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Author’s notes[edit]

We meet for the first time!

Whether we met for the first time or not, I’m the author of works like ‘Lucky Chance!’ at Dengeki Bunko, Arizawa Mamizu.

I’m also one of the loyal readers who look forward to the serialization of ‘Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai’ every week.

The first time I knew of ‘Kami Nomi no Shiru Sekai’ was when I was with a senior author, M-san. I asked him, what recent manga would you recommend?

“Recently, this one’s interesting!”

And so he introduced ‘Kami Nomi no Shiru Sekai’ to me. At that time, only one volume was released, but I was immediately engrossed in it, and once I checked that it was on the Sunday magazine, I was excitedly waiting for the next chapter. I kept thinking that if there was a chance to write a light novel version of it, please leave it to me~ and when they discussed this with me, I wholeheartedly agreed.

As it’s a work I liked, I was rather pressured when I wrote it, but it was fun.

Katsuragi Keima. Such a powerful character. It’ll be great if I can showcase him as appropriately as possible…

It’ll be great if the fans of the original series like it.

And finally,

I’ll like to thank the original author: Wakaki-sensei, editor H-san, and all the readers who read this novel.

From my own residence.

Arisawa Mamizu.

Original author Notes[edit]

The creation of a weekly serialization feels just like a haiku.

Chapter 1 only has 18 pages, and it was really short. I have to imagine the vast content in my mind, open them up like windows for the readers to read until the truth can nearly be seen…it’s like a boxer before a match! Here’s a brief cut of a short scene serialization.

Really, the cover! 5! 7! 5! And then, 18 pages! Eh, that’s all? It really felt like that.

Often, I would feel unhappy about it, whether I could use longer scenes, longer lines and longer stories. At first, ‘Kami Nomi no Shiru Sekai’ was a manga that was under the gal-type, so there should be a lot of text. But as it’s restrained in the form of a manga, this was a dream that was so distant.

But this time, this dream became reality. With a solid author like Arisawa Mamizu writing this, the light novel version of ‘Kami Nomi no Shiru Sekai’ showed the world I wanted to draw but couldn’t do so. Arisawa-sensei, thank you very much…

Whether it’s the fans of Arisawa’s works or god’s works, I hope that this light novel can become a treasure item of everyone…

Wakaki Tamiki

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