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Heroines Memo[edit]

TWGOK 01 272.jpg

Amami Tooru.

Type: Denpaki.

Job: Ohanabatake resident.

Birthday: October 7.

Blood-type: AB type.

Height: 158cm.

Weight: 48kg.

3 sizes: 86.59.82.

Things she likes: Angel-themed things. Fluffy fluffy chiffon cake. Poetry.

Things she hates: Mathematics.

Recent troubles: When I wake up, I sometimes don’t know who I am.

Memo: Exhibits erratic behavior. Ohanabatake choice of words. Secretly unhappy that her interests differ from the others. A Denpaki, but extremely calm and collected about her own actions and understood them clearly. As she was more sensitive than others and overly smart, it feels like she deliberately acted this way to prevent herself from being hurt.

Has chestnut-colored long hair. Rather good figure. Wears a white mini-skirt.

Really suited to dress like an angel. Has long legs. Wears a headdress that looks like a tiara.

Gives the vibe of a Westerner. White-skinned. Often look suspicious. Will sometimes look like she’s looking far away.

Looks somewhat like a little imp when messing with Keima, but it doesn’t feel that she had any ill-intent. Would give a keke laugh when she starts laughing, and looks really carefree. When she cries, she would cry in a lonely fashion. Has a cute voice, feels a little husky.

TWGOK 01 273.jpg

Yoshino Asami.

Type: ???

Job: Tea Ceremony Club member.

Birthday: June 6.

Blood-type: A.

Height: 156cm.

Weight: 47kg.

3 sizes: 83.58.81

Things she likes: Nothing really special.

Things she hates: Nothing really special.

Recent troubles: Nothing really special.

Memo: Model character. Can do all sorts of things. Rather restrained in her emotions. Medium-built. Clear and impeccable. Cute in a way where she doesn’t have any special characteristics. Has a cuteness that isn’t defined in any way. It’s not really the expressionless look, but more or less that. Calm. Likes to read books. Looks like someone who would read boring books. Has a calm voice.

Unlikely to scream on seeing a cockroach, but it doesn’t mean that she’s not scared.

A little bad at expressing herself. Even when crying, she would only show a little tear.

Not isolated by her surroundings, but usually placed at a lower priority.

And she had no complaints about this.

Feels that she should always wait silently for her turn.

She’s a type who will never do anything willful.

Even when seeing a kid, a puppy or a kitten, she can’t shout excitedly ‘kawaii!’

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