The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume6 Prologue

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What determines the value of something one is searching for?

To the person searching for it, even an insignificant-looking item left on the roadside might be a magnificent treasure worth seeking to the point of insanity.

A limited number, historical weight, a connection to some important person, the amount of work needed to acquire it, the amount of time spent, the opinions of those around you, the attached price tag…and the other things lost in exchange. Some people take so many factors into consideration that they lose sight of the true essence of what they are looking at despite focusing on it more than anyone. Isn’t that strange? Hee hee hee.

You seem to be searching for something yourself, brother.

But is it really as valuable as you think it is? Are you perhaps losing sight of that because you are the one and only human being with your eyes on it? Or are you deriving pleasure from the very act of traveling around the world searching for it? Investigators often lose sight of everything else around them. Make sure you do not trap yourself in a labyrinth of your own creation and have your vision fade before you.

Oh, dear? Me?

Yes, this is of course a karmic boomerang that flies right back at me☆ Did you really think I wasn’t capable of that level of self-analysis? But I would never mistake your value, brother. And this puny little world is not large enough for me to journey across. I only need to peek inside the tiny box and find my beloved inside. So it isn’t possible for me to mistake the joy and exhaustion for actual value like someone who has scaled countless mountains and crossed myriad seas.

You have an absolute value that simply drives me crazy.

So have more confidence in yourself☆


  • There is an absolute treasure. But its value is determined by a relative heart.

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