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This is Tsukasa. By the effects of a miraculous coincidence, I was given this chance to write for Kodansha Bunko.

The project planning started roughly from February then it felt like the days simply zoomed past after that.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a story featuring dragons!

It was discussing this kind of topic with my editor, with both of us exchanging many ideas, that the story's skeleton took form. With immense speed, I wrote an outline then focused singlemindedly on writing the book itself. Before I knew it, this Unlimited Fafnir series was born.

As it happened at the time, I had also moved house from Kyoto to Tokyo. Those were such hectic days but each and every day was filled with new experiences.

Whether writing a new story or starting a new life, I looked forward greatly to both of them.

Seeing the birth of characters that did not exist originally, gradually weaving a plot, that kind of excitement simply cannot be expressed in words.

In real life, I am also experiencing new things every day. Like wandering around because I couldn't find my house, trying to take a shortcut but ending up somewhere completely different, or taking a different route for a change of pace but taking a huge detour.

...Well, I suppose I simply get lost easily. I really need to fix my poor sense of direction.

Also, after moving house, something unbelievable happened.

On a certain day, I dreamed that... I was not only lost but my glasses were also broken. Standing in the streets, unable to take a step, I could only text my friends for help—This kind of terrifying dream.

However, glasses breaking doesn't happen so easily. Although it felt like an ominous premonition, I treated it as paranoia and continued with life optimistically.

But a few days later, when I was on the road, my glasses suddenly BROKE APART!

I had used those glasses since my student days, so I guess it must have reached the end of its life.

After that, I finally managed to get home on my home, but walking on unfamiliar streets, unable to to focus my vision on anything farther than a meter away, it really was quite a thrilling adventure.

Now that I think back, my glasses did exhibit some weird loosening, perhaps my body had sensed those subtle changes to warn me through a dream.

A so-called premonition might perhaps have some unexpected basis. No, I'm serious.

...Somehow, I don't have much space left to write, so let me start the acknowledgements.

Korie Riko-sensei, who draws the most awesome and beautiful illustrations for this series, I am truly grateful to you!

Iris is super cute. Although the smile on the cover is very attractive, I personally prefer the angry look on the inset page. Mitsuki and Lisa also turned out more adorable than I imagined. I am so moved!

Editor in charge, Shouji-sama, back when we first me, you were exuding such an extraordinary aura, with astounding speed, giving me precise advice, guiding the story to a higher dimension within the blink of an eye. I am truly moved to tears by your abilities. While promoting this series, you even had a website made specially for this book, I am so grateful to you. I am extremely happy and I offer you my utmost respect. Here on, please continue to look after me.

Then there is Konoe Ototsugu-sama who lent me plenty of assistance this time, everyone involved in binding, quality assurance and sales who worked dutifully for this book to be released, as well as all staff related to this series, and last but not least, all the essential readers who bought and read this book, I hereby offer you my sincere thanks!

Well then, see you next time.

Tsukasa, May 2013

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

UnlimitedFafnir v01 293.jpg

■Nice to meet you! I am Korie Riko, in charge of illustrations~ This is my first time drawing in a fantasy battle style, I'm enjoying it very much! I also look forward to the second volume♪

I really like Iris, but I also like Mitsuki-chan, oh, but Lisa-san too... (laugh)

But my true love is Yuu-kun, that's all!!!! (o∀o)

Korie Riko

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