The World God Only Knows:Volume 1 Epilogue

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“Hey, the moment Amami Tooru-san saw the kiss with Yoshino Asami-san, I was wondering what would happen.”


And Keima answered half-heartedly.

“..Was that as planned?”


Keima again answered half-heartedly.

“Yoshino-san looked really energetic then, and it’s like Amami-san was a completely different person the last time I saw her on the streets~ As expected of kami-sama!”


Keima still didn’t lift his head.

Today, Keima was playing his game at home as he sat on the sofa with his arms on the handles and crossing his leg.

He would occasionally reach out for the porcelain teacup and sip the red tea from him.

He would then look at the screen again.

Making an elegant pose that’s one step away from being sloppy.

Black pants, white shirt, showing a little collar, such a casual appearance made him look more like a bishounen than usual.

What shone in through the window was clear sunlight.

Keima was just like a painting as he played his game.



Smile, smile, smile.


Smile, smile, smile


Smile, smile, smile

Elsie was just smiling beside him. Her elbows were on the table as she smiled and watched Keima play his game.

Elsie was also the one who prepared tea for Keima.

Right now, she was baking cookies in the oven, intending to let Keima eat them as dessert. She continued to smile as she showed a happy, satisfied expression.


A bead of cold sweat flowed past Keima’s face.


Elsie’s stare just felt unbearable.

Smile, smile, smile.

Finally, he couldn’t take it.”


He stood up and shouted.



Elsie still continued to smile. Keima moved his finger,

Don’t just look at other people like that!

If you have something to say, just say it!

He wanted to shout that, but as Elsie was staring at him in such a pure and innocent manner,


Another bead of cold sweat flowed out. He stiffened his face and said,

“I’m leaving you alone!”

He continued to play his game. He showed an unhappy look as he abruptly sat on the sofa in an even sloppy manner as he was about to lie on it.


If he really felt unhappy about Elsie, there would be no reason for him to be there. He could have left the living room and returned to his own room. However,

Keima never did so.

He just,

Continued to play his game with an unhappy look.

From this,

It could be vaguely seen how he, Katsuragi Keima, viewed Elsie. Though Keima and Elsie may have somewhat realized it, what they realized would just be a little bit.

At this moment.

Ding! As the delightful sound of the oven rang, Elsie stood up and said to Keima with a clear and lively tone,


She placed her hand at her face.

“Do you want some cookies?”

Keima’s response was,


That’s all. Elsie interpreted it as a ‘yes’ and giggled as she walked towards the kitchen before stopping halfway and turning around,

She looked at Keima, who was sitting on the sofa in an unnatural pose as he played his game.

This time, he didn’t notice Elsie staring at him.

Elsie thought,

This boy, Katsuragi Keima,

Elsie’s kami-sama.

The demon found kami-sama.

From today on, they would be hunting runaway spirits, and the reason why they would save many girls from the pitch-black abyss will be because of such a daily life.

That’s what Elsie thought deep down inside.

“Let’s continue to get on well together, kami-sama!”

The ‘god of conquest’.

Is definitely here.

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