Ultimate Antihero:Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1[edit]

Part 1[edit]

<Demon King Typhon>.

Five years ago, it was the name of the demon that crossed over the dimensional boundary and came attacking the earth.

The length of its body was five kilometers. It was a giant multi-headed dragon with a size that rivaled a small island.

During the time since humans began fighting demons approximately a century ago, this first observed <Demon King class> demon had burned the earth’s surface to ash from one end to the other in only ten days.

This event was the calamity that was called <Walpurgis Night>.

That calamity reduced the human population of the the world till only 10 percent remained. The countries too were destroyed until there were only ten countries remaining.

But even while that much damage was inflicted, the human race wasn’t ruined.

The surviving people joined together and formed the <United World Government>.

<United World Government> took the lead and concentrated on reviving urban areas all over the world and maintained the [life sphere]. By restoring the infrastructures, the human race had recovered civilization that wasn’t different from before albeit the scale had become smaller. This was accomplished only five years after the <Walpurgis Night>.

The [Tokyo life sphere] that was formerly Tokyo city was also one of those.

Right now in this place, around 70 million humans from a great variety of races, gathered from all over the world to live their life close to each other.

However, that restoration was something that stood on thin ice.

After the extermination of <Demon King Typhon>, the number of demons that came invading from the demon world didn’t decrease.

No, rather, the passing of demons possessing vast power like Typhon caused the dimensional wall boundary to crumble. It can be said that the number of demons that came invading from the demon world to the human world increased.

The interior of the [life sphere] was protected by a barrier so the demons couldn’t directly come in; however, it was not strange for demons that appeared outside the [life sphere] to sometimes approach for an invasion. This was the current world’s situation.

Today just like other days, invaders passing through the dimension wall are instantly coming into this world.

But there exist a fighting strength that didn’t hesitate in taking on those demons, possessing terrifying power, as opponents.

Equipping the magic wand <Sorcery ArmamentArms> and magic shield <Magic CostumeMagi’s Jacket> that were created from the combination of science and sorcery, they were the human magicians that could manipulate sorcery similar to the demons.

Part 2[edit]

“Stop making useless resistance. If you do that then I will kill you painlessly.”

The Tokyo life sphere’s bay coast area, the abandoned harbor warehouse.

At the wharf where no sounds could be heard except the splashing sounds of the waves when it turned into night, there was the commanding voice of a girl ringing out.

The owner of the voice stood on the wharf, a student magician in the <Gunner> style whose body was wrapped in a Magi’s jacket based on a cowgirl’s outfit.

While her blond hair that released faint light like gold dust was fluttering from the sea breeze, the girl was taking a stance with her <Gunner> style’s <Arms> that was a silver revolver.

The <commanding officerleader> of New Tokyo Sorcery Academy’s 101st trainee platoon, Hoshikawa Sumika.

The girl right now was facing a single grotesque thing.

That grotesque thing was something that was around three times bigger than Sumika, a giant with a human body that had a head of a pig.

<Soldier class> demon, orc.

This orc was the vanguard of the invaders from another dimension that the human race had continued to fight from one hundred years ago.

As a demon it was not categorized as strong.

It couldn’t even use any particular sorcery, what it could do only amounted to swinging around the giant club that it held in its right hand.

―At best, its threat level was something like [an African elephant that held ill will towards humans].

Even for someone who was still a student, for a magician that had piled up training to defeat demons, this orc was an opponent that could be dealt with easily. That was exactly why, the girl―Sumika didn’t fear that monster for even a bit.

“I’ll say it one more time. Stop making useless resistance.” [1]

She announced her last warning.

She put strength on the finger that was holding the trigger of the revolver-style <Arms> that had its aim directed on the forehead of the orc.

If the girl put just a little more strength into her finger, a fake silvermythril bullet coated in magic power would pierce the demon’s forehead from the gun muzzle.

If it was only something like a <Soldier class> than just a single attack would certainly result in death.

Furthermore, using necromancy, a magician could bind a contract with the soul of a hero and through that they borrowed the hero’s power.

Sumika’s contracted hero was the <Gun Saint> Billy the Kid.

The bullet of <Gun Saint> couldn’t miss. It would end if she shot. The orc would be killed if she pulled the trigger. But―

{Gufufufu-…! Bluff, useless. You, can’t shoot.}

The orc laughed with an unpleasant voice that was similar with the sound of burbling mud.


Sumika’s expression distorted from those words. After all, what the orc said was right on the mark.

Sumika couldn’t shoot. The reason was located in the orc’s left hand.

There was a girl with a mini-ponytail clutched in the orc’s left arm with her face turning pale.

The girl was the same with Sumika, the 101st’s <close range combatantStriker>. Her name was Ichinotani Chikori.

That’s right, in other words, this was a hostage situation.

As a demon, the orcs were a weak race, but in place of that it was using its intelligence.

In reality, the one that was cornered was Sumika.

{Weapon, throw away. If not, this girl, crushed.}

Pressed with choices, Sumika gritted her teeth.

(Just against an orc, to be treated as it pleased like this…!)

For Sumika, this situation was a humiliation.

If asked why, it was because while Sumika was still a student, she was a genius magician that obtained the title of S-rank magician where there were only ten people in this world. Originally, just an orc or even ten orcs, she was an existence that could easily defeat them. ―The fact was, a few minutes before, this Sumika had instantly killed two orcs that were invading into the life sphere from a different place.

But, trouble appeared when the third orc came invading.

The predicted place where the third orc would appear was in the side of the residential area, so beforehand Sumika made two of the 101st platoon members that were her subordinates to standby there, but―of all the things to happen, the moment the orc appeared one of the members got terrified of real battle and deserted the battle before the enemy’s presence. No, if it was only that then it was still fine, but―

{If it’s just around three minutes before leader comes, then even I alone can hold back this enemy!}

Like that, Chikori who couldn’t be expected as a battle strength just by her lonesome didn’t even hear her command to stop and rushed to the enemy by her own judgment.

And the result,

{Leader. Chikori-san was captured by the orc.}

Only three seconds after that, that kind of transmission came from the <Battle ControllerOperator> that was in charge of battle situation and <Sorcery TransmissionIdea Link> from the place slightly separated from the actual scene.

(She cannot do it at all aren’t she―!)

As expected, she wanted to cry.

And then, right now, under that situation she got cornered and that was why it was unbearable.

{Quick, weapon! Throw away!!}

“Leader! Don’t mind me! I’m wrong for ignoring the order-!”

She wanted to shout angrily that it’s exactly your fault, but right now it was no use even if she blamed the girl.

As a leader, as a magician, to do something like abandoning a human who was going to be killed by a demon right now was not something Sumika could do.

Right now she needed to continue this deadlocked situation for even a little longer, buy time, and wait until reinforcements arrived.

―But, that sneaky consideration was read by the orc.

{Do it quick!}

In order to hurry Sumika who was trying to buy time, the vein of the orc’s arm protruded out and its herculean strength constricted Chikori’s thin body like a vise.


“St, stop it-!”

Sumika reflexively raised her voice hearing the creaking sound that was like the crack of a decayed tree.

Chikori who was grasped in the orc’s left hand turned limp and became unmoving.

It would be really bad if more than that happened. She couldn’t buy time unskillfully. There was nothing that she could do except obeying obediently.

“Understood. I surrender…”

Sumika threw away the revolver in her hand and also one more revolver that was holstered on her hips,


That instant, a shock ran through Sumika’s brain that informed her of danger to herself.

That was the intuition that came from the girl’s contracted heroic spirit, <Gun Saint> Billy the Kid’s Hero Skill.

What is called Hero Skill was the obtained special move or something like enchantment that came from being possessed by the soul of a hero.

From this, a magician became able to wield power that was equal with heroes of previous life.

And then the danger signal that ran through Sumika’s brain at this time was <Gun Saint>’s Hero Skill <Instinct EvasionBack Sniper>.

With this Hero Skill that was associated with Billy the Kid’s legend that said that he shot to death enemies behind him without even turning back, its effect was [perfect invalidation of blind spot]. The contractor of <Gun Saint> became able to detect all dangers of attack that came from blind spots with 100% accuracy using instinct. And then, this instinct was by no means inaccurate―

Barrier ExpandProtection!”

Sumika immediately expanded a no element first grade magic barrier using sorcery.

Thereupon in a flash that barrier was hit by the orc’s club.

That one hit possessed the brute strength of several tons’ weight, but the expanded magic barrier that was for use pertaining to physical impact didn’t even twitch.

It was exactly like her instinct told her.

Sumika safely evaded the surprise attack completely.

For her it was something really easy. But―

{Don’t defend! Next, if defend, this girl, crush!}


When there was a hostage even that couldn’t be kept up.

{You, kill comrade! Not forgive. Pulverize. Pulverize until became mince meat!}

The orc once again swung its club.

If she evaded this next attack the orc would unhesitatingly crush Chikori.

She couldn’t evade.

If it became like this then she could only become a sandbag while reducing the damage as much as she could using magic power.

For Sumika that was a bitter choice.

(Even though I cannot die in this kind of place…!)

Sumika had a dream. An important, strong wish that could even be called a craving.

Five years ago, the giant seven headed dragon that burned to ash everything in the world. <Demon King Typhon>.

That day, where everyone could do nothing except looking up to the closed sky, sinking into despair in front of the overwhelming power.

―There was someone, who killed that dragon.

That Typhon, who bore not even a single injury even with all the militaries of all the world’s countries challenging that monster …there was a magician who killed that monster just by his lonesome.

That day, Sumika watched up from the burning ground the full story of what happened.

And then, she thought. That she wanted to become like that.

Like that, she wanted to become an existence that could save people from no matter what kind of despair.

―That dream, was still not fulfilled.

She was still half-way.

(That’s why, even though I cannot die in this kind of place, why does this kind of thing happen!)

While gritting her teeth in frustration, Sumika wrapped her body in magic power.

For the sake of softening the blow for even a little.

She was waiting for reinforcements while receiving the orc’s blow.

Having no option other than that, she could only brace herself by all possible means.

The club that was swung down cutting wind.

Against the approaching strong blow, Sumika resolved herself and closed her eyelids.

“Sheesh. Can the apprentices these days not deal with just a single orc.”

She heard that voice.


Instantly, a blast resounded in the wharf.

It was the sound of a severe shockwave hitting and breaking the concrete surface.

But that was not the sound of destruction of a blow that was produced by a club.

The one who broke apart the concrete was, a lone young man.

Jumping down from a passenger plane that was flying in the far above sky at the height of ten thousand meters, the young man that split apart into two the orc’s body from its head until its crotch using an obsidian sword, was the one making the sound of the broken concrete and landing.

The orc’s body was torn vertically, split into left and right.

Of course, it died instantly.

The hostage spilled out from the arm, that orc’s body changed into shining ashes in a rustle and scattered apart from the sea breeze.

Inside that prism, the young man said.

“But, I’ll give you a passing mark for not abandoning the hostage.”

A loose and disheveled, uncontrollable black hair.

The end of a long stole flapped like a wing, the young man looked down on Sumika with a listless eye. A look that didn’t seem far from Sumika in age.

Looking at that face, Sumika gulped her breath.

Ultimate Antihero V1 c11.png

“Yo, you, are……!”

It was only natural. For magicians that lived in this age, there was no human that didn’t know that young man’s face.

The grand magician that mastered all the sorcery that existed in this world, the human that employed the existences that were far more powerful and even far more evil than even the [Demon King], the <Evil God> like one would use a familiar, the <Evil God User>.

And then, on the <Walpurgis Night> five years ago, possessing the overwhelming power that subdued even god, the hero of salvation that just alone subjugated <Demon King Typhon> who burned 90% of the earth surface―

“Kamishiro, Homura……!”

“Yeah, that Homura-san. As for today I got assigned to 101st platoon. Well, take care of me okay.”

Why did the hero that saved the world get assigned to a mere trainee student platoon―

Even such an obvious question didn’t cross the head of the current Sumika.

Homura who stood still inside the shining wind with his long stole flapping.

That standing figure was powerful, beautiful, in that one moment Sumika even forgot all words and became entranced.

It was as if time itself had come to a complete stop.

And then, during the instant where everything stood still, Sumika obtained a single conviction somewhere inside her heart.

This time, this moment, ―a tale was beginning, that was what she believed.

Part 3[edit]

Let’s rewind time back a little.

The <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura was living in the slums of London life sphere until yesterday.

A shabby, run-down apartment that had wind blowing in from the gaps.

The place was really wretched for the residence of a hero savior.

But, there was a reason for that.

He, who alone exterminated <Demon King Typhon> that even the gathering of the battle strength throughout the world couldn’t even scratch, was ostracized by the <United World Government> due to that too extreme strength.

Well, that could also be said as natural.

Establishing vested interests for themselves using all kinds of methods.

A ruling structure for the sake of exploiting the people.

If there was a human that existed that could possibly blow away all that they built right from its root, there was no way it would be something pleasant for them.

It felt like a swelling above your eye.

That was why the <United World Government> made use of all kinds of methods and tailored the <hero> into the <traitor>.

―Homura could become that strong because he sold his soul to demons.

―Sooner or later, Homura would become the demons’ pawn and bare his fangs at the human race.

Such things were whispered to the people as if they were true.

And then there was also the cooperation of the <Holy Path Church> that was ruling over the populace the most right now, making the propaganda a great success. The human race that survived the <Walpurgis Night> feared the hero that saved them as a [traitor], the messenger of demons, they rejected him from human society. ―His nationality was taken away from him, his power was taken away by <Great SealAureole> that was performed on him, all his rights as a human were stripped off.

There was no way such a Homura could live in a proper place.

But, Homura didn’t dislike that life as much as one would believe.

In the first place he didn’t have any interest in social status, for his lifestyle of [killing as many demons as possible] too, a position where he wasn’t tied by the stupid rules of human society or country borders was convenient.

Everyday he passed his time however he pleased without worrying about anyone’s eyes. Occasionally, he hunted demons that threatened the life sphere and received bounty from the world government as his daily earnings.

Due to <Aureole> that sealed his power, the <United World Government> publicized to the domestic and foreign that the [traitor] had been tamed as their [watch dog]. Homura himself was understanding of the existence of such a system, but for Homura it was only something trivial that only provoked a little sympathy from him thinking [Keeping up honor is also pretty troublesome huh―].

He freely killed demons as he pleased, and protected what he wanted to protect.

He was not adhering to anything, it was a pleasant life that was quietly and comfortably free from worldly cares.

But, on a certain day where he was spending such easygoing days.

The currently nonexistent <Knight Order Without Borders> that Homura was once a member of, it was a group that didn’t question one’s country, country border, or faith, a mercenary organization with mission to protect the people of all countries from the threat of sorcery and demons, the ex-leader of such an organization contacted Homura.

The contents of the contact was extremely strange.

[I registered your name into the 101st trainee platoon of the New Tokyo Sorcery Academy. Come to Tokyo life sphere right now.]

That was what he said.

He wondered whether he should just slam the phone off. He would be troubled if he was just called carefreely from the other side of the earth only to ask him to go drink.

―But, what was truly annoying, that former superior of his that was right now the board chairman of New Tokyo Sorcery Academy, Onjouji Kai was not someone that would contact Homura without any reason.

Generally there were two patterns of situations when this man contacted Homura.

There was a human that was about to die, or the world that was about to die.

That kind of evil omen really resembled the trumpet of the Apocalypse.

And then there he would without doubt get entangled with the existence of a powerful demon.

The demons, were enemies that he had to kill.

That was why Homura decided to go to Japan even reluctantly.

In a certain meaning, that was also Homura trusting this man Onjouji, perhaps.

And then, the time returned to now.

Homura who dynamically entered the New Tokyo life sphere illegally from the height of 10000 meters, was now sitting on the sofa in the New Tokyo Sorcery Academy’s board chairman’s room with his legs outstretched while waiting for the arrival of his ex-superior that called himself here.

Before long, the double doors of the room were pushed open and a tall and lean statured gloomy man entered the room.

“It has been five years, my friend.”

The heavy and gloomy tone really suited the external appearance of the man―Onjouji Kai.

But, there was an intimacy in that voice.

“How was it? Was the air travel enjoyable?”

“Just whose mouth is saying that kind of thing.”

“You didn’t like it? Even though I have prepared the first class for you expressly.”

“Certainly the food was delicious. The seat was also so comfortable it couldn’t compare with the bed of my ragged apartment. But you know, do you think suddenly getting a call saying [my student is in danger so help them] and made to jump down from 10000 meters is something fun?”

Homura glared in protest. But Onjouji didn’t seem like he would apologize.

“Fufu. Regarding that you really helped me. That Ichinotani girl was also completely healed by your healing sorcery. Let me say my thanks once more.”

“…Well, it’s fine. After all, thanks to that those gays from London also got shaken off me. Really, when those guys turn up, they are gonna chase my ass even until the inside of the plane. Scary country.”

“Unfortunately they are not shaken off yet. If it’s those MI6 bunch then there are also some in Japan.”

“You serious?”

“Coincidentally CIA and KGB, the Inquisition agents of the <Holy Path Church>, on top of that the military satellites that float in the sky are also observing you. Of course weJapan too.”

“Just how much are you guys engrossed in me.”

“It can’t be helped. After all, you are a human that truly merited all that.”

Homura heaved a deep sigh in resignation.

A human that merited all that.

It was a fact that even Homura himself was self-aware.

“However, …five years already. Thinking back again, since you were gone the time had already passed that long. That child has grown really big now.”

“Not having awareness of time is the proof of old age yeah.”

“Your lack of love is just as usual.”

“I didn’t happen to have any love on hand for a geezer as my company.”

After saying that bluntly, Homura corrected his seating posture a little.

And then he inquired Onjouji with a serious expression.

The question was of course, the reason why he was called here.

“Putting aside the useless talk, let’s move on to the main topic. What in the world is your reason for calling me here?”

“What I want to request from you is just as I said. I want you to enroll into this academy and look after the 101st platoon. The document of the members’ details should have reached your place too―”

“Stop the joke.”

Homura scornfully laughed from Onjouji’s answer.

“Even I know just how risky it is politically to make contact with me. You are also not someone that is going to brave that kind of risk just for something like having me protect some trainee. Entering the 101st is just the front. The real reason is something else. Isn’t that right?”

“Actually that’s a correct assessment.”

“Then talk quickly. What is happening? What kind of trouble are you going to make me shoulder that you called me here?”

But, Onjouji slowly shook his head left and right in rejection towards Homura’s hurrying.

“I can’t say it right now.”


“It’s not my role to talk about this. In the near future the story will come from the person who should actually talk about this.”

“So you are just the go-between, and the one that called me is another person then?”

“It’s like that.”

“Who is the person?”

“I can’t say it right now.”

Onjouji repeated the same sentence once more and lowered his eyes.

Homura who knew him from a long time ago understood.

It was impossible to drag out the circumstance from Onjouji with his attitude like this.

“Chih-. I got it already. I’m not gonna ask. But the talk is really going to happen in the near future right?”

“I’ll promise that.”

“…Then, maybe I should waste my time strolling around for awhile in the hometown that I hadn’t seen for five years.”

“Wait. That’s going to become trouble.”


“You laughed at the front that I prepared but, I really wished for you to seriously train the 101st. I want you to do me the favor of looking after those girls for this one year until their graduation.”

But Homura amazedly shook his head hearing those words of Onjouji.

“That’s a joke ain’t it. Just why I gotta look after some trainee this late…”

In a certain meaning it was a natural reaction.

Homura was a magician that possessed power to the degree of saving the world once.

The person who pushed around the <Evil God> and even mastered all the existing thousand sorcery, the <Wisdom of ThousandMaster Therion>.

For that kind of person to mingle with trainee magicians and did [practice make-believe], that was really something ridiculous.

But, Onjouji just threw a single sentence towards that unamused Homura.

“This is something that none other but you yourself said. [Take responsibility] you said.”

Hearing those words, Homura’s eyebrow moved a little.

“You have the duty to take responsibility and watch over the [girl]’s future. Am I wrong?”

“……You still remember an old story like that huh.”

“Even if memories grow dull, but a promise won’t fade. You too should be the same. That’s why even with <The Knight Order Without Borders> dissolved, you still continue to fight alone like this.”


Homura reclined his body even deeper into the sofa and gave a long sigh.

What a really old story.

It was a happening far older than even Homura being bathed in the world’s attention as the <Evil God User>.

It was a really really old promise, that even the person he made that promise to had gone already, just a single promise…

But, just as Onjouji said, no matter how old it was and even with the person he made that promise to gone already, that promise still existed, inside Homura.

That’s why―

“…I’ve never gone to school or anything before so I don’t know what I gotta do y’know?”

“I don’t plan to tell you to be some kind of teacher. Just become support as one of the platoon members of the 101st, that’s all. The platoon has difficulties communicating with the surroundings and it didn’t produce good results, so it is ridiculed as the [baggage platoon], but the girls of the 101st have a bright future. Someday they will become a support to this world for sure.”

Homura didn’t show any signs of affirmation or denial hearing those words of Onjouji.

But in regards to the responsibility that he shouldered, Homura gave his answer back properly.

“…Got it already. It’s also not bad to just laze around at the place where the light shines after a long time.”

“I owe you.”

At that time, the door of the board chairman’s room opened quietly.

Feeling a nostalgic scent from the slight wind that flowed into the room, Homura directed his gaze towards the entrance.

Over there was a tall girl standing with a stance so beautiful that it made one wonder whether there was a wire going through that straight back.

Captivating black hair that grew out until her hips.

Her face that didn’t hide her intelligence really suited her adult looks.

And then Homura knew the face of that girl.

The last time he saw her face was five years ago, but he didn’t overlook the vestiges of the past in her face now.

“…Yo. You have become an adult, Shiori.”

The girl’s name was Onjouji Shiori.

The <operator> of the 101st platoon.

She was also the daughter of Onjouji Kai, and she also knew of Homura, an old acquaintance of his.

Part 4[edit]

After Shiori glanced at Homura, who was talking to her with unconcerned eyes, she returned some words back with a voice that had little intonation similar to her father.

“You flatter me. You too have become a really handsome man haven’t you?”

“Hah-. Stop it with the flattery.”

“Even after five years you are still ugly as usual aren’t you?”

“So it was really just a flattery…”

“Well, but it really has been so long. You look healthy that it made me feel sick.”

While spouting poisonous words like that, Shiori briskly approached near until the table between Homura and Onjouji.

And then she was going to sit besides Onjouji, however she soon seemed like rethinking back and moved her legs towards Homura’s direction.


She took a seat besides Homura. And then after taking a single breath, she plopped her head leaning on Homura’s shoulder.

A floral scent of shampoo gently tickled Homura’s nose.

Ultimate Antihero V1 c12.png

“What? So even though you abused me with hateful words, but the truth is you actually loved me?”

While saying so Homura circled his hand on Shiori’s shoulder.

But that hand was *pachin!* struck down.

That hit was also done without holding back, he felt the numbness until his bone.

“…What. Shiori, you didn’t love me?”

“Such thing is even more impossible than the sun rising from the west.”

(It’s on cataclysmic level you said…!)

“Then why are you clinging this close to me?” f “Because I like your scent.”

“Even if you praise my body odor, I’m troubled how to reply to that.”

Homura twisted his body uncomfortably, but Shiori didn’t pay it any mind and brought her cheek closer to Homura’s shoulder.

Onjouji asked a question towards that daughter.

“Shiori. Why did you come here? I should have told you to wait at the platoon room of the 101st.”

“It can’t be helped don’t you think? Leader and Nakajima-kun are quarreling in the platoon room so annoyingly.”

Homura picked out the name Nakajima from the 101st’s data that he had a read of before this.

It was the name of the only male in 101st, the male that today abandoned Chikori alone and ran away.

“Well, as a leader surely she is going to complain of something like that.”

Because of that one’s action, Sumika almost died, so it was only natural to complain.

“There is also that but, it’s also because Nakajima-kun suddenly said that he is going to get out from the platoon. …He said that he already got the permission from Otou-san, but I wonder if that’s true?” [2]

“It’s true. He was headhunted by a different platoon and moved into the 67th trainee platoon. In exchange there is a plan to enter Homura as the replacement, but… Although they are still trainees, but a talk about fellow magicians quarreling with each other is not really good. Homura. My bad but take a look at the situation. No matter what you also have to show your face officially to them after all. You should take this opportunity while you’re at it.”

“…geez, I get it.”

Homura replied and stood up.

He was not enthusiastic to stick out his neck into other people’s quarrel, but it had been decided already that he was going to look after the 101st. It was looking for trouble but, Homura was not an obstinate person that was going to look for every single trivial reason just for an excuse not to do what he had decided to do already.

“Shiori. Show me the way to the 101st’s waiting room. You know the way right?”

“It can’t be helped.”

When he asked her, Shiori stood up without even showing him any reluctant attitude.

And then she exited the board chairman’s room together with Homura.

“This way.”

Saying that, Shiori took Homura’s arm as if embracing it.

“Are you a ghost that resides inside my hand or something?”

“I like this hand you know. After all, this is the first scent that I know that makes me feel safe.”

“…Oh yeah?”

“What? You don’t like it?”

“No. This makes us a picture of a handsome man and a beautiful girl couple, ain’t that great?”

While making that kind of frivolous talk Homura matched his pace with Shiori’s steps and walked for a while.

Homura asked her something that weighed on his mind.

“Speaking of it, before I came here I took a look at the 101st’s data, but you are [Rank D] it said? Your results are also full of red marks all over the paper, you really are making light of this. Is there any reason that you don’t want to get serious?”

The strength of a magician was assessed in 6 levels from S to E, but among those ranks, rank D was quite a poor student. One could agree even if a magician of that rank was entered into the <baggage platoon>.

But Homura knew about Shiori’s true power.

The girl’s power was not something to be sorted into a degree of rank D. That was why he was feeling doubtful.

In response, Shiori gave a curt answer.

“I don’t have any interest in going along with children playing soldier.”

“Are you at the age that thinks getting worked up in a marathon and trying to win is uncool?”

“Isn’t it fine? Even if my results are bad, it’s not like I troubled anyone. Besides I did the minimum duty in my work as an Operator that no one can be dissatisfied with. There is no reason for anyone to complain to me.”

“What a girl that is not cute at all.”

“I’m happy to hear that from you.”

―Was that the way of talking of someone that was hugging his arm?

(In the past she was a girl that was a little bit easier to understand though.)

‘She is really rebellious now’, Homura heaved a deep sigh inside his mind.

Against that Homura,

“Now that you mentioned it, I too have one thing that I want to ask you.”

This time the question came from Shiori.

“Hey Homura. Why did you come to Japan after all this time?”

“No idea. Ask your father. And then after that teach me why.”

“…So you really returned here without knowing anything. Otou-san being your superior is already something from a long time ago right? Even though the <Knight Order Without Borders> has already been dissolved a long time ago, why are you still following his orders? Are you gay?”

Absolutely not.

“That’s because he is a man that can be trusted in a bad meaning. Ain’t like I can even ignore him. …Rather, why are you that concerned? This doesn’t have any relation to Shiori right?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s just, makes me concerned.”

Just then, *ton*, Shiori lightly pushed Homura’s arm and separated their body.

And then, with blaming eyes she burned a clear fire of hatred―and said.

“A good-for-nothing that threw away his various promises and ran away, just what is he doing returning back here after all this time.”

“…That’s mighty harsh how you say it.”

Homura shrugged his shoulders from Shiori’s hostile gaze.

(Well, it’s only obvious that she is angry.)

Five years ago, he got out from Japan without saying anything to Shiori.

That was the conclusion Homura reached from thinking about Shiori in his own way, but Shiori being angry like this was also only natural.

Because Homura also thought so, he couldn’t even give an excuse or gloss over the matter in regards to the girl’s blaming gaze.

Thereupon, as if Shiori had no interest in Homura that was like that, she returned her gaze to the front and resumed leading the way.

Their arms were already separated, now Shiori was walking briskly with a fast pace.

After a while,

{Your whining is annoying! It’s my own business no matter which platoon I want to move to!}

{What’s with your attitude-!!}

From the other side of the path corner, the angry voices of a male and female could be heard.

There was no mistake.

At the other side was the platoon room of the 101st.

“Hey. It’s annoying right?”

“Well, certainly, it makes me want to just get away too…”

“I don’t want to enter inside that anymore, so I’m going back first to the dormitory.”

“Right. Thanks for the guide.”

Shiori lightly waved her hand after telling him her farewell, and Homura advanced towards the corner alone.

Passing through the corner, there was a door there attached with a plate numbering 101.

The quarreling voices reverberated out from inside the door.

Part 5[edit]

{I’m already free from this platoon.}

With that sentence as the beginning, the confrontation between Sumika and Nakajima was not something peaceful from the start. But finally after getting this far, a dangerous air as if they would be going at each other soon began to drift off.

Unable to bear it, Ichinotani Chikori who at first remained a spectator stepped forward in between the two.

“Le, Leader and also Nakajima-kun, let’s calm down a little? Okay?”

“There is no way I can calm down! I and also Chikori-san, if we weren’t saved by that person we might have really died back there!”

That was why Chikori’s attempt was futile.

Sumika had already been completely fired up.

While her golden hair stood on end from rage, Sumika pushed back Chikori and drew closer to Nakajima.

“Nakajima-san! Are you thinking about just how much danger we encountered because you ran away on your own!? Although it ended well because of Homura-san’s assistance, but if Homura-san didn’t come just what was going to happen to us! Yet despite so you didn’t even apologize and in addition even quit the platoon, isn’t there a limit to just how rude one can be!?”

“I don’t care! You two almost died only because both of you are greenhorns! Don’t make it my fault!”

But Nakajima was also similarly fired up.

He yelled angrily with a voice so loud that spit flew at Sumika’s face.

“Are you planning to shift the blame!?”

“In the first place it’s fine even if we ignored the scramble! If we did that the National Defense Magicians would take care of it, yet you, Hoshikawa, accepted the mission on your own so…! Everything is your fault!”

“The trainee platoon is also a member of National Defense Magician! We have a responsibility to respond to the scramble!”

“Hah-! You're acting like a good kid as usual aren’t you―! As expected from the S-rank magician-sama. But ignoring the scramble is done by all trainee platoons! Everyone cuts corners in this. After all by raising achievements in repelling demons, you will only pointlessly stand out and just get placed on the front line in the future, not taking the scramble is just obvious!”

“Wha-, are you seriously saying that!? Humans that can handle sorcery are still few in number. If we who are just that few in number don’t do this seriously then just what’s going to happen! What’s going to happen if we cannot protect everyone!”

“Like I care! Besides why do I have to bet my life for other people’s sake, just because I happen to be able to handle magic power and got conscripted! If you want to become a superman that much then just do it yourself! Who wants to go along with you!”

When he returned a sharp parting remark like that, Nakajima now couldn’t turn back anymore.

Pushing open the door with force as if to break it, he exited outside while his shoulders were heaving in rage.

After Nakajima left, Sumika dropped her waist on the pipe chair in the platoon room and blew out her breath.

“Really, what a low awareness……!”

That disappointment was not directed at just Nakajima alone.

Not limited only to him, the majority of people in this academy had low motivation.

Well, it was not something so unjustifiable.

Even though humans that could manipulate magic power were already few even in the best of times, the number of magicians was greatly decreased from the war with <Demon King Typhon>.

That was why people who possessed even the slightest bit of aptitude were forcefully enrolled into the magician training academy.

And then from the shortage of human personnel, there were a lot of cases where <Soldier class> demon’s exterminations like this time were handed over to the students in the trainee platoon.

It couldn’t be helped, because of the fact that the demons couldn’t be killed except by an attack that was using magic power.

However, to tell children to be understanding about such a problem of society was unreasonable.

Just why do they have to do something this dangerous?

It was not like Sumika couldn’t understand that feeling.

(However, even if one can understand one may not accept it.)

She understood that it was scary. Even she was scared of the exchange of life. Even today she had just almost died.

But, right now the only ones who could oppose the demons were them.

And so, why couldn’t everyone become serious about this, no matter what it made her really irritated.

In this area…Sumika was also still immature.

As a result, Sumika who had a high awareness as a magician felt uncertain somehow.

Too serious. Gloomy. What are you doing acting like a good child? She was ridiculed like that, estranged, while she was a possessor of the greatest fighting strength that was S-rank Magician where there were only ten people in the world, she was washed away to the 101st platoon that was scorned as [baggage platoon]. She was stuck with taking care of poor students that couldn’t be accepted anywhere else.

Even so Sumika didn’t rot, in order to make her platoon able to fight somehow even with all the difficulties, she was always wracking her brains over and gave out instructions, but she had never been rewarded even once.

Even though she had given her best, the existence of the humans by her side made all of her effort for nothing.

No matter how much she did her very best, the result was always always tilting in a bad direction.

And today the end result was she was almost killed by something like an orc.

Her that if she was alone she could kill something like an orc instantly.


Sumika released a big sigh and covered her head with both her hands.

Will that couldn’t be understood. Her useless teammates.

The anxiety of Sumika’s heart reached the peak.

And then the petite girl with loose and disheveled hair that was pushed back just now, Ichinotani Chikori called out reservedly to Sumika who was like that.

“Leader, cheer up. Leader didn’t do anything bad you know…?”

Those words of Chikori were her consideration towards the totally exhausted Sumika right from her heart.

But, …Chikori was also a factor of that exhaustion.

Looking from Sumika’s position, Chikori also had the same fault like Nakajima.

That was why Chikori’s words of encouragement snapped apart the frayed mind of Sumika.

“That’s just obviousssss-!!!!”


“Chikori-san. Even you are not unrelated to this problem. Even though I told you to stop, yet you rushed off on your own! In the end you were taken hostage! Do you not have self-awareness, do you know just how much trouble you caused me because of your rash action!?”

“Bu, but, that time the orc was heading to the town area…”

“Then what you should have done was to circle ahead to the town and evacuate the citizens! Just why do you think I had you and Nakajima-kun form a group!? That’s because the two of you cannot win against an orc alone! I have told you that thoroughly in the briefing! I told you to absolutely not fight if one of you is not there! Despite that just why did you commit something so foolish like entering battle by yourself-!”

“A, auu”

Being pierced through by eyes that were carrying burning rage, Chikori’s face paled and her expression was going to cry.

However Sumika didn’t stop. Chikori’s words from before made her lose all self-control of her emotion, all the various resentment that had been piling up since she enrolled into New Tokyo Sorcery Academy turned into an overflowing muddy stream that even Sumika herself couldn’t control.

“I’ve…-! Even though I’ve been thinking very hard for strategies that could be accomplished even with little magic power, just why can’t you move exactly like I said!? Chikori-san and Nakajima-kun too, and also Shiori-san that always just do the bare minimum of her work even though she is actually an excellent magician! Everyone, everyone is always doing just whatever they please-! You all cannot be useful satisfactorily, so at least please just listen to what I saiddd-!!”



Instantly, Sumika thought ‘now I’ve done it’, that was what her expression looked like.

Just now she had said really too much.

Looking at Chikori’s expression that had been completely stabbed by her words, made Sumika aware of that.

(Even though I’m the one, that knows best just how much Chikori-san has worked hard…)

“E, err, Chikori-san. Just now is…”

Trying to apologize for her own slip of the tongue, Sumika spun her words. But at that time,

“Aa― my ears hurt. Just why a girl’s yelling face can reverberate this much in the eardrum I wonder.”

The door of the platoon room opened, and a single male entered the room.

It was the one who saved the life of Sumika and Chikori just before, the <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura.

Part 6[edit]

(Aa― aa―, I really done it huh.)

In front of the two who was wearing their <Magi’s Jacket> in <Uniform ShapeStandby Mode>, Homura was making a bitter expression inside his heart.

What he regretted was the him who took upon himself to cut in at the timing that stopped Sumika’s apologize.

(Even though the matter will be settled for the time being if I just let her apologize. Just why did you come out, me.)

His intervention was done mostly unconsciously.

Homura was straining his ear and listening attentively at the conversation from outside, but when he sensed that Sumika was going to apologize about how she said too much to Chikori, he showed himself completely.

That was because for Sumika to apologize at Chikori here, was the thing that mustn’t be done the most.

It was a poor move that would bring nothing but harm for both Sumika and also Chikori.

The apology might even liable to destroy this team.

―Actually, that kind of thing shouldn’t have really related to Homura but,

(No matter what it ain’t good. I just can’t bring myself to leave something like this alone.)

If there was something in front of his eyes that was [going to break], he would unconsciously reached out his hand.

That was also Homura’s nature.

(…Well, fine. I interfered already so I gotta take responsibility.)

Appointing such responsibility to himself, Homura called out to the two that was inside the room.

“Both of you, you two look comparatively energetic for someone that almost died huh. That’s a relief.”

“Ho, Homura-san-!”

When she knew that the man who entered the room was Homura, Sumika’s expression that was dyed with anger until now turned brilliant.

The girl happily rushed toward Homura and bowed her head deeply.

“You are Kamishiro Homura-san aren’t you! Truly thank you very much for helping us from the danger before this! As the representative of 101st, I express you our gratitude!”

“You really give an extremely courteous greeting huh. Even toward the <Evil God User> that is even called the [traitor].”

“Evil god or whatever, what mistake there is in using a power that you can use in order to protect. Even if the power that you use is even more evil than the devil itself, you are a hero who stand in the dangerous foremost line more than anyone and saved lives more numerous than anyone, not an evil existence.”

It was the duty of those with power to protect those without power.

For Sumika who remonstrated herself like that, Homura who exterminated the <Demon King Typhon> was an existence she aspired for.

That was why, the girl didn’t care at all about the label that the influential people stuck to Homura.

She stared straight at Homura and sent him a gaze of respect and gratitude.

“E, excuse me-! Please let me say my thanks too! To save me from the danger, and for even going as far as healing my injury, really, thank you very much-!”

Continuing after Sumika, Ichinotani Chikori was also lowering her head to Homura while her little ponytail shook.

He couldn’t feel respect as much as Sumika from the girl’s voice and gaze, but it was obvious that there was no fear in those.

Looking at that situation, Homura finally comprehended.

Certainly, it was just like Onjouji said, the sense of these two as magician was not bad.

While it was only natural for Sumika who was already an S-rank magician, this Ichinotani Chikori was also a girl who was able to believe the thing that she had seen herself.

Not carried away by rumor, believing on what she had seen herself, believing on the knowledge that she had obtained.

In a certain meaning it was even the most important resource for a magician.

Just from that exchange Homura had managed to take in these two’s aptitude.

“Well, it’s all fine. It’s not even too much trouble for me. Besides I said it right, I got a little reason that I got entered into 101st. In other words from now on we are comrade.”

Talking to the two with a kind tone,

“Helping a useless leader that has no ability at all save yelling around, is also the duty of a comrade.”

That voice tone, suddenly turned into something cold.


It was words that suddenly struck and stabbed Sumika.

Sumika’s expression froze from those words.

(…I am, useless?)

Cold scorn from the person she was harboring aspiration to.

But Homura left alone the dumbfounded Sumika, he passed through in front of the girl and,

“Ichinotani Chikori, right? You too have it hard huh. Getting used by this greenhorn and almost died. You have my sympathy. Really, it’s great that your wound was not something big. But you can be relieved. From tomorrow I’ll be the leader of 101st. Just as you know, I’m a magician that can even use evil god, that’s why those demons are just like fart for me. If you work under me you ain’t gonna meet almost death experience for the second time.”

Homura gave a friendly smile while clapping Chikori’s shoulder repeatedly.

“Eh, a…, eh.”

However Chikori was also confused from that.

Just how should she act in this scene that would be good, her expression showed that she hadn’t the slightest idea.

But, faster than that confused Chikori,

“Please wait.”

Sumika pierced Homura’s nape with a sharp voice.

Right now the envy in Sumika’s eyes was gone, replaced with a glaring hostility.

It was understandable. Sumika believed that she had continued until this far with her very best effort in her own way.

For her to be ridiculed by someone who just arrived today that didn’t know anything saying whatever he pleased, there was no way she could endure that.

“Certainly Kamishiro-san is far stronger than someone like me. I even think that it’s fine to say that there is no magician exists above this earth that can match you. That’s why perhaps it’s the correct decision for you to become the leader. But, …I cannot accept to be told as useless.”

“You really talk big for someone that almost death just from something like orc.”

“Wr, wrong! You are wrong you know, Evil God User-san! That’s because of my fault! It’s my bad because I didn’t listen to leader’s warning, leader didn’t do anything wrong at all-!”

However Homura shook his head saying “No” to Chikori’s objection and add to his denial.

“It ain’t wrong. In the first place, her inability to draw out Ichinotani’s power except of something to the degree of getting beaten by orc, is the proof of her incompetence. Yet despite so, to brand Ichinotani as useless is just shelving her fault. Let me say this, if I become Ichinotani’s master then at tomorrow morning, ―Hoshikawa Sumika, she can become even stronger than you.”


“Eh, eeeee!?”

Chikori screamed from the too sudden words.

On the other hand Sumika was making a doubtful expression that seemed to say [Just what in the world this guy is talking about], while scrutinizing Homura.

“<Evil God User>-san really doesn’t have a sense of humour doesn't he?”

“If you say you cannot believe that let’s try it out for real. Tomorrow is also just right because it’s Sunday and there is no class. Do a mock battle between you and Ichinotani the first thing in the morning. I’m going to show you I can make Ichinotani win against you in that mock battle.”

“Wha, tha, that kind of thing is obviously impossible-!”

Chikori who was dragged into a duel without her say so raised a protesting voice, but Homura didn’t lend his ear to that at all.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t get that nervous. This kind of girl, she won’t even reach your pinky after all.”

“…Do you know about the grades of me and Chikori-san?”

“You are an S-rank magician and the number 1 of your year. While Ichinotani is in the academy’s lowest place with E-rank…the lowest rank. I have seen your data before so I know already. Obtaining the title S-rank magician when you are still a student, well that’s quite something. But looking from <myEvil God User> position, the rating of those like <youHeroic Spirit User> is just like comparing heights of bunch of acorn.”


Sumika’s eyebrow twitched from those words.

At any rate <Heroic Spirit User> could only contract with human soul, in contrast this man exchanged contract with god itself. The scale of strength was different.

But, even so Sumika until now had continued to struggle to death doing her best until now in order to distinguish herself from among those acorns.

She strived in her study of sorcery sacrificing her youth, she exposed her life to danger and overcame battles against demon.

In the end of all that what she obtained in her hand was her own power, the title as S-rank magician.

For that, to be told that it was only something to the degree that could be overtaken by the academy’s weakest Chikori in just one night, it was not something that could be endured. That was why,

“…Fine then. That match, I’ll accept it.”


With eyes that conceived a strong anger, Sumika accepted the fight that Homura brought to her.

“The match will be tomorrow morning. Can you get Chikori-san to become stronger than even me until then?”

“It’s a piece of cake.”

“But, if Chikori-san lost to me, please withdraw your calling me as incompetent.”

“Of course. I’ll also bow my head. Not just that. I’ll also entrust being the leader to you for a long time, and I’m going to become a loyal underling for you that follow your order no matter what it is.”

“…That’s extremely generous isn’t it?”

“After all there ain’t no way I’m gonna lose.”

“I’ll make you regret it. That self-conceit.”

“Just who do you think I am. Even if I get self-conceit, but just against a mere magician as an opponent, I still got a lot of leeway left.”

“……Is that so? Then, let’s meet tomorrow.”

Glancing in annoyance at Homura whose composed attitude persistently didn’t break, Sumika left from the platoon room.

Part 7[edit]

After Sumika exited the room, there were only Homura and Chikori left inside the room.

For a while Chikori was dumbfounded from the fact that a duel between her and Sumika had been decided, but when she came to her senses she protested to Homura as if snarling.

“Wh, what kind of promise that you decided by yourself!? Th, this is troubling for me you know-!”

“This is the chance to clear your reputation right? If you win against Hoshikawa, then you won’t be called useless for the second time anymore.”

“That might be so but, for me to win against leader, there is no way that’s possible…. In the first place leader didn’t do anything bad at all! Today too she tried to help me who violated the order, she was always supervising the training of the weak me! Yet…even though you don’t know anything, don’t you badmouth leader-!”

Chikori moved her small body in a large way and expressed the strength of her anger.

That anger was not about the duel that had been decided without her say-so, but an anger toward the fact that Homura criticized Sumika without knowing about her dedication.

Sumika was accomplishing her duty as the leader of a trainee platoon far surpassing the standard that had been demanded from her.

Chikori knew about that.

And also about how she and the other was dragging down the legs of such Sumika.

That was why, she couldn’t bear it for Homura to unreasonably hurt Sumika with his words.

(I’ve to quickly apologize to leader……!)

She had to quickly restore the unfairly wounded honor of Sumika.

Surely right now she was deeply wounded.

Thinking so, Chikori brushed aside Homura and reached out her hand to the doorknob in order to chase after Sumika.

Homura’s voice reached that back.

“Where do you plan to go?”

“That’s obvious! I’m going to apologize to leader!”

“Even though I’ve said that I’m gonna make you stronger than that girl from now on? What are you gonna do about the mock battle tomorrow?”

“Something like that has nothing to do with me! Rather than that, I’ve to apologize to leader quickly. If it’s now perhaps she will forgive me―”

“After apologizing and getting forgiven, you are going to keep being a hindrance to her for your whole life?”


Instantly, from Homura’s words that was quiet as if being whispered, yet possessing a sharpness that pierced her heart from the back, Chikori’s whole body froze.

“Just what are you getting surprised from? You apologize. Hoshikawa forgives you. I become the bad guy. With that everything is buried. That’s the gist of it right. That’s what are you going to do right now.”

“That, is……”

“It’s just the idea of putting on hold everything by leaving behind the real problem and preserves the surface of your human relationship. Not just you Ichinotani. That girl Hoshikawa too. Before I came out, that girl was trying to apologize to you for saying too much. But, that was the wrong action. No matter how much you try to maintain the surface of your relationship, the left behind pestering wound will surely coming to a head someday. And that’s also gonna happen in a scene that’s even more fatal than today. That’s why I cut in there.”

Correct. Even Homura understood perfectly that Sumika didn’t have any wrong.

No rather, he evaluated Sumika as an excellent magician that was too much for the level of a student, a competent leader.

But, there was only one, one thing that Sumika fatally mistaken as the way to resolve this problem.

That was exactly why, Homura created this situation where he made Sumika to duel Chikori without apologizing.

There was only one way to resolve the problem of these two, there was no other way than for Chikori to become strong.

Therefore Homura asked Chikori.

“Ichinotani, do you think you are fine staying like you are now?”

Against that question, the shoulder of Chikori who was grasping the doorknob shook.

―Just who in the world can think that it’s okay to stay like this.


“……It’s obvious that even me think it’s not okay.”

The answering voice was filled with painful emotion.

That’s right, she too thought that she couldn’t stay like this. She never thought even for an instant that it was okay.

That was why, she did all the training that she could come up with.

Almost the whole time of her day was devoted for training her magic power.

“But, it didn’t do me a single good at all! Even though everyone else rapidly get stronger doing the same training, just me, rather than getting stronger I rapidly getting weaker instead!”

When she first enrolled into New Tokyo Sorcery Academy she wasn’t like this.

But, about three months after enrolling, suddenly her magic power became unable to grow.

No, it was not just that. No matter how desperate the effort that she did, even when she piled up effective training that Sumika thought really hard for her sake, day by day Chikori became unable to knead her magic power well, and right now she had completely weakened until she became unable to even mostly use her contracted Heroic Spirit’s <Hero Skill>.

Just why did this happen.

The answer that came out from the instructor she consulted with was, ―this was the [limit of her talent].

The limit of her capacity as magician. That was why the instructor said that she couldn’t hope for more than this.


“Then it can’t be helped.”

She didn’t think that it was fine for her to stay like this.

But if she was told that she couldn’t hope for more than this―

“Isn’t there nothing I can do, except doing my hardest at what I can do right now.”

That was why Chikori did just that until now.

She trained for dozens of times longer than other people, trying to at the very least slow down the declining of her magic power.

Like that she did the only thing she could do until now.

That was why, being asked [is it fine to stay like this] this late just made her irritated.

“…There is nothing else to be said more than this.”

Saying that, this time for sure Chikori was going to get out of the room. But,

“It’s a mistake that this is the limit of your talent. What happen to you, ―is just a sickness.”


The girl’s leg stopped from the unforeseen word.

Part 8[edit]

The door was still opened, but Chikori’s leg was stopped, Homura talked toward that Chikori.

He noticed when he healed her wound, the truth that was happening in her body.

“It’s a rare illness that there is still even less than ten people in the world that ever got it. It’s called Apple Seed(AS) syndrome. An illness that occur only in magician. From the medical examination I did when I healed you before, there is no mistake about this.”

“……Sick, ness…?”

“Yeah, the magician that is afflicted with this illness has their magic power conduit vein that create magic power and circulate it to the whole body degenerating really fast, just in a few months the ill person will completely become unable to use sorcery and become a normal human. That’s why no matter how hard the current you work hard, it’s obvious that all of that is pointless. After all, even the new magic power conduit vein created from the magic power training that you piled up is degenerating from the start right when it was created.”

“Bu, but, the teacher didn’t say even a single word about illness…..!”

“That’s because that guy is just ignorance. And then…I can heal your illness.”


“Apple Seed syndrome is an illness that degenerate your magic power conduit vein and blocked them. That’s why, it’s going to be fine if magic power is poured from outside and the veins are forcibly opened. Although doing something like pushing open other people’s conduit vein with your own magic power, is something like sticking through a sharply pointed wire through a brittle blood vessel. Even though the way to cure it is understood, it’s not something possibly doable in practice. But…if it’s me then it’s doable.”

“Th, that’s, is that, true!?”

“Of course. After all though the image of <Evil God User> tend to sound wild, but in practice that title meant a sorcery expert in the level that can control freely even [god].”

In this world there was no sorcery existed that Homura didn’t know, sorcery that he couldn’t perform also didn’t exist at all.

Whether it was offense, or even in defense, or even in healing―

Because Homura was perfect in everything, that he was able to employ even god.

“And then Apple Seed is similar like an epidemic parotitis, someone who has overcame it once won’t get it anymore for the second time. That’s why if you receive my teaching and duel against Hoshikawa tomorrow, that’s the proof that you are completely healed. Based on that I’m gonna ask one more time. ……You, are you fine staying weak?”


Homura’s question that was repeated once more.

Chikori couldn’t return any word to that, she grew quiet and hung her head down.

The girl was lost. Was Homura’s words the truth? Was if fine for her to believe him?

Thereupon, Homura created an escape path for such Chikori.

“Well, I’m not gonna force you. If right now you want to chase Hoshikawa and get back to being friend like before then that’s okay. Not like I’m gonna blame you. In the first place since I entered 101st already, there is not going any dead that will come out just from taking one or two extra baggage.”

It was fine even if she stayed weak. Homura said that he would allow the weak Chikori.

Saying honestly, this was also words that came out from Homura’s true feeling.

Until now, people who met sorrow or died because they were blessed with talent in sorcery, Homura had seen a lot of them.

It was better to not have any talent in sorcery. That was Homura’s conclusion in regard of sorcery.

That was why he was not forcing her. He also wouldn’t hurry her.

Until the end it was Chikori herself that chose. Saying those words from his mouth as the last, he now waited for Chikori’s reply.

And then, after a little long silence―Chikori opened her mouth.

“……Leader, is really kind. Since the second year, she tried her hardest to make strong this me that couldn’t do well any sorcery at all. …Everyone abandoned me and treated me like unneeded child, yet among them only leader believed in me. I can continue being a magician until today is thanks to leader. That’s why…leader, is a really important friend for me.”

“Is that so.”

“However, exactly because of that I don’t want to become Sumika-chan’s friend, I want to become her comrade in arms!”

Chikori closed hard the door that she opened in order to chase after Sumika.

That was Chikori’s answer.

Just now, when Homura proposed to her an escape path that it was fine even if she was not healed, a future flashed inside Chikori’s mind.

Besides Homura and Sumika who betted their life fighting demon, not doing anything, looking up from afar at a safe place at those two, the figure of herself.

(…Something like that, I don’t want it!)

She liked being useful to someone since a long time ago.

She liked seeing someone’s happy face.

That was why, Chikori had always admired hero that protected those smiling face, she came to this New Tokyo Sorcery Academy trying to become that kind of hero.

Perhaps her illness would be cured.

That hope resurrected the passion of that time inside Chikori’s heart.

That’s right. If she didn’t do anything staying like this, she would not be a magician any longer sooner or later anyway.

She would leave this academy, with her important friend that believed in her, continued to believe in her until now stayed disappointed in her.

That was, completely running away.

Then, if there was hope even if just a little, she was going to bet on it.

For the sake of Sumika who accompanied someone like her until now.

And then, above all for the sake of her own dream.

“Evil God User-san. Please make me strong!”

There was no more color of hesitation in Chikori’s eyes.

Then, asking repeatedly more than this was just boorish, it was something that Homura also understood.

“Just leave it to me.”

Therefore Homura gave his firm promise toward the girl’s resolve.

That he would grant the girl’s wish.

And then for that sake, he slowly approached Chikori, and grabbed the delicate shoulders of the girl.


Her body stiffened from the sudden happening, Chikori tried to take a few steps back from Homura.

But Homura was,

“It’s okay. Believe me.”

Ultimate Antihero V1 c13.png

Gently, Homura stared at the girl’s eyes and whispered.

Chikori was agitated from the distance that suddenly became close, her eyes anxiously shook―


The strength of her body immediately relaxed.

The eyes of Homura that stared at her.

Affection was overflowing from there.

To the degree that it surprised her, if human could really be this earnest and sincere toward other people.

That was exactly why, it was something that was worthy to believe.

Chikori closed her eyes and entrusted her body to Homura even while her cheeks reddened.

“Good kid.”

Homura whispered that to Chikori who entrusted her body to him and stroke her cheek with the hand that was on her shoulder.

And then keeping like that he lifted the front hair on her forehead, and kissed the forehead like a gentle touch.

At the same time from his lips through her skin, his magic power flowed into the conduit vein of Chikori.

“…a, -!”

―Instantly, sky colored magic power overflowed from Chikori’s whole body.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. This girl Sumika is always talking in polite language. Even against this demon.
  2. Otou-san = father
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