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Chapter 2 - Shinomiya Miyako[edit]

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Part 1[edit]

"Say, Miyako-san. We will be roommates starting from today. I look forward to our time together."

Located in the girls dormitories, this room was furnished with a bunk bed and study desks. I led Shinomiya Miyako-san to the room I had been living in alone and bowed to her.

Three Ds had arrived in Midgard. To think that one of them was Haruka-san's younger sister. As a result, she was assigned to Brynhildr Class. At the same time, she also became my roommate but...

"...Is something wrong?"

Just as I looked up, I inexplicably found Miyako-san looking at me, hesitating to speak as though she had something stuck in her back teeth.

The window was clattering.

Although the typhoon had passed over Midgard, strong wind was still blowing in the dark environment outside the window.

"Hmm... Listen here, Mitsuki."

She put down her backpack on the ground and scratched her head as though having difficulty in articulating some kind of dilemma.

"Oh... Could it be that you do not wish to live with me? If you would like a single room, I can ask Haruka-san right away—"

The system of roommates was not because there were no enough rooms. Instead, it was intended to help fill the void in the hearts of Ds who had been separated from their families

But of course, there were also people who preferred to alone. In those cases, single rooms would be granted so long as they made an application, but perhaps Miyako-san had probably missed her chance to bring it up.

While I was thinking that, Miyako-san frantically waved her hands at me.

"No, that's not it. I'm very happy to have you as my roommate, Mitsuki! What I wanted to point out was, umm, your way of speaking..."

"Way of speaking?"

What did that mean? I tilted my head in puzzlement. Then Miyako-san stared straight into my eyes and said:

"Hmm—Well, Mitsuki, you have seniority over me and we'll be roommates from now on... Can you stop using polite language? You don't need to add '-san' to my name."

"Eh, but—"

The unexpected request placed me at a loss how to react.

"Please. I think it'll be more friendly that way."

Miyako pleaded with fervent eyes. Overwhelmed by her vigor, I nodded.

"...Since you went out of your way to ask, Miyako-san."

"Thank you, Mitsuki! But don't use Miyako-san, call me Miyako."

Thanking me excitedly, she corrected me.

"O-Okay, my apologies—Oh no, sorry... Miyako."

"Great, that's exactly it! Very good!"

"...I have been using polite language the whole time ever since coming to Midgard. Looks like I will need some time to adjust."

I sighed in front of the delighted Miyako.

Still, that did not imply that I disliked this. While my heart was entangled in feelings of embarrassment, I had a feeling that every day from now on was going to be very eventful.

And this feeling of mine then came true.

"Thank you for your hospitality, Mitsuki-san."

"...Good evening!"

Lisa-san and Firill-san opened the unlocked door and entered the room.

"What are you two doing here?"

I asked them.

"Although our offerings are quite modest, we would like to hold a welcoming party for her."

Lisa-san scratched her cheek a little shyly.

"I brought... plenty of snacks."

Firill-san scattered an armful of snacks on the bed.

"Wow! Thank you both!"

Miyako happily thanked them.

"Haruka-san will apparently arrive later, so let us get started first."

"Sweet things are Onee-chan's favorite, so we'd better eat first while we can."

Miyako's response to Lisa-san, sitting opposite her on the floor, revealed an unexpected side to Haruka-san.

"Fufu... I brought many things to play in addition to snacks. No one's getting any sleep tonight."

With an eerie smile, Firill-san took out a pack of cards from her pocket.

It looked like it was going to be a long and fun-filled night.

I smiled naturally while eating sweet cookies.

Every day was filled with joy.

The only thing missing was—Nii-san.

Part 2[edit]

"Although the principal has tried many different methods, she still has not been able to locate your brother—Mononobe Yuu. Please be patient. I’m sorry."

Inside the deserted school courtyard, Haruka-san and I were in the middle of a discussion, sitting at benches set up around a flowerbed.

It had been roughly a month since I arrived in Midgard. Haruka-san would frequently update me on the investigation of my brother like this.

"N-No, I should thank all of you instead... I am honestly grateful for receiving everyone's assistance already."

I frantically shook my head and stopped Haruka-san who was bowing her head to me in apology.

Those were my honest words. On my own, I would have absolutely no idea where or how to start investigating.

"Thank you for saying that, but I will also try every possible means to continue the investigation. This nominal military rank of mine will definitely come in handy."

Haruka-san's face expressed conviction. Although I felt extremely grateful for what she said, I was intrigued by the latter part of her statement.

"Military rank...?"

"Oh—Right, this has not been explained to ordinary students yet. In truth—All Ds will apparently receive military ranks and titles in anticipation of conducting joint operations with NIFL in battles against dragons."

Haruka-san explained to me with a slightly complicated expression on her face.

"We... have to become soldiers?"

"Well, just in principle. Your daily lives won't change much. Also, it would be a bit odd for NIFL to be fighting alongside us. That being said, it wouldn't be appropriate unless those of us participating in battle are soldiers, right?"

"Things seem to be quite... difficult."

Not quite comprehending adult matters and principles, I concurred vaguely.

"Newcomers like you will become Private 2nd Class. As the captain of the Dragon Subjugation Squad, I will become Colonel. Although I'm currently unsure what clearance level it affords me... I will make full use of it. Leave it to me."

Smiling with fortitude, Haruka-san patted me on the shoulder.

Surely she was trying to encourage me, but it was not that easy for me to accept things so readily.

'Leave everything to me.'

I recalled the one I held dear, whose whereabouts were unknown.

Right now, I had no power at all, but I did not want to leave everything to others either.

"Excuse me... Haruka-san."

Mustering my determination, I spoke up.

"What is it?"

"What must I do... in order to raise my military rank?"

Realizing my thoughts from this question, Haruka-san showed a slightly more tense expression.

"A relatively more direct method is to become part of the student council and the Dragon Subjugation Squad. Holding special positions would allow you to receive a commensurate rank, I suppose. However, even if you do that, whether or not your brother could be found is still..."

"I understand. However, I hate waiting without doing anything!"

I spoke my mind and interrupted Haruka-san in the middle of her sentence. After gazing at me for a while, Haruka-san stood up.

"In that case, just do what you can. Student council elections are far off, but the selection test for the Dragon Subjugation Squad will be held a month from now."

"Y-Yes! I will definitely try my best!"

After I replied in full vigor, Haruka-san smiled contentedly. After that, she left while waving to me.

Part 3[edit]

That night, after lights out, I was in my bedroom.

Under the covers in the lower bunk, I spoke to Miyako who was lying on the upper bunk.

"Miyako... Are you still awake?"

"Hmm...? What's... up...?"

I heard a drowsy voice in response.

"I plan to... take the Dragon Subjugation Squad entrance test."

"Dragon Subjugation Squad...? Uh... Ehhhh!?"

A surprised voice, followed by a thud from the upper bunk.

"Owww... I hit my head on the ceiling... Anyway, forget that!"

Miyako looked down at me from the upper bunk.

"Mitsuki, are you for real?"

Hanging upside-down, Miyako asked me.


I nodded while in bed. Immediately, Miyako climbed down nimbly and squeezed into the lower bunk beside me.

"What's wrong!? Why so suddenly—"

"There is something I wish to do..."

I replied ambiguously with a wry smile. The principal and Haruka-san had warned me not to disclose about my brother—the existence of a male D—without permission.

"Sheesh, here you go again with that face."

Pouting unhappily, Miyako stared at me.

"That face?"

"Mitsuki, every now and then, you'd make a face like you're thinking about something. Sad... and anxious, it's how it feels. You know you can tell me if there's anything troubling you."


I was very happy to hear that from her, but I could not break my promise.

"Is this something you can't tell me?"

Miyako was showing a sad expression. Seeing that, I hastily held her hand.

"Umm, Miyako, I'm not allowed to explain the details of this matter, but... If it's okay for me to tell you vaguely, I'd like you to listen... Will you hear me out?"


After showing slight surprise on her face, Miyako immediately looked serious.

"Yes, it's fine. I understand. Tell me."

"Thank you, Miyako—Uh, why are you lying in my bed?"

I asked Miyako who was on my bed next to me.

"It's easier to listen like this. Is this okay with you, Mitsuki?"

"Well... I guess so."

I accepted it although I felt a bit embarrassed.

Next, Miyako happily got under my covers and leaned her shoulder against me.

Through the thin pajamas, I could feel the warmth and softness of her body.

"This feels like a school trip. It's so fun! Wanna play cards?"

"Miyako, have you forgotten your original purpose?"

"Ahaha, just kidding. I'll listen to you properly. Relax."

Grinning mischievously, Miyako gazed intently at me, so close that I could feel her breathing.

Although my heart was racing from being so close to her, I still began to explain.

"There is someone... I want to see."

"Someone you want to see?"

Miyako blinked and asked.

"Yes... But I don't know where he is... Right now, I have no way of finding him... That's why, I want to try everything possible to increase the number of things I can do."

I gazed into Miyao's eyes and revealed my honest intentions.

"That's why you're taking part in the Dragon Subjugation Squad selection test?"

I nodded at Miyako.

"That's right... I also plan on joining the student council after that. It's crazy... Right?"

Wondering if I shocked her, I peered at Miyako's face.

After showing a surprised expression, she sighed lightly.

"It's very crazy... But Mitsuki, you've already made your decision, right?"


I nodded without any hesitation.

"You want to see this person this much? Someone... very dear to you?"


I nodded clearly.

"I see..."

After showing a slightly sad look, Miyako immediately switched to her usual smiling face.

"In that case, let's do it! We must start special training tomorrow!"

"S-Special training?"

Miyako's sudden words confused me.

"To be honest, I don't think you'll pass the way you are right now, okay? Mitsuki, you can't even fly yet."


"In that case, let's have special training. I'll ask Onee-chan to see if we can use a training site after school. Don't worry, I'll accompany you. Let's join the Dragon Subjugation Squad together!"

"Eh, you too, Miyako?"

Very surprised, I stared at her face intently.

"Yes, because I'm very worried about you, Mitsuki."

"But I'm clearly the senior here..."

"Yeah, by a mere two weeks, right? Besides, I can't leave you alone, Mitsuki."

Miyako declared quietly with a serious expression.


"Because you seem so lonely. It's not just today, you've always been like that. That's why, I'm very concerned."

After saying that, Miyako grabbed my hand under the covers.

"—I want to stay by your side. All the time, until the day you meet the one you hold dear, Mitsuki."

Then while staring at me, she smiled gently.

"And so, you won't be lonely anymore."


Her words filled my heart with warmth.

The emptiness of Nii-san's absence, I did not wish to forget it—I must not forget it.

But right now, for a brief while, I wished to rely on this warmth slightly.

Part 4[edit]


Transmitting my imagination to the generated dark matter, I shaped its form.

The fictional armament took the form of a bow. Its surface, slightly materialized, glowed with faint iridescence.


Next to me, Miyako summoned her fictional armament in the form of a naginata.

We were at training site number two underground of the school. Having asked Haruka-san for permission to use the training site, we carried out our special training here every day.

"The fictional armament doesn't collapse as long as you don't get careless."

Miyako swung her naginata to confirm whether there were any distortions in its outline.

"Yes.. But the hard part starts here."

Holding my fictional armament, I looked up.

This training site was meant for flying practice. Its ceiling was very high while the floor was covered by soft cushioning.

"Today, I must—"

—Touch the ceiling. I mustered my determination and generated air from my fictional armament.

As wind enveloped my surroundings, my body gradually became lighter.

After I increased the transmutation output, I slowly floated up.

"Mitsuki, looking good!"

Miyako looked up at me and commented.


However, I could not afford the luxury of replying to her. Trying my best to maintain balance, I carefully increased my altitude.

Which direction to go, how much air to generate—Such questions could only be answered by my body's senses.

Even if I went through flight training once a week, it would probably take a year to achieve proper control of the body... But the test was a month from now.

By that time, I had to be able to fly into the sky at least.

Apart from special training as Miyako had suggested, there was no other way to pass.

However, just as I got closer to the ceiling, my balance suddenly collapsed.


I must have made a mistake in my transmutation output. The wind surrounding me dissipated and I fell to the ground.

Poof, I was caught by soft cushioning. I looked up at the ceiling, far off in the distance.

"Sigh... Still no good."

"But I think you were able to fly higher. It's probably a new record!"

Miyako's face came into view. She looked at me while smiling cheerfully.

"Getting praised by you doesn't make me happy. Miyako, you're clearly able to touch the ceiling with your hand already."

I pouted and avoided her gaze.

Despite being two weeks her senior as a student at Midgard, as soon as our special training started, I ended up being the one to play catch up.

I was very happy that she was willing to keep me company during special training like this, but the sight of the gap between us was filling me with chagrin.

"Don't worry. I simply figured out the trick, that's all."

"Then tell me that trick."

"Eh... Without thinking about it, that kind of feeling?"


I sighed at Miyako's sloppy answer.

At that moment, a heavy noise was heard inside the training site.


I got up and looked in the noise's direction to see two female students entering from the opened door.

"Eh, it's Lisa and Firill."

Miyako exclaimed their names in surprise. The two girls exchanged glances with us then approached. Due to their feet sinking into the soft floor with every step, walking was quite difficult for them.

"...Recently, you've vanished after school—So this is where you've been."

"Secret training between the two of you... So unfair."

Slightly displeased, Lisa-san and Firill-san glared at us.

"Could it be that you heard from Haruka-san?"

Lisa nodded in response to my question.

"Indeed. You two are training in preparation for the Dragon Subjugation Squad's selection test, aren't you? Why did you tell us?"

"Because chances are clearly slim, umm... I felt too embarrassed to bring it up—"

Lisa sighed deeply after hearing my reply.

"Have I ever treated you like a fool? Do not underestimate me. I am not one to mock other's efforts. Rather—The major problem here is the gap arising between us due to your special training."

Lisa-san spoke with arms akimbo. Next to her, Firill-san nodded.

"That's right... Mitsuki and Miyako, you've gotten better and better lately. I'd really hate it if I get overtaken."

"Consequently, we shall take part in the special training too, starting today! Naturally, we intend to take the Dragon Subjugation Squad's admission test as well!"

Lisa puffed out her chest and declared.

"Eh!? Weren't you two uninterested in the Dragon Subjugation Squad the whole time until now?"

Faced with Miyako's question, Firill-san nodded affirmatively.

"Indeed, we were uninterested. But I want to do something."

"Compared to earning money by transmuting scarce resources, this is more interesting."

After saying that, Lisa-san raised her right hand and generated dark matter.


Readying her summoned fictional armament of a spear, she smiled at me.

"It would tarnish the name of this divine spear, chosen by you, if I do not use it for battle. Come, let the special training begin."


I nodded and constructed my bow-shaped fictional armament again.

Inside this training site, which had become more lively, flight practice resumed.

Although I was the worst at flying out of all of us, for some reason, I did not feel disheartened at all—

Part 5[edit]

A month later...

At training site number three, the most spacious of them all, the Dragon Subjugation Squad's selection test was under way.

"Just as its name implies, the Dragon Subjugation Squad is a team assembled for the sake of fighting dragons. Planned operations to take out dragons have included the Dragon Subjugation Squad in their calculations."

The one speaking in front of everyone was Haruka-san who stood as both the captain of the Dragon Subjugation Squad and the examination officer.

"This is not a job where half-baked resolve would suffice. Naturally, there are risks involved. Only those capable of striving forward bravely in the face of dragons are eligible to continue."

Haruka-san spoke to us solemnly.

Including Miyako, Lisa-san, Firill-san and myself, there were a total of seven students taking the test.

I glanced around me. No one left. Everyone must have their own reason for fighting.

After confirming that no one was giving up, Haruka-san indicated the target set up in the training site.

"Well then, let the test begin. You will be assessed on only two aspects, namely, your ability to control offensive transmutation and your mobility during flight through the transmutation of air."

Several giant rings were suspended from the training site's ceiling. On the floor was a giant block of iron.

"First, aim at the iron block target and attack while you're on the ground. Next, fly through all the rings then attack the iron block while flying. Rather than attack power, your assessment will prioritize accuracy more. Try to be as swift as possible when moving around."

Attacking from the air...

Hearing that, I began to panic inside. Having exhausted all my efforts on flight training, I had not practiced this at all.

"—Don't worry. Just cross that bridge when you get to it."

As though reading my mind, Miyako spoke softly next to me.

Thanks to her encouragement, I was able to relax a little.

"Having come this far already, all that remains is rising to the occasion."

"Mitsuki, do your best."

Lisa-san and Firill-san encouraged me from behind.

Right—It was a foolhardy attempt to begin with. All I had to do was give it my best.

Mustering my resolve, I clenched my fist tightly.

"Next up—Mononobe Mitsuki of Brynhildr Class!"


When my turn came, I was the second last to take the test.

Lisa-san and Firill-san had already completed the test with a comfortable margin. Only Miyako and I were left.

"Mitsuki! Relax!"

I nodded at Miyako's encouragement and walked over to the designated spot.

First, I had to launch an attack from this position.


I summoned my fictional armament and nocked an arrow of dark matter.

Imagining an arrow made of compressed air, I poured dark matter into it.

"First Arrow—Forked Wind!"

With a shout, I released the arrow.

This technique was named in a similar manner as Haruka-san's.

As in the case of fictional armaments, naming moves was a way to further strengthen one's imagination.

The flying black arrow of dark matter turned into countless bullets of air, striking the iron block.

Accompanied by the noise of heavy impacts, a large depression appeared on the iron block's surface.

...Thank goodness, I struck the target.

Despite feeling relieved, I could not relax yet. The important part had yet to come.

Passing through the rings suspended from the ceiling was a test of mobility.


I concentrated and created air in my surroundings. Adjusting the output, I flew up bit by bit.

My flying skill was still far from perfect.

To an observer, my method of flying probably looked very clumsy, but this was the best I could do at my current level.

In any case, I took care not to fall while passing through the rings, one at a time.

So slow—

Although I was aware of that, I still suppressed my impatient feelings while focusing on the task of controlling wind.

With that... the final one was done.

Having passed through all the rings, I looked downwards.

Behind me was the target I had to strike from this location. However, not only was the distance was much farther than for the ground attack but I also had to attack from an unstable posture.

Furthermore, it was very difficult to perform an attack transmutation while simultaneously generating air for flying.

Someone accustomed to flying would be able to focus their mind fully on attacking... But in my case, I had no choice but to divert my attention to both sides.

"...But if I miss..."

I had made my decision. I wanted to obtain power. To this end, I must join the Dragon Subjugation Squad.

I tried my best to adjust my posture and readied the divine bow.

That target was a dragon. The enemy I must defeat. The threat looming over me!

What I recalled from memory was the blue giant that had trampled my hometown.

I had had enough of losing. This time, by my very own hand, I must—!

"Second Arrow—Night Blaze!!"

Pouring in my battle spirit, I released the arrow.

The dark matter turned into a great amount of heat, scorching the air to produce a red glow. However—


The searing arrow missed slightly, embedding itself into the ground—causing a giant explosion.

I had probably neglected flying the instant I released the arrow. As a result, my posture had gone off-kilter.


Until this point, no one had missed their mark. In that case, surely I was going to—

Enduring my chagrin, I descended to the ground.

A foolhardy attempt after all...

"Okay, next up is Shinomiya Miyako of Brynhildr Class!"

Taking the test after me, Miyako patted me on the shoulder as she brushed past me.

"Don't worry, Mitsuki."

Miyako finished every task with virtual perfection.

Don't worry... How could I not worry?

Watching her walking back, I sighed in my heart. No matter how you cut it, my results were the worst.

I wanted some quiet time on my own, so I sat down with my knees drawn up to my chest and rested my face against my knees. Very considerately, Miyako and the others did not come over to talk to me.

Finally, I heard Haruka-san's voice.

"Well then, I will now announce the name list of those who passed the Dragon Subjugation Squad test."

"Mitsuki, the list is getting announced!"

Miyako shook me. I already knew the outcome, but I still looked up for the sake of accepting reality.

Although I did not know how many of us were chosen from the top, there was no question that I would be excluded.

"A total of seven participants in the test—Everyone passed. No one failed."


I could not help but cry out. Everyone's gaze focused on me.

"Is there a problem, Mononobe Mitsuki?"

Hearing Haruka-san's question, I frantically spoke up.

"U-Umm, you just said that, everyone passed—"

"Indeed, that is correct."

"But I am the only one who missed the second shot... And I also flew very slowly..."

Unable to contain my disbelief, I raised the issue.

"Indeed, you were flying the slowest, but you kept everything under proper control. As for missing the second shot, the iron's surface actually melted from the heat. Although you did not score a direct hit, it was definitely effective as an attack. Hence, I judged that you have achieved minimum standards for passing."

"Then I really..."

"Indeed. Furthermore, every additional personnel is needed for the current Dragon Subjugation Squad. Rather than a test carried out to eliminate people, the purpose of testing was to see the extent our combatants are capable of. Even if you achieved the worst result, you'll still pass as long as you met minimum standards."

"I-Is that how it works...?"

After hearing Haruka-san's explanation, I felt utterly drained.

"See, I said you didn't have to worry, right?"

Lying on the floor beside me, Miyako spoke to me, facing the ceiling.

"Miyako... Did you already know that coming in last could still pass?"

I pouted unhappily and glared at her.

"Hmm, I suppose? But people like us who recently arrived in Midgard usually can't achieve the 'minimum standards' mentioned by Onee-chan. Ultimately, we were only able to pass because we worked hard."

She smiled and spoke.

Presumably to prevent me from getting careless, she had kept secret the fact that there was no upper limit to how many people could pass.

"Seriously... Miyako."

My anger subsided completely and I sighed.

"Congrats for passing!"

Firill-san hugged me from behind.

"With this, every student in Brynhildr Class has enlisted in the Dragon Subjugation Squad."

Lisa murmured happily.

"You girls over there, save the joyous celebration for later. We will begin a simple orientation now."

While our overjoyed emotions were getting the better of us, Haruka-san prompted us with a reminder and we hastily stood at attention.


I apologized to Haruka-san but Miyako whispered to me unrepentantly.

"—We're having a celebration party afterwards, right?"

I nodded firmly to agree with her suggestion.

Part 6[edit]

"Okay, to celebrate passing the test, cheers!"

Miyako raised her full glass of orange juice and took the lead.

Inside my not particularly spacious room, all members of Brynhildr Class had gathered, including Haruka-san.


I concurred and bumped glasses with everyone.

"...I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart for volunteering to join the Dragon Subjugation Squad. Let us gather our powers together and fight when an emergency comes up."

Haruka-san bowed her head slightly and thanked us.

"Onee-chan, is the Dragon Subjugation Squad that in need of people?"

Finishing her orange juice in one breath, Miyako asked Haruka-san.

"Well, there are very few people willing to take on risky jobs. Although Ds wield potent powers, there is no obligatory reason to fight."

Smiling wryly, Haruka-san replied.

Indeed, hopes were placed on Ds as trump cards in battles against dragons. However, from our perspective, this was merely one out of various options to contribute to society. Whether we fight or not was a choice for us to make on our own.

Hence... It was only natural that the majority had no wish to put themselves in danger.

"Umm, I have a rather impertinent question—"

Lisa-san spoke hesitantly to Haruka-san.

"What's your question?"

"Haruka-san, do you have a reason to fight?"

The answer to Lisa-san's question was something I also wanted to know. How was Haruka-san going to answer? With my lips pressed to the edge of my glass, I secretly observed Haruka-san's expression.

"Well... I do have one—but it might not be the kind of noble reason that would resonate with you girls."

Hearing this, Firill-san tilted her head.

"Is it... something like revenge against dragons?"

"No, I don't have any motive as clear-cut as that. Although my parents had suffered from the dragon disasters caused by Vritra—before I was born—that's something too far off in the past for me. On a personal level, I don't feel any particular hatred towards dragons."

Miyako nodded at Haruka-san's explanation.

"We never got caught up in any dragon disasters."

"Indeed—If there is a target to hate, it would be NIFL if anything."

Haruka-san whispered in a voice of revulsion.


I wondered what this was about while repeating her words.

"Back when I was sent here, Midgard was still under NIFL's management as an isolation facility for Ds. As it so happened, the Ds' human rights movement started at the time, so I did not suffer any inhumane treatment. However, living under strict and total control was very stifling, to be honest."

Haruka-san clenched her fist and spoke forcefully.

"Does this relate to the Dragon Subjugation Squad?"

Lisa-san leaned forward and asked Haruka-san.

"Indeed, I want to prove that myself—and all Ds—are beneficial to humanity. That we are more valuable than those people at NIFL who treated me like a monster."

"Onee-chan hates losing after all—"

Miyako smiled with a shrug.

"Miyako, please hold your tongue. Well—Consequently, I went to assist in transmuting scarce resources while actively participating in the planning of operations to take down dragons. Before I knew it, I was already holding office as both student council president and the captain of the Dragon Subjugation Squad."

Haruka-san coughed then went back on topic.

"—Oh I see now. Thank you for telling me all this, Haruka-san. It will be very valuable for reference."

Lisa-san bowed her head solemnly and thanked Haruka-san.

"Not at all, no need to thank me. Rather, I was afraid I might've disillusioned you all..."

"Nothing of that sort! I believe that your intentions are very noble, Haruka-san!"

As Lisa-san shook her head frantically, I also concurred.

"Haruka-san, you are fighting for the sake of all Ds—I respect you very much!"

"Ooh... Stop flattering me."

Haruka-san shyly avoided my gaze.

"Haruka-san is blushing. That's so cute..."

Haruka-san's face grew even redder after she heard Firill's murmuring.

"Onee-chan is someone who easily gets embarrassed! Come on, let's all continue to praise her! Make her turn even redder!"

"Enough, Miyako! I give you an inch and you'll take a mile!"

Haruka-san smacked Miyako, the culprit who was instigating us, on the head.

"Oww—that's so mean, Onee-chan!"

Holding her head in an exaggerated manner, Miyako smiled happily.

I also relaxed my tense expression.

Haruka-san was truly amazing. And today, after joining the Dragon Subjugation Squad, I had gotten one step closer to her.

Although Nii-san, whose whereabouts were unknown, was still far beyond reach—As long as I kept on working hard like Haruka-san, one day, surely...

I prayed intensely in my heart for Nii-san to join in these happy everyday lives of ours.

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