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This is Tsukasa.

With the release of Unlimited Fafnir X: Invisible Successor, this series welcomes its tenth volume.

"X"... What a cool letter. Using roman numerals to label volumes is really wonderful.

Now that we've reached the milestone of double digits, no easy task, this time, let me talk about the series' creation environment which I haven't really mentioned so far.

The first volume of Unlimited Fafnir was written on my old desktop computer back home. As for how old, the version of Word still had the "97" in its name.

Since it was too ancient, that computer could not open new versions of Word and Excel documents, causing quite a lot of hassle. The rundown hard drive would make motor-like noises when booting up. Anyway, it was really annoying.

However, this computer had been in the house before I entered university. Using it all along to write my inferior essays, I've always treasured it with love and care. Personally, I planned to keep using it until it broke down completely.

However, because it was hard to transport it when I moved to the capital (which is true too as part of the desktop meaning), this ancient desktop machine was left back home.

After that, what took over was the laptop I had been using at the same time. To be honest, it's not as easy to type as on the desktop, but since I was moving to Tokyo, I had to rely on it for the time being.

When editing Volume 1's draft, I remember I was using cardboard boxes as a table, putting my laptop on top to do my work (it took almost two weeks for the table I bought to be delivered).

Word had advanced to the latest version all at once, so I could now open new files. However, because the increase in functions was too much, I even felt dizzy in the beginning...

But then again, did I use the laptop too roughly? One day, when I was opening the display, the hinge broke with a snap.

Luckily, the computer's functionality was not compromised. But worried when it might break again, I bought a new one—And right now, I'm using it to write this afterword.

Compared to my series before Fafnir, my writing environment has become much bigger.

However, I have no plans to change the mood and themes in my works.

In this Volume 10, I wrote out to my heart's content all the scenes I've always wanted to depict.

It feels like I've overcome a huge mountain.

However, the real climax has yet to come, so I have to continue working hard until then. If possible, I hope all of you dear readers could accompany Yuu and his buddies to the very end.

Now for acknowledgements.

Korie Riko-sensei, thank you for drawing such a cool cover featuring Yuu and Major Loki!

Iris, Ariella and the rest of the girls are super cute in both the color and monochrome illustrations. Too awesome. Please continue to look after me!

Editor in charge, Shouji-sama, I thank you again for completing your work seriously and swiftly despite your busy schedule. I think you are definitely overworked so please take care of your health!

Finally, let me express my sincere gratitude to all of you, dear readers.

Well then, see you next volume.

Tsukasa, September 2015

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

UnlimitedFafnir v10 259.jpg

Fafnir's 10th volume!!

Finally double digits!

Although I'm still no good at drawing male characters, I really love Major Loki so here's another one of him in the afterword.

Volume 10 was definitely quite the thrilling ride O_O;

Korie Riko

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