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Established around Midgard Academy was a tightly regulated security perimeter. Only specially authorized ships were allowed to pass through while transported goods were also inspected in detail. Consequently, goods that could be delivered were limited. The purchases of ordinary students, ordered from the outside world, would arrive on a fixed schedule on the Saturday of every week.

Hence, it was something of a weekend tradition to search through the mountain of delivered goods at the entrance to the girls dormitories in order to locate one's own purchases.

"Firill-chan... You amaze me as always."

Seeing her classmate Firill rummaging through the large number of cardboard boxes in search of her own parcels, Iris Freyja sighed in resignation.


Firill picked out yet another new parcel and placed in on a cart. Tilting her head, she did not understand what Iris meant.

"Let me guess, are all of them... books?"

"Yes, basically. There are also many special books which inevitably take up a fair amount of space because I order them from specialized vendors."

"Oh... Then for example, what kind of books are in that box?"

"...This? It contains many... thin books."[1]

"The books are very thin?"

"...Basically, for the most part, but they are certainly not thin in content. I bought them at Toranoana."

"Toranoana, as in 'den of the tiger'? T-That sounds like a scary place."

"...Indeed, it's the final destination for hunters wandering in search for prey. As the saying goes... Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

"A-Although I don't quite get what you mean... Firill-chan, you're really working hard."

"...Yes, I work extremely hard."

Firill nodded and began to push her cart. However, the tall pile of boxes were wobbling unsteadily.

"Oh no, it'll topple over. Let me help you support the boxes."

"...Thanks. Let me express my gratitude by lending you some of my thin books later."

"I can read them? Awesome, I'm so happy."

"By the way... What genres do you like?"

"Lemme think, I'd like to read about... stories featuring a prince as gallant as Mononobe."

"...Sorry, Iris, looks like it's too early for you to be reading the thin books. You'll have to make do with the ordinary, non-thin ones."

"Eh? I-Is that how things go?"

"...Yeah, because if ordinary books are enough to satisfy you... Now that's what I call bliss."

Firill stared into the distance and murmured.

"Hmm... Am I supposed to take that as a compliment?"

While helping out with moving the parcels, Iris continued to keep her head tilted in puzzlement.

Translation Notes & References[edit]

  1. Thin books: an euphemism for doujinshi.
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