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Chapter 3-3 - June 5, I ate potato chips[edit]

The fried beef rice I had for lunch is the best I ever had.

There's a sense of relief. Over the next two years, every day when I have it at school, I'll probably remember this day.

After that, while there's the fifth and sixth period, Miss Satake never spoke to me.

It seemed she never declared this in class.

There's only one problem.

Was Nitadori fuming at me…

And without knowing what was behind me, I sat through the next two hours of class.

Homeroom ended, and I immediately darted out.


And then, on the train, I met Nitadori again.

She straightened her hair,


She shoved the convenience store bag to me with a grim, furious look.

"I'm! Very! Sleepy! Sleep!"

After these four words, she just sat down, and tiled the chair back.

With that moment, she shut her eyelids hard.


I was holding the bag, probably stunned.

Miss Kamishiro, seated next to me, was like usual, giving a cool look--

But it seemed she was being kind today.

I did say that to 'escape', but to deem 'Nitadori' a girlfriend, it's no wonder she's furious.

I wanted to use this chance to get away, but she fell asleep.

Even this dull-witted me could understand.

"I'm angry today. I don't want to talk." that's what she meant.

With this, Nitadori spent three weeks sleeping. It's only on the train that I got the chance to talk with her properly. This is bad.

She's that angry.

I guess I should apologize at this time next week.

Left with no choice, I decided to have a piece of potato chip before sleeping.

At this moment, I got hungry. Even I was embarrassed by this.

Trying not to make a sound, I took a potato chip from the bag.


I stared at the bag of potato chips for three seconds, and slowly opened the pack.

It's been years since I ate the Consomme flavor again--

It's pretty nice.

So I thought.

Starting next week, I guess it's fine to eat this.

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