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Provocative voices could be heard inside a certain room in Midgard's girl dormitories.

"Ah... Kyah, don't... Firill-san, this is too... unfair."

"...Lisa, you're just too careless."

"Ooh... I-I won't lose either!"

"...Mmm... That move just now, not bad... Maybe..."

Their passionate voices overlapped while things got even more intense between them.

At this moment, the door was opened and in rushed Midgard's student body president, Mononobe Mitsuki.

"What on earth... are you two doing?"

Mitsuki stared at her two classmates in exasperation.

"Can't you see? We're locked in an intense struggle."

Staring at the television, Lisa answered without looking back.

"...Wait a sec. Soon, it's about to end."

Firill operated a controller with astounding speed while declaring in confidence.

"Wha... I-I shall not give up on the chance for a comeback! Take this, this attack will—What, I can't believe you dodged!?"

"...The final blow."

"Ooh... I thought I could win this time..."

Lisa slumped her shoulders in dejection and put down her controller.

"So... I shall ask you two again. What on earth are you doing?"

Mitsuki crouched down, peered out between the two girls and looked at the television screen. On the screen was a lance-wielding maiden knight collapsed on the ground. Next to her was a magical girl in a victory pose.

"...We're playing a fighting game."

Firill answered concisely and Lisa added:

"Ever since Firill-san ordered it a few days ago, we have been playing this game every night, but I'm about to die of frustration from losing every battle."

"Oh? ...I think I have gotten the gist of the situation for now, but why call me over? I only hurried here in haste after because I thought something had happened, to receive a rare email from Lisa-san..."

Mitsuki sighed, staring at Lisa as she spoke.

"It's simply because I would like to fight you in the game, Mitsuki-san. If I keep on losing like this, I'll feel so bad that I won't be able to sleep, which is why I would like to raise my spirits by winning against you, Mitsuki-san."

"Using me as a target to vent your stress huh... When clearly it is almost time for lights out..."

Mitsuki frowned. At this moment, Firill presented her controller to Mitsuki.

"...Isn't this nice once in a while? We haven't gotten together much as classmates lately."

Thus, Firill kept staring at Mitsuki. Giving up, Mitsuki accepted the controller.

"Let me say this first... I have no intention of losing so easily, okay?"

"How many days do you think I've been losing to Firill-san continuously? A novice like you, Mitsuki-san, has no chance of winning."

Lisa smiled as though she had already won.

Lisa selected the same lance user as before whereas Mitsuki chose an archer.

"...All the characters in this game are girls."

Looking at the screen, Mitsuki commented.

"Yes, all of them are very cute and powerful. It feels like we somehow end up picking characters similar to ourselves. Although Firill-san and I tend to have different tastes, I do like this game very much."

Lisa explained in quite a lively manner.

Hence, the match began.

"Hold on... Mitsuki-san, have you played this game before!?"

Seeing Mitsuki seize initiative from her, Lisa exclaimed in surprise.

"No, this is my first time playing. It is just that the control systems tend to be similar for this type of game. I used to play games like these frequently with Nii-san in the past."

"Guh... B-But surely, you have yet to master this system. It is even possible to do this in the game!"

"Wha...? How underhanded, Lisa-san. How was that unleashed just now?"

Seeing Mitsuki panic, Firill offered advice.

"Well... Time yourself according to the opponent's attack and... Press this button—"

"F-Firill-san!? Whose side are you on?"

"...I am friends with both Lisa and Mitsuki."

Firill answered with a serious face. During this time, Mitsuki figured out the game's system and gradually reduced the gap between her and Lisa.

"I-I shan't lose... At least not against Mitsuki-san..."


The lancer performed a super move, emptying the archer's health bar.

"I did it! I finally managed my first victory!"

"...This feels rather frustrating."

Mitsuki remarked quietly.

"Lisa-san, another round."

"Fufu. Sure, I will accept no matter how many times."

Thus, Mitsuki and Lisa continued to fight. On similar levels, they both won and lost against each other.

"Speaking of which, Mitsuki-san, you mentioned playing games frequently in the past... Was Mononobe Yuu strong?"

Lisa asked while continuing the intense duel on the screen.

"Yes... If it is the category of fighting games, I believe he should be stronger than me."

Mitsuki answered while focusing her attention on her character.

"Wha...? Then that means I am weaker than Mononobe Yuu if all I can manage is fighting evenly against Mitsuki-san!?"

Just as Lisa faltered due to her revelation, Mitsuki's character unleashed a decisive move.

"That might be true, I suppose. If you cannot even defeat me, that implies that you still have far to go."

Pleased with the feeling of victory, Mitsuki smiled with abundant confidence.

"...F-Fufu, this is getting me all fired up. If I practice and become stronger, I would like to defeat Mononobe Yuu too."

"Lisa-san, you wish to play with Nii-san too?"

"C-Certainly not! This is a duel, not a game!"

Going extremely red, Lisa corrected Mitsuki's statement.

Thus, the three girls rotated and played until late at night, going their separate ways only after Firill started yawning.

Returning to her bedroom while rubbing her eyes, Mitsuki instantly laid herself on the bed and said softly:

"I wish to play with Nii-san too..."

Thus, Mitsuki began to think about what game to buy.

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