The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume7 Prologue

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I’ve started things on a friendlier note this time. Heh hehn. You actually have some hope, don’t you? Yes, hope for love and comedy!! As long as you ask for it, I will become your servant and supply you with an unending reign as the unparalleled strongest who enjoys lovey-dovey night-long battles with the ultimate, perfect, and flawless wife who will play the boke or the tsukkomi and who will look down on you or up at you!! …You may have forgotten after getting so focused on the battling, but please keep in mind that that option is always right there in front of you, brother.

Now, you seem to be sneaking around working on something right now. Hee hee hee. I am wholeheartedly cheering for you in the hopes that this will carry you up to me at the peak.

Yes, in this alone you can know I am telling the truth.

But, brother, what exactly is victory?

I am unmistakably the strongest and indisputably invincible. …But when you think about it, I do not always achieve victory or success.

That is simply because the strongest can be proven by ranking everyone based on their quantifiable power, but the conditions for victory and success are constantly in flux depending on the current situation.

Brother, can you picture yourself achieving victory or success?

Can you envision a blade piercing my chest or chopping off my head?

But as I said, the conditions for victory and success are constantly in flux. That is true for you, for me, and for all of the other worthless humans and Materials.

By the way, I mentioned that victory and success are in flux, but what kind of “pressure” is it that causes that axis to shift?

…Might that be even more ugly and horrific than me since I am simply the strongest and I have a clear and defined position as an unmatched being?


  • Someone will always achieve victory. But there is no guarantee that the victor will achieve the success they wanted.

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