The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village:Bonus Part 1

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Part 1[edit]

Enbi: “The Glass House Case was the lovey-dovey case where the detective and I first met! It was the usual kind of case: a series of murders in a suspicious mansion deep in the mountains.”

Hayabusa: “You’re the only person in the world who would call a dangerous case like that ‘lovey-dovey’. And it’s been a few years since then…so were you wandering around a crime scene at around ten!? And I doubt that was the first time either!”

Enbi: “Eh heh. That’s about when I started doing things by deduction. Even earlier, when I was five or six, I would capture the criminal by acting all harmless and then shoving people from behind to make a mess of the case.”

Hayabusa: “You really are completely insane.”

Enbi: “But you’re bringing up a pretty old case here, detective.”

Hayabusa: “That’s because I was checking through the document archives and found there was barely any info on this one! It says they couldn’t do a proper investigation of the crime scene because you destroyed the entire mansion before the police arrived!!”

Enbi: “G-gulp! But c’mon, that was a product of my heart of justice wanting to protect you.”

Hayabusa: “Shut up. Anyway, we’re going to think back on what happened and make some proper records out of those fragmentary memories.”

Enbi: “So that’s why you brought out that digital voice recorder…”

Hayabusa: “We both know the answer since we were involved at the time, so it’ll be hard for us to tell if our explanations are sufficient. We can have Tomoe-chan or Tsumada-san listen to the recording later and see if someone without any knowledge of the case can picture the details. C’mon, let’s get started.”

Enbi: “Okayyy. …But if this is reliant on our testimonies, doesn’t that mean we could invent some new ‘facts’ about what might have gone on between us while-…?”

Hayabusa: “Mystery Freak.”

Enbi: “Okay, okay. I’ll take this seriously!”

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