Ultimate Antihero:Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The last day of <Walpurgis Night> where everything above the earth was wrapped in flames.

Sumika was alone, standing on a pier that stuck out to the sea.

And then she looked straight ahead.

Calmly flying through the burned sky acting as if it owned the place, the seven headed giant dragon that came from the other side of the horizon―the figure of <Demon King Typhon>.

{What are you doing in this kind of place?}

At that time, a voice suddenly came from behind.

When Sumika turned back towards the voice, a young boy around the same age as her was standing there.

{Who are you?}

{Just a passer by.}

A young boy that answered curtly.

The first impression that Sumika got from that boy was―a corpse.

Exhausted pale blue face.

His clothes were torn into rags, wounds were everywhere on his body.

It was mysterious how he was still alive from all of those.

But, the boy didn’t pay attention at all towards his own state and continued his words.

{There was also a notification to head to the shelter right? That [Japan Mainland is abandoned]. The allied forces and the knight order too had already escaped. If you don’t hurry with them you’re gonna be left behind.}

Hearing those words, Sumika shook her head left and right.

{If you are going to escape then please escape alone. I’m not running away.}

{Not running you say, then what are you gonna do?}

That was obvious.

{I’ll fight.}

{Haa!? You, just alone!?}

Sumika returned an astonished voice to the surprised boy.

{Do you see anyone else here?}

{Don’t say something so idiotic. Your opponent is a demon that didn’t get even a single wound even though the army of the whole world went at it all at once you know.}

Even the child Sumika knew about that much.

Yesterday, in other words the ninth night of <Walpurgis Night>.

The Human race came out facing a great battle.

The allied forces that concentrated the whole battle strength of each country and the mixed army of the <Knight Order Without Borders>.

With all that an all-out attack was launched on Typhon.

But it ended in failure.

In the end they couldn’t deal a single wound to Typhon and were annihilated within one hour.

This information was immediately notified to the shelters throughout the world and brought about a deep despair.

She knew.

After all, whether it was adults or children, soldier or magician, everyone was choked with tears from this merciless fate.

But, that was why Sumika thought.

{And then so what?}


{I understand just how much a threat that thing is. I understand so I will fight.}


{No matter where we run, we cannot escape from that. Because that demon king, just in ten days it thoroughly burned the world all over. It’s impossible to run or anything from that <Demon King>. You will understand just from thinking about it a little. We cannot survive even if we run. If we don’t fight, if we don’t defeat it, we will be killed eventually.}

That’s right. That was something obvious.

The earth was round. There was nowhere to run.

Then, what was it going to accomplish turning your back to the destruction.

It was no different than an indirect suicide.

―What are you going to do not fighting. What are you going to do giving up on living.

{We are alive. If so, just what are you doing to not fight in order to live-!}

They couldn’t survive if they didn’t fight.

They could protect nothing if they didn’t face the threat.

(Then―I’ll fight!)

There was magic power in her to some extent.

That was why she would resist.

She wouldn’t turn her back to the approaching destruction.

Because that was the pride of the living, the way how one ought to live.

―That was, truly an immature way of thinking.

Not even having power, not even having technique. What she had was just a single feeling.

What could she do just with her feeling.

There was nothing she could do. She could only die meaninglessly.


{……haha, hahahaha-}

Listening to those laughable words of a foolish child, that boy raised his voice and laughed.

He laughed truly, happily. There were even tears gathering at the corners of his eyes.

{What is it?}

Just what in the world was he being that happy for.

When Sumika asked that in wonder, the boy wiped his tears with the back of his hand before answering.

{…No, it’s nothing. It’s just, I’m happy. ……that among the people those guys protected, and then among the people that I decided I’m going to protect, there is a fine woman like you.}

It was an answer that Sumika couldn’t comprehend. And then the next moment,


  • BU* Black darkness was blowing out from the boy’s body.

It flickered like a flame, painting out the world. Sumika, who was hailed since she was little as a prodigy in sorcery, immediately understood just what it was.

This was―pure magic power.

It was excessively strong, excessively thick, therefore it lost its brightness. It was the light of the boy’s magic power that painted out the world.

A power to this degree, even a S-rank magician didn’t have it.

{You …who in the world}

‘What are you?’ She asked the boy in front of her eyes with a shocked expression.

But the boy didn’t answer that.

{You are correct. This world, is gonna survive whatever the circumstances may be.}

He made a little smile and flew.

Not even using Air Raid, his flesh and blood body gently floated in the air just like that.

{That’s why look at that in order to live. I’m going to protect you all.}

Saying that, he made his challenge.

Just by his lonesome. Against the Demon King that burned the world to ash―

―Hoshikawa Sumika stopped the shower that washed her body, she opened her eyelids slowly and returned from her deep reminiscence.

(…Even now the memory of that day is still really clear.)

It was burned at the back of her eyelids.

After that, the boy―Kamishiro Homura realized exactly the words that he had left behind to Sumika.

He showed how he protected the world, just by himself.

Sumika was the closest person who saw everything of that battle.

From beginning to end, she didn’t miss a single thing.

And then …she felt a yearning.

Towards that figure who personified her ideal, that way of living.

However, for that reason―

{Helping a useless leader that has no ability at all save yelling around, is also the duty of a comrade.}


Those words pierced her heart deeply.

Deeply, sharply.

Because she idolized that person, because she had done her best desperately, wanting to be like that person, for her everything to be denied by that person, Homura, right from the front was really frustrating that she couldn’t help it.

And then, because of that, Sumika’s heart was roused up.

…She had to make him look at her.

Yesterday the atmosphere suddenly turned dangerous, so she was unable to ask whether Homura remembered her.

That was why, she didn’t know whether Homura remembered her or not.

But, such a thing didn’t matter anymore. It was trivial.

Whether he remembered her or not, his recognition of her, had to be corrected before her feeling could settle down.

“…I’ll absolutely, win.”

Part 2[edit]

The enrollment of <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura, had became well-known to all the students the morning of the next day.

{O, oi, have you heard!? The talk that that <Evil God User> is enrolling into this academy!?}

{Incomprehensible. Why did that traitor become a student… Just what is the board chairman thinking.}

{Even though we already got the short straw just because we can use sorcery…! Will we get killed, if we irritate his feelings even just for a little?}

Scary. No way. I want to run.

Everywhere in the academy, the pale students raised their voices as if screaming.

It was not unreasonable. The other party was the unknown <Evil God User>.

A man that could blow away their life even easier than blowing away a candle light if he felt like it.

That kind of threat was moving around freely right beside them.

It was like being in the same cage as a lion.

They shuddered in fear. It was only a normal reaction.

People like Sumika and Chikori, that could perceive Homura’s existence with a positive feeling were the abnormal ones.

And then, a new information was brought to the students.

It was about what was going to happen after this, the story about Sumika and Chikori’s mock battle.

{The <Evil God User> is pleased with the lowest ranking of all year Ichinotani, he said that he is going to make her even stronger than Hoshikawa in one day.}

{Furthermore it seems that if she lost he is going to obediently become Hoshikawa’s subordinate.}

{Really!? But even if he is that <Evil God User>, making that Chikori-chan stronger than that Sumika-san in one day, that’s impossible…}

The information spread in the blink of an eye. Whispers were exchanged.

It was the opposite of the fear towards <Evil God User>, the manifestation of interest towards an existence that far transcended their own common sense.

Perhaps because of that.

At the training field the morning of that day, a great number of onlookers were rushing there even though they were not invited.

The ring for mock battle use installed at the training field―

No matter how wounded someone became inside the ring, if they went out from the ring even for just a step the wound would be all gone. Standing on top of the ring where a special magic barrier that made [reality] into [dream] and [dream] into [reality] was applied, Sumika who was waiting for the arrival of Homura and Chikori looked at the onlookers and sighed deeply.

(…Really. Even though usually they won’t even step into the training field as long as there was no class.)

She felt like a spectacle. Honestly it was not a good feeling.

(Well, though I don’t have the plan of chasing them away because of that.)

Suddenly, at that time there was a stir from the onlookers.

{<Evil God User> and Ichinotani came!}

{That’s the traitor of the human race that sold his soul to evil god…}

{Somehow… his appearance is normal. Rather, he might be a little cool.}

Ignoring those commotions, Sumika pierced Homura who appeared in the match place with a prickling tone.

“So you came without running away.”

But Homura wasn’t moved at all and returned ridiculing words.

“There ain’t any reason to run away after all.”

“Then as promised, were you able to make Chikori-san stronger than me in one night?”

“That’s going to be proved after this right?”

Saying that, Homura lightly clapped Chikori’s back and pushed out the girl to the front.

Towards Chikori, Sumika asked a question.

“…Chikori-san. Now that I think back, I still haven’t asked Chikori-san’s feelings about this. Does Chikori-san intend to fight me, just like this man said?”

This was a trouble that was started from the quarrel between Homura and Sumika.

Chikori was just dragged into it.

That was why before the fight, Sumika had to confirm this.

Sumika asked from that way of thinking. On the other hand, Chikori was―

“…Ahaha. …At first, I didn’t intend to do this. I don’t want to fight or anything. Because, leader has always been my ally all along, you are my important friend. …However”

Without even being told by Homura, Chikori sent a challenging gaze to Sumika,

“Because you are an important friend like that, I want you to know my power right now. That’s why, we are fighting-!”

Chikori showed her own will.

“…Is that so? If you say that you came here with your own will, I will not hesitate too.”

In order to respond, Sumika put her hand at the tie of her uniform, and pulled it down.

It was the switch.

Instantly, the <Standby Mode> of the <Magi’s Jacket> became particles of light and dissolved, changing its shape.

A hat with a wide rim and two revolvers.

An extremely short skirt that stressed easy movement, and long boots.

It was the <Battle StateMagius Mode> of <Gunner> style that imitated a cowgirl.

At the other side, Chikori also put her finger on her tie in response and she too changed her clothes into <Magius Mode>.

It was lightweight clothes that exposed her abdomen and legs.

But only her two arms were covered by heavily blunt shining gauntlets.

That was the girl’s <Arms> of the <Grappler> style.

It was a pure blow weapon made from mythril that wasn’t attached with any extra sorcery mechanism.

Chikori opened and closed her arms twice, three times to ascertain the feel of the gauntlets, then she tensed her expression.

“Then, here I go. Master.”

After leaving those words with Homura, she went on top of the ring.

And then, she hit her gauntlets at each other in front of her chest *GANN!*

―At that moment, her recovered power was liberated.

Part 3[edit]

It was a sudden explosion of light.

  • GOU*

Blowing away the atmosphere, a shining storm was created with Chikori in the center.

It was a wind that emitted light similar to sky colored flame.

It raged until a degree where it could be visualized, a vast magic power.

Chikori’s magic power that was liberated widely illuminated the training field that had a size as big as a gymnasium.

{ { {O, OOOoOOoOO!?!?} } }

That rampaging magic power light made the onlookers raise surprised voices.

The magic power light that gushed out from Chikori, no matter how one looked at it, it was even stronger than the magic power of the academy’s top student―the S-rank magician Sumika.

Even though she was supposed to be the lowest rank student of the academy until yesterday night.

But, as expected the one who was the most surprised from that fact was Sumika.

(Eh… Wh, what is this, this magic power is……!)

That reality that was hard to accept so suddenly sprouted uneasiness that was even similar to confusion.

But, the moment the both of them were already on top of the ring, the fight had already begun.

“Heree I come―! Leader!”

While pulling a line of light behind, Chikori headed to Sumika in a straight line and rushed.

In an instant that was like a blink of an eye, Chikori filled the distance between her and Sumika that was almost 20 meters, and caught Sumika in the range of her fist.


The right arm covered in a gauntlet that aimed for Sumika was swung through from below.

It was an uppercut that rode the momentum of Chikori’s charge.

But, Sumika was also not a naïve opponent that would easily get hit by a surprise attack at the raising of the curtain.

She immediately forced down the confusion inside herself with her strength of will and recovered her body’s initiative.

And then she avoided the swung uppercut with a sidestep. That moment,


Chikori’s swung strong arm swept away the air on its trajectory and produced a squall.

And then the created and launched squall uprooted a part of the onlookers outside from the ring, raising them until 30 meters from the floor until near the ceiling.

{This is a lie right!? Those people were blown away just from the wind pressure!?}

{What kind of arm strength is this-!?}

{A, anyway everyone get away a bit! You’re going to get blown away!}

A charge with impossible speed. An attack with impossible magic power.

The onlookers made a commotion from Chikori’s unexpected strength.

Among them, Sumika was convinced. This was,

(Hero Skill!)

Every magician was contracted with a hero of the past that was a guardian spirit of the human side. By making themselves possessed by that soul they would receive the hero’s strength.

And then, naturally, Sumika who was the leader of the 101st platoon, knew about the heroic spirit that Chikori who was a platoon member was contracted with.

Possessing a giant physique and aberrant herculean strength, the great man who was even called [ogre]―

The <depraved monk> Musashibou Benkei.

The blessing from her contract with him, the Hero Skill was the reinforcement of the whole body’s physical strength dozens of times stronger, <Peerless Herculean Strength>.

Right now Chikori’s small body was carrying a herculean strength that could even send an ogre flying.

Of course all of her actions were reinforced by that enormous physical strength.

Her speed ―and her power too!

(However, until yesterday she couldn’t use a thing like Hero Skill……!)

If she was able to use it, she should be able to escape from the restraint of something like an orc and even break its fingers in the process.

There was no way to doubt anymore.

Homura had really raised Chikori’s power dramatically in just one night.

To the degree that she could use a Hero Skill skillfully.

And then possessing that overwhelming physical strength, Chikori pursued the running away Sumika.

With the action of pulling back her uppercut that hit empty air, what came out linking to the next was, a right straight.

If the approaching fist cutting through the wind hit then Sumika’s consciousness would be reaped away in one attack without her being able to even complain.


(But, seeing it another way…!)

In short it would be fine if she just didn’t get hit. Sumika immediately rallied herself that was shaken by Chikori’s unexpected attack power, and invoked a single sorcery.

Wind element second grade sorcery・Wind WalkAero Step.

It created air current under one’s own leg, a movement sorcery to move at high speed.

Among the sorcery of the human race, with the fifth grade possessing the highest difficulty, this magic didn’t have that high of a difficulty, because of that it didn’t take much effort to chant, and if one was able to even reach Sumika’s level then it was an extremely convenient sorcery that was possible to be used chantlessly and breathlessly.


Sumika followed that air current and sidestepped.

She was faster than the approaching right fist, moving her body she avoided the blow.

And then while she jumped her body at Chikori’s flank,


She drew the silver revolver from her holster on her waist.

  • PAN-*, gun sound of one shot. For the sake of this match Sumika loaded rubber bullet for use of suppressing rioters and shot it, hitting at Chikori’s forehead temple.

The audible gun sound was one shot.

However, in an instant there were three bullets that were shot.

The quick draw that couldn’t be caught by the eye and it sound couldn’t even be heard was a Hero Skill of <Gun Saint> Billy the Kid that was similar to <Back Sniper>.

It was the <Quick Draw> that could be said as his representative.

And then those bullets were all impacted at the same place.

This could be said as a natural result.

If asked why it was because Sumika’s contracted heroic spirit <Gun Saint> Billy the Kid’s <Quick Draw> was a special move that was wrapped in a curse of absolute hit that created a powerful cause and effect that added with a speed that even the eye couldn’t catch, [shooting] = [hit].

Instantaneous three rapid-fire. The piercing impact shook Chikori’s brain, and smashed her consciousness mercilessly.

It couldn’t be endured. The living being called human didn’t have the toughness and body structure that could endure this impact.

Therefore the match was decided. It was really too quick. Yet despite how it should be so,


How was that possible, far from losing her consciousness Chikori didn’t even fall down and braced herself.

“L, lies-!?”

The rubber bullet should have impacted Chikori’s temple already.

Looking at the reality that should be impossible, as expected even Sumika couldn’t hide her wavering.

But, Chikori smiled wryly to Sumika who was like that.

“It feels embarrassing for you to be that surprised. The Hero Skill that <Heroic Spirit User> can use is not just one. After all the miracleHero Skill the heroic spirit caused comes from the number of legends that hero left behind when he lived. …Leader. My contracted heroic spirit the <depraved monk> Musashibo Benkei, what do you think his most famous episode was?”

(Famous, episode…….ah-)

Instantly, Sumika realized her own blunder.

“Benkei’s standing death…-!”

“Correct. This is the Hero Skill derived from that standing death’s anecdote, <Niou no Mie>. The magician possessed by Musashibo Benkei will not faint against whatever kind of impact, become able to continue fighting until the body’s physical limit. That’s why, that kind of toy bullet absolutely won’t beat me.” [1]


A clear impatience appeared in Sumika’s expression.

That’s right, rubber bullets was a weapon with the purpose to [stunfaint] the enemy.

Therefore it was completely powerless against <Niou no Mie> that possessed the power of [Stun Nullification].

…This was Sumika’s fatal miss.

Originally, even though this was just a practice, the confrontation between fellow magicians would use real bullets with mythril heads.

A special magic circle was spread under the ring of the training field, so no matter how heavy the wound one bore inside it, even something to the extent of having one’s head shot, if they took a step outside the ring all of those wounds would become a [dream].

Due to that, there was no need to be considerate of the opponent’s wound.

But even so, Sumika presumed to choose rubber bullets, the reason for that was simple.

In short, Sumika was underestimating Chikori until that much.

“…It’s a little, vexing. …In the end, it became just like what Master said yesterday.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Master said it. [Hoshikawa is completely making light of you, so in order to defeat you gently, she will come with equipment that won’t hurt and make you faint instead. That’s why there is absolutely nothing that can make you lose], he said.”


Homura had fathomed Sumika’s shallow conceit at the occasion yesterday.

That fact deeply pierced Sumika’s heart.

But in some meaning it also couldn’t be helped.

After all, there was really that much of a difference between these two at that point of time yesterday.

Rather filling that difference in just one night was the irrational thing. It was something impossible.

That was why, Sumika pressed a question at Homura who was standing at the ring side with a strong tone.

“You, just what in the world is it that you did to Chikori-san!? To obtain this much power just in one night, normally it’s unthinkable…!”

On the other hand the questioned Homura was chuckling a little “Fuh-” and,

“Well, just as you said. In reality, it’s not like Ichinotani actually obtained that power in one night after all.”

Like that, it was words that were quiet hard to comprehend that were returned to Sumika.

“What, do you mean?”

“Saying it frankly, all this time Ichinotani was sick you know.

Day by day her magic power conduit vein was degenerating, a really troublesome illness.

Getting this thing happen to you will normally make all your conduit veins degenerate in two months, you won’t be able to use sorcery then.

But with the aberrant training that she did obstinately, Ichinotani continued to persist during these two years.

Normally it’s an unthinkable story.

After all no matter how much training you piled up, even if you create new magic power conduit veins, it’s already starting to degenerate from the moment it was created. In the end, it’s nothing more than a minus result. Your condition gradually turns worse, wasted effort. To continue through such mortification until two years, your average Joe won’t be able to do that. But Ichinotani carried that out until yesterday. Carrying out all that, and continued to be a magician until now.

If the degenerated magic power conduit veins of someone like that, is restored, all of it, then how do you think she is going to turn out?”


Homura’s words, when she tried to imagine their meaning, Sumika turned speechless.

Correct. In other words that was the reason for Chikori’s radical power up.

This power was not something that Chikori grasped in one night yesterday.

It was the fruits of these two years of hers, where she didn’t give up to continuously work hard even while continuously being in hardship until she reached this stage.

The compensation that hadn’t been paid to this girl for these two years continuously was paid to Chikori by Homura’s hand in one night, it was only something like that.

“Hoshikawa Sumika. A magician of your level should be able to imagine enough from the legend, just what kind of Hero Skill Benkei has. That’s why, against Ichinotani that made a heroic spirit contract with Benkei, just how much of a fatal stupid plan that is to bring that kind of toy, you can understand if you think about it a little right? But you didn’t even think about something that little. From the start there is no way Ichinotani can win against me, there is no way she can fill the difference with me in just one night, you underrated her like that and completely took it easy on her as your lower rank.”

Homura rebuked Sumika with a strong tone. ―This stupid idiot girl. Like that.

“You should know far better than me just how much of effort Ichinotani had done until now. You should have seen it yourself until now. Then you, towards your teammate that worked that hard ―ain’t you looking down on all that?”

Instantly, Chikori’s swung fist caught Sumika.

Thereupon Sumika’s body was blown away as if she was hit by a large truck, keeping that momentum she collided with the concrete wall of the training field, and rolled until off the grounds.

Part 4[edit]

{A human was just blown away through the concrete wall like a cannon there. Won’t she die, that Hoshikawa?}

{No, it’s the mock battle ring so she must be okay. Ah, but after that she crash into the wall so…}

{Rather for a human to smash apart a concrete wall, is this manga…}

The galleries that whispered to each other fearfully.

No one doubted Sumika’s defeat. It was a sight that was just that gruesome. However―

“Hee. Ain’t that quite a skillful thing that you just did?”

Homura comprehended it.

He was properly looking.

The happening during that instant just now.

―The fact that Hoshikawa Sumika was still not finished yet.

And then that fact was,

{O, oi! Look at that!}

Sumika was returning back to the training field from the opened hole in the wall, from that everyone understood.

Sumika’s body was by no means unwounded.

Her <Magi’s Jacket> was frayed, sooty, trace of blow and scratch could be seen on her skin.

But even so the girl stood on her own two feet, walked, coming back on the ring.

Towards that figure of Sumika,


Chikori felt a sensation that was close to fear.

Similar with Homura. She was also looking at Sumika.

Closer than anyone, she saw what Sumika did the instant her fist hit.

First, the instant Chikori’s fist hit her, Sumika chantlessly deployed a magic barrier.

But, even deploying one or ten magic barrier, if it was Chikori’s attack power then it would go through like penetrating thin paper.

In other words the magic barrier didn’t have any meaning.

However, Sumika also understood that kind of thing.

That was why Sumika… fired explosion sorcery towards that magic barrier.

The result, the explosion was blocked by the barrier and got reflected. It impacted Sumika’s own body and blew away the girl largely to the back.

Correct, Sumika poured explosion on herself to avoid the direct hit of Chikori’s fist.

If she was hit directly, there was no doubt that the match would be decided right there.

Processing ability that deployed a barrier chantlessly.

Using that barrier and pouring explosive blast to herself, application ability that let her avoid a fatal blow.

Furthermore, weighing between the damage from Chikori’s fist and the damage from crashing through a concrete wall. A thinking ability that handed down the appropriate judgment during an instant.

―Everything was far above the average.

(As expected, leader is amazing…!)

The superb finesse that couldn’t be thought to come from a same sex in the same year with her, made even Chikori feel deeply moved.

But, she couldn’t let herself to bask in that emotion forever.

After all for Sumika to be standing, meant that the battle was still going on.

Renewing her feeling, Chikori gripped her fist and adjusted her stance. However the next moment―

“Chikori-san. …I’m sorry.”


In contrast to Chikori, who retook her fighting stance, Sumika suddenly lowered her head deeply.

Part 5[edit]

“I was mistaken. You are not useless. What Homura-san said is correct.”

Inside the heart of the bowing Sumika, was full of deep regret and guilt.

―Ain’t you looking down on all that?

It was exactly as he said.

She was supposed to be the one watching the closest.

Just how much Chikori worked hard. How much she did her best.

Then, she had to be the one that should have understood Chikori’s strength.

Yet despite so, she made light of her.

Underestimating her, moreover she even went as far as calling her useless―


It felt like her heart was going to be torn apart by guilt.

“…I’m, disqualified as a leader……!”

Her defense just now was reflex as it were.

Because it was Sumika who had sharpened herself until she was called as a S-rank magician, that she could immediately take defensive action.

Sumika already didn’t have any more intention to continue the fight.

More than anyone, it was herself who deeply realized her own incompetence.

“That’s why this match is―”


But, Sumika’s words that were going to recognize her own loss―her incompetence, was blocked by the raised voice of none other than Chikori.

“Chikori, san……?”

“Don’t lower your head! There is no need for that at all! Because, I could become this strong is all thanks to leader-!”

“Thanks to me……?”

“That’s right! When everyone abandoned me saying that I’m useless, only leader stayed by my side until the end! You worried together with me― if leader wasn’t with me then… if I was really alone… I absolutely couldn’t do my best. That’s why, don’t lower your head or anything-! Because Sumika-chan is the best leader for me–!”

Sumika was taken aback.

Inside the eyes of Chikori who was looking straight at her, resided a light of respect that seemed overflowing.

“Besides the match is still not decided yet. Because leader is still not going at me seriously at all right?”


Sumika hesitated to reply towards those words thrown at her.


Because the words that Chikori said was without a doubt fact.

Sumika had yet to completely show her power.

For what reason?

It was simple.

―The girl’s seriousness, was after all a power that was just too great to be directed at an ally even in a mock battle.

That was why Sumika didn’t use it. She hesitated to use it. But―

“Master said to me that he can make me even stronger than Leader in one night, but I think that kind of thing is impossible. Certainly, I have become more or less strong, but I cannot corner Leader at all. ―That’s why, show that clearly to Master. That the friend that I respected, is far, faa―rr amazingly stronger than even Master thought!”

Chikori was looking for exactly that power.

That mighty power that was too irrational to be directed to a human, to a comrade.

Everything was for the sake of the honor of the close friend that she respected.


In this instant, Sumika realized for the first time.

Just how much she was relied on by Chikori. How much Chikori was proud of Sumika.

(…Certainly, I might be an incompetent leader.)

She couldn’t hide her immaturity anymore.

Surely with Homura acting the role as the leader of the 101st, the platoon could be utilized in a far more skillful manner.

However, even so―

If a trust to this degree was directed to her, she couldn’t just throw it away one-sidedly.

At the very least, the current leader of the 101st was her.

Then, it was her duty as leader to answer the trust that was directed to her from her subordinate with all her strength―

“It’s just as you said. Having someone else keep saying things about me, is vexing in the end.”

That was why Sumika resolved herself. ―That she would show her power, right here!

“Then, I’ll unreservedly do it. Chikori-san!”

Instantly, Sumika used a sorcery and summoned a red binder to her left hand.

{Wa, oi oi oi! Is that girl Hoshikawa really serious!}

{Th, this is bad, that thing! She plans to use that on her classmate-!?}

{Everyone, run away right nowww! You all are going to get dragged into it―-!!}

The moment they were looking at that binder, the expression of the onlookers paled and they fell into panic.

They who scrambled for getting out of the training field understood.

That binder, was what caused Sumika to be called as a S-rank magician, the crystallization of her talent and power.

And then, of course it was also something Chikori understood, but―she didn’t run away.

On the contrary her lips lifted up as if she was just waiting exactly for this.

“Then, here I go! Leader–!!!!”

Facing Sumika who took out her trump card, she faced her without fear.

Part 6[edit]

Kicking the ground, Chikori ran towards Sumika, pushing through wind.

She wouldn’t purposefully let herself lose.

The girl understood.

That if she didn’t let out all her power here, she couldn’t show Sumika’s power to Homura.

For that reason, she dashed with all her strength.

She was faster than Sumika, in order to strike her attack at the target.



Chikori noticed.

Even if she ran and ran, no matter how much she ran, her distance with Sumika was mysteriously not decreasing.

That was Sumika’s sorcery.

Supplementary Chant ChannelReverse Spell. Performing chanting while doing normal conversation by mixing magical musical scales inside casual words, a magician’s super high class technique. Behind a word or two that Sumika said before she took out the binder, she was laying out sorcery that distorted space. Her trump card. This was a trick so that she could buy time in order to prepare for that trump card.

“As expected……!”


On the other hand, Sumika inhaled a deep breath once, heightening her magic power.

Golden wind gushed out from her whole body.

Fanned by that wind that was filled with Sumika’s magic power, the binder opened.

It was several hundreds of loose leaves, turned over and over with large scattered sound.

From among those papers, Sumika tore off several papers.

Torn off paper scraps.

It was the abominable descriptor of truth that by no means should be disclosed, brought back by a person named Laban Shrewsbury from the library of an alternate world.

[Celaeno Fragments] ―the paper was the duplicate of it.

With that duplicate in hand, when Sumika closed her eyes ―she put the words that connected her with the abyss of space in her mouth.

Look up now the really high place of blue sky

The seething stars shine brilliantly in blasphemy announcing the engraving of fate to thy

The walking person riding the wind o god of the great white silence

Break the eternal admonishment and stand up tear up the sky and come here

Every stick and stone altogether for the sake of mowing down with thy power

Together with those words, the scrap papers in Sumika’s hand were wrapped in flame, transforming their shape.

From paper―into a single [silver bullet].

The girl agilely loaded it into the revolver, and directed the gun muzzle at the running near Chikori.

That was, authentically, the style of the serious Hoshikawa Sumika.

Five years ago―the hero that saved her, and also the life of all the people in this world.

<Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura. Idolizing him, she wished to become like him, and she reached this single culmination.

The name was―<Demon Book Assassin BulletGrim Bullet>.

Turning a duplicate of the grimoire that recorded the descriptor of evil god into a bullet, the power of god that until now only Homura could handle could be shot. It was only in a restrictive shape but she showed that she could exercise the power, the original grand sorcery of Hoshikawa Sumika that made her be called as a S-rank magician.

And then the name of evil god the (Great Old One) that was written in the [Celaeno Fragments] was―

“Ruin madly. ―<God of Angered Storm> Ithaqua!!!!”

Announcing the true name of evil god hidden in the abyss of space, the trigger of the magic bullet was pulled.

The firing hammer struck the detonator, what burst out from the gun muzzle was―a freezing storm.

Mowing down house, blowing away forest, even the topography could be changed, the power of the storm god.

That power was compressed until the limit, taking the shape of a large eagle, it was shot aiming at Chikori.

The atmosphere touched by the silver eagle was frozen absolutely, every little bit of it, blasting everything like a storm striking.

It rode through the air while scattering apart diamond dusts generated from that.

Cold and storm. Chikori, who now had the position reversed in front of such overwhelming destructive power was―


Chikori collected all her remaining magic power in her right fist.

What was born was a fist of light, as if white lightning was conceived in it.

Against that highly dense magic power, the surrounding space was distorted like a heat haze.

Her fist right now was exactly, truly, carrying the power that could break even the earth’s crust.

The power to break even a star.

But even possessing such power―it couldn’t break this power of god.

No matter what she understood that completely.

It was like throwing a pebble at a truck that was rushing at you.

Ithaqua’s presence was just that overwhelming.

After all, just by the silver eagle showing its figure, the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere was lowered until below the freezing point in one go.

If she threw her body at this mass of cold then there would be nothing at all that she could do.

Her current self couldn’t deal against this no matter how.

She lost.

No matter how she struggled she would lose.

But―for that reason, Chikori was proud.

The girt that she idolized, was possessing a power that was far out of reach from her current self.

(Master, you see!? This is the <Magic Bullet> Hoshikawa Sumika!)

Along with a great joy, Chikori swung her fist of light and met the approaching Ithaqua’s manifestation.

Her defeat was already decisive.

But even so, right now she couldn’t stop exhausting all her power for the sake of her benefactor.

From her ankle to her waist, from her waist to her shoulder, from her shoulder to her wrist.

Her rotation with her whole body operating together put a marvelous piercing power into her fist.

That single strike with all her heart that one couldn’t complain at all―

“This is as far as it goes.”

Instantly, Homura who cut in between Ithaqua and Chikori, easily blocked her fist with his left hand.

So easily like catching the ball in catch-ball.


Chikori raised a surprised voice.

However Homura’s action didn’t stop with just that.

Blocking the fist that could even break a star with his one left hand, Homura’s remaining right hand was opened in front of the approaching silver eagle,


One word. Announcing a word of compressed chant, using dimension element fifth grade(supreme level) sorcery・Space-Time Crushing, that was said was unusable except by the S-rank magician of Britain, the silver eagle together with the space was crushed in Homura’s grip.

  • gushari*, along with an unpleasant sound, the crushed Ithaqua’s manifestation dispersed into air.

Scattered feathers from the flying eagle fell onto the ground gently, freezing the floor slightly.


Sumika leaked out a taken aback voice from that sight.

Certainly, the other party was the <Evil God User>. The hero that saved the world.

Undoubtedly, he was the most excellent magician in human history.

However, at the time he was expelled from human society, he received a measure from the <United World Government> that was <Great SealAureole>.

It was the chain that suppressed his power that could possibly ruin the world by his lonesome.

The dragon vein that existed in this planet, the magic power of the earth itself had 70% of it used to power this sealing sorcery.

It was said that while this seal was working, although he was the <Evil God User> but he was unable to use his power except just ten percent of it.

Yet despite so―

(Just with his ten percent, the difference between us is still this much…-)

What Sumika summoned was unmistakably an avatar of god. The manifestation of that power.

Yet that power, was so easily crushed like that…


In this moment, Sumika clearly comprehended it.

Yesterday, the words that Homura said―

{From the point of view of an <Evil God User>(me), things like the classification of <Heroic Spirit User>(you) is just like comparing the heights of acorn.}

Now she understood that it was exactly just like he said.

Those words were not disdain or provocation at all.

Homura was just saying the truth without any varnishing from his mouth.

After all even with ninety percent of his power sealed, he could still use sorcery that couldn’t be used except by S-rank.

In front of him, whether it was a S-rank or an E-rank, there was not that much difference even compared to an acorn.

(……Everything was equally of little importance.)

It was an absurd difference of strength that one couldn’t even feel frustrated already about it.

Witnessing that, Sumika lowered her gaze as if hanging her head down,

“Hoshikawa Sumika. This match is my loss.”

She heard those words of Homura.

Part 7[edit]


Sumika’s expression was taken aback from the sudden words.

In contrast with that girl, Homura straightforwardly looked at Sumika’s eyes and announced one more time.

“What are you surprised about. I’m sayin’ that I’m giving up the game here.”

He abdicated this match. That was his will.

“Why, is that…”

“What do you need me to say eh. …I never thought that there will be someone other than me that is able to summon evil god (Great Old One), although it was only a portion of it, and even properly control it. I heard that you are an excellent magician, but I never imagined that it will be this much. Just now I clearly understood. It’s still impossible for Ichinotani to defeat you. It’s my loss. My bad for sayin’ whatever I like about you. Sorry.”

Homura acknowledged his own mistake and lowered his head.

That act made apparent that this battle was over.

“……Master. I’m sorry.”

Chikori apologized guiltily toward Homura who was lowering his head to Sumika.

“What are you sayin’ sorry for?”

“Because… even though Master thought that I could win against Sumika-san and made me strong …I betrayed that expectation like this.”

What Chikori was talking about was not about the match.

It was about her heart’s readiness.

Homura’s words that said Chikori could win against Sumika, Chikori herself didn’t believe it at all.

She didn’t doubt that Sumika was far stronger than herself.

She didn’t intend to be ashamed or withdrew that thinking of hers, but she felt that such thinking was a betrayal towards Homura who bet on her victory.

That was why Chikori lowered her head deeply towards Homura. But,

“There ain’t anything you have to apologize for. Ain’t Ichinotani used up all your strength already till the end?”

That’s right. Homura surely had seen it.

If Chikori went easy and gave the victory to Sumika, that was a betrayal, but she didn’t do anything like that.

Rather until the end she gave her all without sparing anything.

That action, even after Chikori had understood that she was defeated―was none other than for Sumika’s sake.

Homura saw everything. That was why he understood everything.

Therefore he smiled faintly,

“Aren’t you a fine woman.”

He brushed gently the chestnut colored hair of Chikori and rewarded this kind girl.


Chikori was tickled and shut her eyes from that.

And then after Homura brushed her head twice, three times, he once again turned to Sumika,

“Hoshikawa Sumika. As promised, I’ll leave the leadership of the 101st to you. You got no complain of that right?”

Like that, he fulfilled the promise that he should fulfill.

“Eh, ah, …yes.”

Sumika’s reply was somehow awkward.

Surely her feelings were still unable to catch up in regards to this sudden conclusion.

Homura smiled a little towards such girl,

“I too don’t have any complaint toward someone this competent. I’m going to work properly as your subordinate so …well just give me any order you like.”

Saying that, Homura got down from the ring.

And then he calmly walked between the escaping onlookers, and left the training field alone.

Staring at that leaving back, …Sumika thought.

The doubt covering her heart was stronger than the happiness of having Homura recognizing herself―

(…Something, is strange.)

There was something, that she couldn’t comprehend.

In the end, …could this possibly be anticipated?

A magician of that level, a master of that degree, mistaking one’s own power like that.

Could such a thing possibly happen?

No, not only that.

From the words that he said in the end, she couldn’t feel even a little bit of attachment from him towards the position of leader.

While telling her to do it.

While raising even the object of the bet.

As if―

(As if from the start, he planned for this to end like this……)


The moment that hunch brushed inside her head, Sumika started running.

Part 8[edit]

“You really performed a stinking drama just now. It made my nose curl up.”

After leaving from the training field, those words were thrown at the back of Homura who had returned until in front of the door of the dormitory room that was allocated to him.

When he turned back, there was the figure of Shiori who was glaring at Homura with an amazed gaze.

“Since when were you there?”

“From the training field. …It looks like you are bad at [searching] as usual.”

“It can’t be helped right, your magic power is just too tiny.”

It was the same like how a human couldn’t sense the mass of a water flea.

For Homura, a normal magician’s magic power was too small, to be frank he couldn’t sense them at all. To the level that he could finally sense it a little if it was a demon of the <Demon King rank>.

Therefore talking about [searching], he was below even an amateur.

“But, not just [searching], you also have no talent in [acting] don’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. You, from the start you planned everything to end like this right?”

The topic that Shiori raised was the story about the mock battle just now.

The girl said.

“Chikori-san recovered her original strength and became strong. Hoshikawa-san became able to order you who is of higher rank without hesitation. No one related to this trouble is getting hurt. Just one ―except you, who is hated by Hoshikawa-san who bought your villain act.”


“Five years have passed, I thought that you had changed a little but nothing has changed. You are always like that. Always trying to take all the harm by yourself. Your personality that is like that, whether now or in the past, I really hate it.”

A word of disgust that was vented at him clearly.

On the other hand, Homura―shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

“You’re just thinking too much, that.”

“I wonder.”

“It’s true you know. It’s not like I did this for those two’s sake. I’m just… cannot leave that alone, that’s all.”

“Cannot leave alone?”

“After all there is also a team that no matter how much you wish, you cannot return back to before for a second time anymore.”


In a small voice, Homura murmured those words with voice that seemed sorrowful somehow.

Those words, awoke a scene in the back of Shiori’s head.

The figure of a young Homura, laughing happily surrounded by comrades.

It was a memory of the long time past.

It was a scene when Shiori was saved from a certain hell and taken care of by Homura.

That’s right. He also had them.

Different from Sumika and the others. Not companions that he only protected or guided.

Trusting each other, entrusting to each other, true comrades.

However now―


Suddenly, the sound of a closed door reached her ears, Shiori came to herself from her memory back to reality with a ‘hah’ face of realization.

When she looked, Homura’s figure had already disappeared inside the room.


(I’m saying here, that I hate you that is like that.)

Abusing the man at the other side of the door with a voice that was colored with sweetness somewhere, Shiori also left that place.

But at that time, from the end of the corridor, a human figure walking at her direction entered her eyes.

It was, a blond girl wearing a dazzling crimson dress.

Her stature was even smaller than the petite Ichinotani.

And then, she possessed a mysterious beauty that was somehow removed from humans.

Coupled with her attire, it was as if she was more like a bisque doll rather than calling her a human.

Looking at that girl, the legs of Shiori that was going to leave stopped.


However before Shiori could make any kind of word, that girl passed through besides Shiori without even glancing at her, and just like that she opened the door of Homura’s dormitory room, entering inside it.

The door closed once again.

For a while, Shiori was staring at that door with a gaze that was shadowed somewhat, but―

Before long she left that place without saying anything.

Part 9[edit]

Shiori had left, the girl in a dress and Homura had also entered into the room.

There was no one anymore at the corridor… was how it should be.

―But, at the opposite direction from where the girl in a dress came.

At the corner at the end of the corridor, just one, there was a person still remaining.

That was―, Hoshikawa Sumika that came here chasing Homura.

The girl leaned her back at the wall of the corner …just like that she draggingly slid down, at the end she sat down on that spot with a plop.

―Her figure couldn’t be seen.

But, even with her at the end of the corridor, the voice was still audible there.

Ultimate Antihero V1 c21.png

{I just cannot leave that alone.}

The voice that showed Homura’s true intention.

As expected her hunch was correct.

There was that too. A magician of Homura’s level, there was no way he could have mistaken one’s own capacity.

From the start Homura had understood everything.

On top of that he arranged everything so that she and Chikori could obtain the best result.

Without telling anything to the two of them, for the sake of the two of them.

“……Homura, san.”

With a small voice, his name leaked out.

There was no particular meaning in that, it was a whisper that came out reflexively.

But, it became a trigger inside the girl.

The instant that name passed her mouth, undoubtedly that echo deeply inside Sumika―

Sumika realized the thing that was falling until a really really deep place.


Her heart began to throb violently like an idiot.

Her head was hot as if she was just coming out from a bath.

Sumika sat still, she pushed her forehead to her knee, a leaked out scream without voice.

  • bata bata* Without any meaning she clattered her legs.

Already, she didn’t feel like she could look at Homura’s face directly anymore.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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