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Firill Crest, Student No. 2 of Brynhildr Class, was a girl who especially loved to read. She would always read whenever she found the opportunity to do so.

During lunch break, even along the way to and from the catering building, Firill would also walk while reading a paperback in her hand.

"Firill-chan, reading while you walk is dangerous, you know?"

Walking by Firill's side, Iris Freyja warned, her beautiful silver hair swaying. However, Firill answered in monotone without taking her eyes off her book:

"...Don't worry. Lisa's here."

Holding a book in her left hand, Firill walked while using her right hand to grip the uniform of Lisa who was walking in front. Lisa was apparently in charge of leading the way.

"B-But if you do that, Lisa-chan will get mad..."

Often scolded by Lisa, Iris peered at Lisa's reaction while worrying for Firill.

Immediately, Lisa looked back with a wry smile on her face.

"I have already given up on Firill-san. During the past year or so after becoming classmates with her, my lips have grown tired from lecturing her, yet she completely refuses to heed my advice at all."

Lisa spoke with an expression of resignation.

"...Not exactly. I do listen, more or less. When Lisa's not around, I don't read while I'm walking."

"In that case, Firill-san, I shall stop walking with you from now on."

"...I like the nice Lisa."

Firill gazed at Lisa with sparkling eyes.

"Sigh... Goodness gracious, Firill-san, you rely on me far too much. Even after being assigned to different rooms, she still visits my room every night."

Hearing that, Iris interjected with a surprised expression:

"Lisa-chan and Firill-chan used to be roommates? I never knew!"

Lisa frowned in response to Iris' comment.

"It's true... but to be honest, I have no wish to recall those times."

"Eh? Why not? Don't tell me you had a fight with Firill-chan? Is that why you got assigned to different rooms...?"

Iris asked hesitantly, but Lisa sighed and shook her head in denial.

"No, we did not fight. It's just that those days were like a nightmare. Books, increasing in number with each passing day... Piles of books, growing ever taller... Books, falling like an avalanche if my foot were to touch them accidentally in my sleep... Books, books, books! I don't want to get almost crushed to death by books again."

Perhaps recalling those memories, Lisa shuddered with fear.

At this moment, Firill spoke quietly as though filling in the details:

"Hence, it couldn't be helped. I was forced to rent another room for book storage."

"What book storage!? That is supposed to be your bedroom!"

Lisa retorted at Firill without hesitation.

"...I cannot sleep in that dangerous a room."

"In that case, please tidy it up slightly. At this rate, your current room will overflow too."

"...Well, I have been arranging things in order to fit things into that room. I also mail home the books that can't fit."

Firill replied nonchalantly.

"In my view, you should simply mail them all home."

"...No way. There are books I want to re-read. It'll also feel a bit embarrassing if I mail back books of a certain nature."

"Wha... B-But keeping those books around is embarrassing! I accidentally saw them when I was still rooming with you and it traumatized me!"

Lisa yelled with her face red. Seeing her like that, Iris cocked her head in puzzlement.

"What did you see? Was it so scary that it was traumatizing?"

"I-Iris-san, you do not need to know about such things! I-It is enough for me alone to suffer such an experience."

Lisa frantically spoke to Iris but Firill snickered proudly.

"In other words, Lisa wants to keep the pleasure to herself. No problem, I can lend them to you any time."

"No thanks! I seriously have no interest in those things."

"...You don't need to be shy."

"I am certainly not acting shy!"

Taking offense, Firill pouted. On the other hand, Lisa raised her eyebrows in anger. Seeing the two girls like that, Iris smiled.

"I don't really get it... But summing up, you two were close friends starting a long time ago, right?"

"...Yes, Lisa and I are bosom buddies."

Firill nodded seriously and agreed.

"! ...W-Well, that I won't deny."

Lisa looked away and responded. Facing a new direction, she quickened her walking pace.

Then Firill started reading again, with her right hand gripping Lisa's clothing tightly, following behind her—

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