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Midgard's girls dormitories. Inside one of the rooms there, girls' whispers could be heard quietly.

"Wow... Mononobe, that's so bold."

"Goodness gracious... Mononobe Yuu is truly a pervert. I cannot believe he would suddenly do that to someone's bosom..."

"Marriage is the only option now. There's no way out from marrying Mononobe-kun."


Called over by an email, Mononobe Mitsuki heard their voices when she arrived in front of the room. Frantically, she opened the door.

"No way, is Nii-san here!? This is the girls dormitories, after all!?"

"Oh, it's Mitsuki-chan."

However, Iris sounded unfazed in her response. There were no signs of Mitsuki's older brother, Mononobe Yuu, inside the room.

Iris, Lisa, Ariella and Ren were sitting around Firill who was holding a game controller. Some kind of game was shown on the television screen.

"This... What on earth is going on?"

Mitsuki asked, prompting Firill to look up and answer her.

"I bought a new game so I called everyone over."

"Another one... Well, that is nothing out of the ordinary. So what kind of game is it this time? Why did I think I heard Nii-san's name..."

"It's a game where you conquer cute girls. I tried using his name because the male protagonist's name can be changed freely."

Saying that, Firill showed Mitsuki the game's packaging which showed all the pretty girls standing together.

"Hmm... I do not quite understand but this seems targeted towards male gamers..."

"You're right but the game is unexpectedly fun. Want to try it with us? Whenever a choice pops up, share your opinion for reference."

"Well, I suppose it would be fine to stay a while... What was the situation just now?"

Taking her seat between Firill and Iris, Mitsuki inquired.

"Umm... He crashed into a pretty transfer student on a street corner and groped her chest by accident in the process."

"What an outrageous man, this Mononobe Yuu."

With arms crossed before her chest, Lisa remarked with slight displeasure.

"P-Please stop that! That is not the real Nii-san!"

Mitsuki interjected frantically to remind, but in that instant, Iris went red and murmured on the side.

"...Although the real one did see my naked body suddenly, push me down on the ground and even touched my chest."





An uncomfortable silence filled the room.

"H-Hurry and continue. Look, a choice has popped up."

Ariella forced herself to call out cheerfully and pointed at the screen.

"1) Get away from her as quickly as possible. 2) Grope her chest some more. 3) Grope while apologizing."

Firill calmly read out the choices.

"Common sense dictates the first choice only. 2) and 3) are totally no good, right?"

Appalled, Lisa commented.

"By the way, why are there two choices for groping?"


Ren agreed with Ariella's point.

"I agree with 1) too."

Hearing Mitsuki's opinion last, Firill moved the selection cursor.

"...Then here goes 3)."


Mitsuki could not help but raise her voice.

"Because I feel that 3) is possible if it's him."

"Please do not use Nii-san as a standard for choosing! Besides, Nii-san would not do that!"

"In any case, we can't go back once the choice is made. Also, have a look, everyone... It seems to be the right choice."


The girl on the screen responded to him with a "You haven't changed at all, always so kind but perverted..."

"Why!? I do not get it at all!"

Mitsuki made another outburst.

"...I'm guessing the setting goes something like this. She probably met the protagonist in the past but he doesn't remember her."

"But even so, the normal response is to get angry, right!?"

"That's probably because... he already raised flags in the past. This girl probably had max affection points from the start."

Firill answered while advancing through the game. On the side, Iris asked Mitsuki "what are flags?" but Mitsuki tilted her head in puzzlement.

"...Oh, the next character has shown up. This time, it looks like he suddenly caught a glimpse of the tsundere class rep's panties."

"Mononobe Yuu is incorrigible..."

Lisa sighed again.

"Like I said, stop using Nii-san's name, okay!?"

Ignoring Mitsuki's protests on the side, Firill read out the choices.

"1) Apologize sincerely. 2) Praise the beauty of the panties' pattern. 3) Lift her skirt for another look at her panties."

"Please kindly choose 1) this time."

Mitsuki insisted strongly.

"2) and 3) are totally perverted... Even I don't believe that Mononobe Yuu would be someone that depraved."

Lisa's opinion was seconded by Ariella and Ren.

"Yeah, let's apologize sincerely here."


Although the group's opinion brought a slightly bored expression to Firill's face, she nodded without raising objections.

"...Understood. Let's pick 1)—Oops, my hand slipped."

Using a deadpan voice, Firill picked 2).

—Hey, you clearly did that on purpose!

As a result, the male protagonist, Mononobe Yuu, began to deliver a long speech on panties patterns and textures. Confronted with this scene, Mitsuki covered her face with her hands.

"Nii-san... Nii-san... is not such a pervert."

"...Oh, but it looks like it was the right choice."


Firill patted Mitsuki's shoulder. Mitsuki looked at the screen, only to see the blushing tsundere class rep say "I can't believe you came up with such correct analysis just from seeing my underwear for an instant... You are no ordinary man. You are worthy to become my husband," instantly rushing into the proposal stage.

"What is up with this insane game!?"

Mitsuki wailed with incomprehension, clutching her head.

Firill took out the manual from the game box and scrutinized this character's introduction.

"...Oh I see. This says that she's the heiress to a high-class underwear manufacturing business. That's why she was impressed by his ability to appraise underwear quality in an instant."

"Because of something so stupid..."

Mitsuki stood up unsteadily and made her way to the exit.

"...You're leaving already?"

Firill asked in disappointment and Mitsuki nodded with a haggard face.

"Yes... If I were to watch any further, my value system is going to get warped."

Answering in an exhausted voice, Mitsuki returned to her own dor.

The very next day, in a super super super serious tone of voice, she cautioned her older brother who thought she had caught a cold:

"I am begging you, Nii-san, please do not turn into a pervert under any circumstances."

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