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Opening X-01: Double Attack Onee-chans (Extra Serving)[edit]


“You’re scaring me!!!!!!”

(Opening X-01 Open 07/05 03:00)

Double Attack Onee-chans (Extra Serving)

Biondetta Shiroyama.

Freedom Award 920, aka Liar Cat. That extremely dangerous summoner enjoyed nothing more than assisting others with their revenge and especially delighted in spreading that disaster further than the avenger intended and in throwing them into the furnace as kindling for the flames of revenge. Half of her bones were replaced with an outdated type of artificial bone, she was constantly consuming large quantities of antibiotics, she used a silver Blood-Sign that folded in two and doubled as a bolt-action sniper rifle, and she was a fierce warrior who was known for using several strategies at once to trap her enemy in multiple cages.

To delve deeper, her family name of Shiroyama indicated she was a survivor of the Queen’s Miniature Garden that had been a crossroads in transforming the world. She was the Cheshire Cat of the named summoners. Any experienced summoner or vessel would begin to tremble if they heard she was one of the 15 Children, especially if the fact that she had inherited the Queen’s hatred was also mentioned.

It was unclear who had given her the first name of Biondetta. But since looking into that name’s origin led to the demonic Lord of the Flies, it would seem she had carried some kind of karma before even arriving at the Fifteen Siblings Project.

She had long, straight hair dyed pink and eyes the same color. She had soft, white skin and a bewitching body. Her miniskirt waitress outfit had thick horns and a serpentine tail, making her a demon lord who smiled as she granted people’s wicked desires.

“Hellllllo, sir☆ You’re exhausted after a long day’s work, aren’t you? Do you need some Blood-Sign maintenance done, do you need to resupply on Incense Grenades, or do you need someone to look after you yourself? Leave it all to your kiiiind big sister and sexyyyyy servant Biondetta☆”



How had she turned into this?

It was late at night. Three in the morning to be exact. It was well past midnight. Due to the lux restrictions for the Tanabata Festival, thick light-blocking curtains covered the windows, but a step out onto the balcony would have revealed the Milky Way in the sky.

This was the top floor of Aika’s luxury apartment in Toy Dream 35. Shiroyama Kyousuke sat on the sofa and repeatedly asked himself where he had gone wrong. All the while, his “big sister” leaned over from the side, pressed her entire body against him, and rubbed her cheek against his face.

It was true he had sold his principles (which could be called his soul) and made a contract with a demon. He had no way of defeating the White Queen as things were. And it was by admitting his utter defeat that he gained the power needed to enter this contract.

So why was he stuck here letting her mess with his Blood-Sign like an old man being given a hands-on lesson by a beautiful instructor at a computer class meant to overcome a self-defeating attitude by fulfilling a more simple desire?

“My, my, sir! You’ve reached Award 900, but you still prefer to use a standard practice Blood-Sign!? You have a good eye. With a mass-produced model, replacements are easier to come by in a pinch and they are more adjustable, so they can adapt to your own idiosyncrasies more easily. Gasp! Th-this glimpse of your intellect is making me feel all tingly inside. Brr☆”

“What is with the excessive praise? Especially when you use about the most custom-ordered Blood-Sign imaginable!!”

“I have no idea what you mean. Now, sir. The tip looks worn down, so how about we replace it together? First, cut off the portion made of sacred tree wood that’s held on by glue. Then we’ll attach the new one and carve off the corners to give it a nice curve. The rounded portion is generally as thick as a coin.”

After blowing a heated breath into his ear, an entranced-looking Biondetta placed her hand on his and had him grab the work knife. It almost felt like she was having him place the blade tip on the soft belly of a sacrifice tied down in front of them, so it was very demonic.

His big sister softly guided him to grab the knife with one hand and the tip of his Blood-Sign with the other.

“Focus on the seam…yes, do it with your big sister. Lay the Blood-Sign down on the table, hold it down with one hand, softly press the blade down from above, adjust its position so you can place your weight on it…”

“Well, anything’s fine as long as we can keep things moving.”


“You’re scaring me!!!!!!”

With an awfully solid thunk, a few centimeters of cork-like material was chopped from the Blood-Sign’s tip and rolled to the floor.

For some reason, Biondetta’s eyes were sparkling even more than before.

“Now, now! With the tip exposed, you need to squirt out the white sticky glue. Here, I’ll help you rub it on nice and good and attach the new sacred tree wood. Now your tip will be even stronger and manlier than be-… Oh…oh, no. What have I done to Kyousuke-chan? I’m supposed to be his big sister!!”

“I’ve completely lost sight of what your deal is supposed to be! What is wrong with you!?”

He did not particularly care if she trembled over there on her own, but as she leaned up against him and wrapped her arms around his waist, she had a knife in her hand. He felt the same tension as sharing an elevator with a lunatic.

And he was not the only one having trouble understanding the situation.

Lu Niang Lan, the red modified China dress beauty sitting on the opposite sofa, was shaking like a volcano about to erupt.

“Long hair, giant breasts, and an older girl who calls him Kyousuke-chan? Curse you!! You’ve taken the same demonic measures as building an identical convenience store right across the intersection! Have you no mercy at all!?”

“You say that, but it was my client who came to me and freed me from my cage because he could not forget our love and hatred from so long ago. I am the big sister of his soul and he insisted on entering into a contract so he could reclaim those bonds he could never quite shake free of.”


“Mwa ha ha. And I’ve been his big sister for far longer than you, weird China dress tits girl!! Don’t underestimate the mysterious den of demons we called the Queen’s Miniature Garden. Have you ever carelessly opened the door to the bath only to find Kyousuke-chan right there☆? Not the dressing room, but the bath beyond it!!!!”

“Wh-wh-wh-what…!?” Lu Niang Lan looked like a thunderbolt had struck the top of her head. “That…that can’t be. I refuse to believe that kind of love comedy space-time could exist in the real world…”

“That closed space wasn’t part of reality. It must have been some kind of wonderland.”

Kyousuke actually blushed for once and shouted something about that being a tragedy brought on by Kyoumi setting them up, but no one was listening.

Biondetta continued clinging to Kyousuke’s arm and gave a snort with an extremely triumphant look.

“Hmph. Show off your cleavage and legs as much as you want, but you’ll still be nothing more than the pretty girl next door…an outsider. Do you really think you stand a chance against the kind big sister he lives with, eats with, bathes with, and sleeps next to?”

“Okay, that’s it… I’m the ultimate weapon that killed Government Award 1000 with nothing more than assassination techniques, so it’s time I used that skill to stimulate every last one of exhausted Kyousuke-chan’s pressure points for an energizing massage!!”

“Hey, wait!! Are you saying that because you know I’m the type to save the chocolate plate on top of the cake for last!? Soothing my customer’s aching young muscles after a day of hard work is my job!!”

The details will be omitted here, but he was surrounded on both sides and crushed between them.

It may have looked like heaven having two young women rubbing up against him and giving off their sweet aroma and warm body heat, but one of them was a demon with a work knife and the other was a human weapon with blades hidden all throughout her modified China dress. He was being imprisoned by two blade-wielding women who rubbed at his chest and stomach while shouting things that would probably be summed up as “nonsensical babbling” in an affidavit, so it was exactly the opposite of that initial impression. Life could be a confusing thing.

And lest we forget, there was someone else here.

It was the owner of this luxury apartment, a small girl named Aika. That striped bikini shut-in had her long hair braided on the sides of her head and then looped into a twintail variant. She was leaning against her 5 meter white liger she used as a sofa as she calmly watched the tragic scene.

Kyousuke found this odd. That slender girl held that same darkness inside her, so she would “endlessly repeat the same nonsensical babbling (affidavit)” just as much as Lu Niang Lan. She should have been the first one to take part in this unmanageable squabbling.

So what was going on?

Aika was young. She was younger than Kyousuke. So unlike the China dress whose brakes were broken even as an adult, she still had room for growth. Perhaps she had matured in the time he was gone from Toy Dream 35. If so, she might soon remove her striped bikini, change into a school uniform, get up in the morning, go to sleep at night, and actually walk to school to laugh with her friends.

His self-proclaimed little sister must have noticed the hope in his eyes because she began to speak.

“…Heh. Enjoy yourselves while you can, you sacks of fat. But giant boobs are all about the initial impact, so that means a guy will grow bored of them before long. And after Onii-chan starts rejecting those overgrown boobs like he’s had curry three days straight, you’ll be as hated as strong perfume during parents’ day at school. And then this flat-…ahem, this entirely sufficient, beautiful, and perfect fairy body will reign supreme! Bow before me, my Onii-chan! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!”

“…I guess god really was defeated,” bemoaned Kyousuke with dead eyes (and while squashed).

Then he heard a small metallic sound. Aika had moved her crossed legs a little while clenching and unclenching the toes. The soft-looking big toe was sticking through a metal ring. And that ring held an old key.

“Now.” The striped bikini girl moved her lips with a skeptical look in her eyes. “Onii-chan. This doesn’t really bother me since I’ve been the uncontested winner of the mini-fairy competition ever since your former vessel and my rival Olivia Highland was released back into the world at large, but it would seem you only managed to get one of the items you were after.”

“Yes,” replied the helpless summoner even as soft sensations squashed him from either side. “We only got the master key. The treasure chest was taken by them.”

“What a pain. It sounds like you’re going to have a lot of trouble with this one.”

Shiroyama Kyousuke wanted to defeat the White Queen no matter what. His own skills were nowhere near enough, so he wanted to scour the entire world for anything and everything that could help him. However, a single lifetime was not long enough to circle the globe countless times and part every last blade of grass. But there was no need to do that. All of the world’s mysteries had already been gathered in a single location.

And that was…

“The Founder’s Gallery. To master the fields of fantasy and fairy tales, the Toy Dream Company’s president spent a fortune gathering antique artwork and grimoires from all over the world.”


  • To defeat the White Queen, Kyousuke made a contract with Biondetta. They seem to get along, but that is only Biondetta supplying him with the best possible environment for carrying out his revenge, so he must evaluate and handle her with care.
  • The president of the Toy Dream Company, which is known for its amusement parks across the globe, gathered antique artwork and grimoires from around the world to master the fields of fantasy and fairy tales used in his stories. That collection is known as the Founder’s Gallery, but its location, scope, and any other details are unknown and it has become something of a legend on the level of the treasure island where pirates supposedly hid their booty.
  • To strengthen his theories, Kyousuke is seeking the Founder’s Gallery. The items he needs to get there are a master key and a treasure chest.
  • In the past, a fierce battle(?) was apparently held between Aika and Olivia.
  • Also in the past, Kyousuke and Biondetta ran into each other in the bath. It was apparently all set up by Kyoumi (according to Shiroyama Kyousuke). All records concerning the Queen’s Miniature Garden were lost, so it is unknown whether Biondetta panicked and ran away or stayed and bathed with him.

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