Tsurugi no Joou to Rakuin no Ko

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Volume 1 cover

Tsurugi no Joou no Rakuin no Ko (剣の女王と烙印の仔) also known as The Sword Queen and Branded Child is a light novel written by Hikaru Sugii. The illustrations are done by Yu Jin. The series is complete at 8 volumes and is published by MF Bunko J.

Story Synopsis

Chris was a boy who was cursed with the Brand of the Beast that devoured the fates of the surrounding people. His life changed when he met a girl when he was wandering a corpse-laden battlefield as a young mercenary. She, Minerva, appeared before his eyes waving a huge sword in clothes of pure white. With the power of foresight and overwhelming swordsmanship, she was a legendary swordswoman feared as a grim reaper. Smiling in slaughter and weeping in sleep, that was the heavy burden shouldered by the girl. That fateful night, Minerva's fate of being killed by Chris was distorted by the brand. The two souls destined to be in the company of death met in the depths of despair. In the symphony of blades and blood, the boy and girl's beautiful legend of sorrowful magnificence is born!


  • March 07, 2012 – Initiation as a teaser project
  • March 07, 2012 - Volume 1 Chapter 3 completed as teaser chapter
  • September 29, 2012 - Volume 1 Chapter 1 completed
  • September 30, 2012 - Volume 1 Chapter 2 completed
  • October 1, 2012 - Volume 1 Chapter 4 completed
  • October 3, 2012 - Volume 1 Chapter 5 completed
  • October 18, 2012 - Volume 1 Chapter 6 completed



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The Tsurugi no Joou to Rakuin no Ko series by Hikaru Sugii

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Series Overview

  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 1 (MF文庫J) [文庫] (April 2009 ISBN 978-4840127554)
  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 2 (MF文庫J す 3-2) [文庫] (July 25, 2009 ISBN 978-4840128445)
  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 3 (MF文庫J) [文庫] (October 21, 2009 ISBN 978-4840130592)
  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 4 (MF文庫J) [文庫] (January 2010 ISBN 978-4840131629)
  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 5 (MF文庫J) [文庫] (May 22, 2010 ISBN 978-4840134040)
  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 6 (MF文庫J) [文庫] (September 18, 2010 ISBN 978-4840135061)
  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 7 (MF文庫J) [文庫] (February 25, 2011 ISBN 978-4840138178)
  • 剣の女王と烙印の仔 8 (MF文庫J) [文庫] (November 23, 2011 ISBN 978-4840142960)