realive, the program all Key VN runs on. Also Tomoyo After just happens to have a encryption etched into all game files which none of previous Key VNs had. So far in my knowledge only RadicalR knows how. Lastly, finding a hacker to de-pack and re-compress all the SEEN files won't be much effort if we actually have something worth while for them. Meaning unless SEENS0714-0717 gets translated RadicalR or any other hackers to my knowledge won't be interested in joining. Once SEENS0714-0717 gets translated we can release a partial patch covering over 40% of the beginning storyline. -karmainall September 12, 2010

Sounds good, I'll get working on 714-717 then. Also, would it be possible for someone to go in and note in the SEEN files where different choices in the game branch off and rejoin? (i.e. choice at line 345, A goes to 347, B goes to 373, C goes to 401, and they all lead into 435) A full map of every choice and result would be even better. Since I've been trying to follow along in the game as I translate, something like this would make it a lot easier to make sure everything fits within context. PanzerElement September 13, 2010

You can leave 716 to me, as I was previously working on it. If I delay it too much, you can take over the SEEN. - HiagoX September 14, 2010

Halfway done with 714, and a certain degree of inroad on 715 and 717. I've left 716 alone like you asked. I'll upload it all after I'm done, probably going to have 714 done in a few days. Sorry for the slow pace, been fairly busy with school. PanzerElement September 19, 2010

Could someone with access to the game files check line #345 in SEEN0714, or preferably the whole block of horrible google translate-esque translations in the file, and compare it to the original text? I'm having a few issues with comprehending certain things, so I'm thinking it's possible someone incompetant had altered the Japanese text. Thanks in advance. PanzerElement September 25, 2010

Just dropping here to say thank you for everyone working in this project, I was sad when I read it was dead, but I see some future in this now. Sadly I lack the skills to help. Also, PanzerElement, you can check the page's history, this is the first entry: - GBcrazy September 26, 2010

That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks much. PanzerElement September 27, 2010

I have updated couple of things to clarify and for organizational purposes. --karmainall 16:48, 28 October 2010 (UTC)

Is this out yet...Probroly not. Lol my dad can speak fluent japanese and can easily read it. If you really want to i can ask him to translate this. Although not the H- Scenes of course. Anyways Someone get this thing started. :D [email protected] :D Nov. 3 2010

Back from my long leave of absence. Today, I've translated 0291-0339 from SEEN0715 (some of them are left untranslated since I'm unsure about the meaning of those lines; may try looking at it again later, or some other translator could check them out). I'll be doing SEEN 0715, but if you feel like helping me translate it, please feel free to do it! - HiagoX December 2, 2010

General Discussion[edit]

Writing at this top so it is more likely to be read. I've only read a few translated SEENS, and I've noticed that every H-scene is significantly worse in translation quality and it appears the "good" translators for personal reasons aren't translating them. The ones I've read definitely could use another look over. Romdeau Sept. 8 2010

What version of the game are you guys planning to work with? There was an old project started by velocity 7 (it doesn't seem as if they are keeping up with it, though), where they were trying to port the PS2 to PC. (You can find the thread for it here:

I personally think the PS2 would be more interesting to play, since it is longer and perhaps the ending is more satisfactory. The PC version would still be great though. Thank you very much for your effort guys.

PS2 Version is better overall, but the ending feels "tagged-on" without the usual Key quality. It feels like Tonokawa (the person who wrote the PS2 add-ons, while Maeda Jun wrote the original) just "tagged it on" to appease fans who want a happy ending. I personally like the PC ending a lot better. It feels a lot more "Key-like" and a lot deeper.
I'm willing to translate as soon as there's more translators. Though I am obsessed with the game, I won't translate it all myself
email: [email protected]

To the guys, translating this: seriously, stop - there are a lot of mistranslations and overall translation quality is pretty low. I'd fixed them for you but it would be easier to start translation from the scratch.

To the guy above this: I realize that my past work on this project is not what I'd call adequate. I'd love to go back and retranslate everything I've done, and continue with translating the rest of the project, but a general lack of time and motivation is keeping me from doing that. Not to mention that this project seems a bit stalled at the moment. I'd love to hear something from the supposed project admin... --Nightjumper 20:34, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

To Nightjumper: The project isn't stalled. It's just hard to do anything if nobody is translating anything. I've been busy with personal stuff lately so I haven't been able to look for anyone that might be interested in it. If anyone can find someone who might be interested in translating Tomoyo After, please point them to the registration page. Please feel free to contact me on IRC if you have any further questions. --ArchDemon 03:45, 27 February, 2009 (UTC)

I think it would be better to do the PC version. The ending honestly feels a bit cheap in the PS2 version. They made a dramatic, sad scene but then the extra ending was added and it felt like they pulled a "lol jk" and invalidated it all. That's just my take. Also, although it is true that the PC version does have less in terms of content, it also happens to be more accessible to everyone. Not everyone has a PS2, but certainly everyone interested in this has a computer.

hey all i just recently finished the clannad vn and found it really enjoyable. im looking forward to the complete translated version of Tomoyo After. i agree that it should be done on pc. good luck and hope yous finish it soon.

The project has been handed over to RadicalR who will be the new project administrator from now on. Please direct all further questions about the project to RadicalR who can be found in #ndt on PPiRC. --ArchDemon 02:29, 6 March, 2009 (UTC)

I am currently looking at the possibilty of allocating time for this project. There's a big possibility that I won't do anything before the spring term is finished. I might look around and use some contacts to see if we can get more people on this. By the way, I'd rather leave translating/writing H-scenes to somebody else. --Nightjumper 10:18, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

Hey guys! I've been studing Japanese for about 4 years now and this project is something I'm really interested in :D If you don't mind some machine-translated kanji and explaining to me how to work this stupid RLdev thing I'd be glad to help. Just seeing what edits I can make atm [Seitsuki]

Tomoyo After Memorial Edition All-age version had been released. If you don't like translate H-scene, so may I help you upload new seen files below old files? --Midishero 15:35, 18 August 2009 (UTC)

I also have Tomoyo After ~ Memorial Edition. I played through it and I confirm there are no h-scenes but has more content and they implemented Tomoya's voice. If you need it just post on here. Where is Tomoyo After's % at now? There's like almost no news about this game. Do you guys need help with anything? Voice out so I can carry the words over. The game is very small compared to Clannad VN. 8.27.09

A quick question, do I have to add punctuation marks in lines with these squarish brackets? 「____」 I've been finding a lot of these and I am not sure what to do about it. -Suppish

To answer your question, guidelines like those in the Clannad project haven't been established yet. I suppose some of it should be agreed on in the near future. Personally, I change hook(Japanese) brackets to double quotation marks, and I usually end the text inside them with a full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation mark or three full stops in a row(ellipses), as I think without any of that, it would be poor English. --Nightjumper 16:20, 17 March 2010 (UTC)

How many translators do we have? (Besides Gman.) -Suppish March 18

Well, not many, that's for sure. Basically two - There's this Gman you mentioned, and me, and I work rather slow. Mr4eyeguy seems to have been semi-active recently, but I don't know if he's done any real translation work. HiagoX is someone who popped up a month ago or so, but it doesn't look like he's done much translation work the last few weeks. Edit: Forgot my signature. --Nightjumper 23:16, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

I referred HiagoX, he works at a slow pace however very accurate translation and requires little corrections. There is another translator I stole from another project(MUHHAHAHHA), however he/she won't begin any translation work until beginning/middle of April. By the way Nightjumper, if possible, could you drop whatever SEEN you are currently translating and do seen 0712 instead? I don't know if you heard from RR yet, but our goal right now is to release a partial patch of seens up to 0808 to regain supporters. --karmainall 19 March 2010

I finished 0711 just yesterday, and I was looking at doing 0712 next. So, yes, I will do that one next. By the by, as you can see on my userpage, I usually hang out in #[email protected] if you wish to contact me through other means than this talk page. Edit: Keep forgetting my signature.--Nightjumper 14:10, 21 March 2010 (UTC)

Hey! I think Mr4eyeguy is back. Well, judging from the fact that he put his name next to SEEN0810 he's either got some time to kill or no longer MIA. In any case if you read this Mr4eyeguy, welcome back! --karmainall April 3rd, 2010

I apologize for not being able to translate much until now, but as I told karmainall, I am not having much free time and I have to deal with loads of other things. I will try to work as much as I can, but I can assure that I won't lose interest in the project that easily. --HiagoX 12 April, 2010

Can I say a word? Is this project still alive? And will all of you translate the 10th Memorial Edition of this visual novel? - BonaQuack Sep 21, 2010 No worries, it's definitely still alive. Rather short-handed at the moment though, as far as I can tell I'm one of the only two translators here. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm thinking that given how long this is taking, it might be a while before we even get to consider the 10th Memorial edition. PanzerElement September 24, 2010

BonaQuack, Key memorial box contain a unique never before encountered cryptic "key". To my knowledge no hacker has yet cracked the lock or is interested enough to attempt it. If you find a hacker who has the ability then we will consider it. Otherwise, do not hope the impossible. Panzer, thanks for your hard work. ---karmainall September 24, 2010

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who good at hacking. But, about the project, how many percent have you translated till now? -Bonaquack Sep 26th, 2010

The project, just based on what I've gone through on the registration page, looks to be around 30-40% done, so it'll be awhile. I'm currently trying to continue translating, but I am by no means an expert, so I'm going to need a dedicated QC'er to help out. The H-scenes are more difficult to translate partly due to the emotions being needed to convey during them, and the wording they use to explain their actions differ from normal activity. I'll take a shot at it, but going to need someone to go through it for correspondence, to make sure it's translated correctly and/or conveys the right idea. --AbstractBlueSky 19 October 2010

To be honest, at this stage H-scenes are not the main focus or even considered even slightly important. If you seen the intro of the game the H-Scene is totally independent from the game itself. It's as if the H-Scene is added at the last second before publishing in order to attract Otakus (Clannad-freaks like me) to buy the game. Therefore, please just leave the H-scenes and translate SEENS 0714-0717. If those SEENS get translated, I'll just bullshit random stuff for the H-scenes. However if you insists on translating the hentai scenes be my guest. Please do note that once SEENS 0714-0717 gets translated there will be a release of a partial patch covering roughly 30% of the beginning storyline. --karmainall Oct 28th, 2010
I understand that. I'll try to get to work on the actual SEENS rather than the H-scenes. I was trying to do top to bottom, but it's probably better if we do storyline plot first. Well, at least we have some beginning H-scenes translated. May not be important to some, but to others it may deepen the emotional bond. --AbstractBlueSky Oct. 28, 2010

I will QC anything you need I'm new to this but my grammar is pretty good. Message me at [email protected] for anything you need. I'm available to QC anything anyone else needs to so feel free to email me. --kikyo423 20 October 2010

Wonderful news about the 30% patch. I'll try to pour some more time on this now, SEEN0714 in particular, but I'll be needing a checker quite likely a lot more than others here. My japanese is mostly self-learnt so I'll just have to leave some lines untranslated since I can't for the life of me figure out what they mean. Anyways, I'll do what I can and hope someone can check my trail a bit. Any criticism/pointers highly welcome (flood my page!) --Ilebur 28 October 2010

I think this will be my first post here. I just wanted to let you guys know that I translated the rest of the SEEN0717 and SEEN0716. I know my translation is not spot-on but it should be enough to understand what's going on. I may work on SEEN0715 but can't promise anything for now. Kudos to Aleh and HiagoX who translated the majority of those SEENs! --Mr4eyeguy 2 December 2010

Thank you, Mr4eyeguy! It was my pleasure. Now, regarding the H-scenes: I've translated part of one of them; but I think we should leave them for last. We should focus on the actual SEENs and then go for the H-scenes. - HiagoX December 2, 2010

Hello again. I just finished the rest of SEEN0715 with the help of HiagoX. Boy, I'm worn out but good news is that I finally got some time this winter. I won't be touching the SEEN0714 (or I believe that's what's left) due to how several people are already working on it. Instead, what I'll do is look over some of the completed SEENS and make some changes if there is any mistranslation that contradicts the flow of the story, and maybe work on some of untranslated SEENS...MAYBE. Hopefully at some point this project gets to 50% completion but I doubt it'll be happening sometime this year. But we all can hope, right? Happy holidays everyone. --Mr4eyeguy 8 December 2010

I was actually thinking about reviewing those 4 SEENs. I could do it, but if you think you can do it all by yourself, then be my guest! Or rather, we could share the work. And oh, I should thank you for editting some of the lines. Sometimes I just can't word what I'm translating the way I want to. - HiagoX December 9, 2010

Hey HiagoX and Mr4eyeguy some of those people are not currently translating any of SEEN0714. We might need your help on that. --Kikyo423 9 December 2010

I've translated a few lines yesterday. Probably will be able to translate some more, but I'll need Mr4eyeguy's help on this for some lines. - HiagoX December 15, 2010

I translated SEEN0714 at the point of near completion. But I definitely missed few lines. Also my translation could use a lot of editing because of my lack of vocab and my tendency to misuse words. --Mr4eyeguy 21 December 2010

I'll be QC'ing SEEN0714 on whatever spare time I have, I'll mark up untranslated lines (that I can't figure out) on the page info, so please take a look at them when you can. --Ilebur 16 January 2011

Want to help us?[edit]

Gents, where do I send potential supporters/fans patiently waiting for this game to be translated? I know all of you are doing this on your own free time and I'd like to post or write my support for you somewhere. Or perhaps, this is the way to do it? Anyhow I don't want to get too spammy with this post, but guys-thanks and keep going! Tomoyo is my favorite heroine from the Clannad VN and I'm looking forward to reading this story. I'd help if I could, but I only know elementary Japanese and I doubt it's sufficient to take on a project such as this. -Romdeau July 17 2010

Is the project still looking for translators? I'm willing to help out if it is. I can read Japanese fairly well and although I have not played Tomoyo After, I have played Clannad. Sarenthenis 14:38, 2 October 2009 (UTC)

Watching this page, no real translation effort has been done in months, and to my knowledge no translator is actively working on this at the minute, so yes, and work that you would like to do would be greatly welcomed.

If you are still looking for translators ill gladly help im fluent in Japanese and English so i would love to join you guys in this effort so let me know what you think and i would love to help Kyoske-username

Kyoske. drop into the IRC chat room in room #ndt look for Nightjumper or RadicalR. talk to them and they should provide you with more information...

sorry to sound dumb but when i go there theres just a big 9. -kyoske

irc:// - try that. - SirShadow (also lol the 9 is because Cirno is all over the server...)

You don't need our permission to translate. This is an open wiki project, after all. Although, we haven't set any translation guidelines as of yet. But feel free to drop in and ask any questions you may have.--Nightjumper 23:50, 28 March 2010 (UTC)

I can help you QC things but again I need instructions on some things but my grammar is very good so message me at [email protected] and I will help no problem. -kikyo423

Hello there, if you're in need of a proofreader, feel free to message me at [email protected], my grammar is pretty good. Though I'd like to work as a translator, i know almost no japanese, so i can only assist in this way. Nice to see this project lively again. - YeyisX 7:21, November 13, 2010 [EST]

Good work guys, I really want to help out but since im horrible in japanese i could only help you with the proofreader part. I'm probably going to to the university to study english so my skills are genuine. If you need any help from me with either the uploading from files or the proofreading, mail me at [email protected] NO SPAM I would really like to see this game translated, so you've got my full support!

Project status?[edit]

(Last updated March 21st 2010) ~39% first translation pass. See this page[1] .xls file with more detailed progress here.

Is this project still alive or are there other people that translated this VN themselves?

... Seemingly, this project has died -- 05:52, 21 December 2009 (UTC)

The project is not dead; It's just stalled at the moment. I've just gone through the progress so far, and quite a large chunk of the first translation work is done(I'd say about 30-40%). --Nightjumper 17:10, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

I'm really looking forward to playing. I wish my Japanese was better and I could help. -- 20:15, 26 January 2010 (UTC)

It seems like it's been stalled for quite some half a year or more. Hope someone comes along and revives this. I'd help if i could, but i don't know one word of japanese, so yea... 08:54, 19 February 2010 (UTC)

Been is the keyword here. It's not stalled at the moment, although it's progressing slowly for the time being.--Nightjumper 15:27, 19 February 2010 (UTC)

Looks like things are moving again! I look forward to playing this game. -- 12:24, 21 March 2010 (UTC)

Hey.. if you guys need a proof-reader to check the scripts for Typo's and grammatical errors that have occurred when translating from Japanese to English. feel free to contact me, I'm usually sitting around in the chatroom under SirShadow (give or take an s on the end)...I don't know a drop of Japanese and what japanese i have picked up is from novels and anime etc. however my english is pretty good. and i can usually fix up sentences that have errors when translated into English. like missing commas or typo's. it might be a small contribution but every little bit helps right?

Add me on MSN if you have ([email protected] hotmail DOT NOSPAM com) -karmainall March 28th

So, this patch will be for the PS2 or for the PC version? Thanks for the work guys

I believe this will be for the PC version - 19:21, 29 April 2010 (UTC)

I feel so useless I can't tranlsate anything but I really want this project to finish. How many tranlsators total are there, and if given an estimate how long would this take to finish if no other translators join?

I can't translate whatsoever but I'm very good in english grammar and sentence structure so if you need a proff reader I open. I'd just need instructions on how to do so because I'm new to this. -Kikyo423

Honestly, it looks like the project is around 30-40% completed, so it looks to be awhile. Lots of QC needed. I'm currently trying to continue translating starting from the beginning (QC'ing SEEN0628) and moving up. Currently on SEEN0629. Those H-scenes are a pain, lol. Need someone to QC for what's been translated so far. I'll try to get the SEEN completed by tonight. Anyone that would like to correspond with me (it'd help a lot), contact me at [email protected] or msg me in the #Baka-Tsuki irc channel if I'm there. --AbstractBlueSky 09:40, 19 October 2010 (HST)

Shift_JIS encoding[edit]

Firefox doesn't not have native support for Shift_JIS encoding. Plus the change needlessly increased the page size by thousands. Thus I am reverting Anon User:'s edits. Please continue to use Unicode. As far as I know, it is compatible with all web browsers. Zero2001 - Talk - 04:58, 25 July 2012 (CDT)

I am just a random guy, but using firefox, click firefox dropdown > web developer > character encoding > and Shift_JIS should be on the list...As far as I know, this comes with default firefox (am using 13.0.1)