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Hello again, I'm Tsukasa.

Thank you for buying Unlimited Fafnir III, Crimson Catastrophe.

Although Volume 3 took just as long as Volumes 1 and 2 to be released, due to end-of-year schedules, the release dates of January books are moved earlier to the end of December, so it feels like there was less of a gap between this volume and the previous one.

Actually, it's just a difference of a few days. Human perceptions are quite uncanny.

This shares similarities with seeing something priced at 298 yen in the supermarket and inexplicably thinking "it costs two-hundred-something." But this sort of illusion would be dispelled at the checkout counter. It's actually quite troublesome due to seeing figures greater than expected.

Some people say there is magic in words and languages, while the numbers "98" feel like they have actual power, even to the point of driving the economy. Illusions can be scary.

But so-called illusions—or rather, human preconceptions and jumping to conclusions—As long as they're used appropriately, they're actually quite convenient.

Take my case for example. I frequently indulge in my imagination, thus blurring my sense of time.

It started back in primary school. I didn't notice it in particular when walking home from school with friends, but whenever I was alone, I would find the distance home abnormally far. Especially in the summer when it was hot and stuffy, the faster I wanted to get home, the heavier each step seemed to feel...

But during those times, I would seriously imagine "if dragons appeared here, what would I do to survive?" then reflect on solutions. Before I knew it, I would arrive home—This was a strange experience which made me feel as though time had flown by.

To my young self, that feeling was like "actual magic that could be used."

Then before I knew it, imagination became my tool for controlling my sense of time.

It was very suited to long-distance travel or when waiting. It takes about two and a half hours to get to Tokyo from my parent's house in Kyoto (taking the bullet train), but by relying on imagination—or rather, making drafts for novels—this journey would turn into something instantaneous.

But after starting this job, I discovered this magic's only drawback.

Namely, the acceleration of time during imagination seems to always happen during my writing process, so hours and days go by rapidly in an instant. Then the deadlines come approaching with frightening speed.

In these situations, I would want to have more time, so it feels like a bit of a bad deal.

I guess this is what they call tradeoffs.

The same goes for this afterword. Counting from when I started writing, an hour has already zoomed by without me noticing, so it's almost time to wrap things up.

Korie Riko-sensei, thank you again for your lovely illustrations! I'm so lucky to be able to see Iris and Lisa's magnificent scene in the hot spring. Mitsuki also looks very cool on the cover, and cute as well, it's awesome!

Editor in charge Shouji-sama, thank you for always handling things swiftly, it's really a great help. Your correct and rapid advice is very valuable, please continue to look after me.

Then I would like to thank all readers sincerely. It's all thanks to you that I am able to turn the "continuation" in my mind into something tangible.

Oh, finally, I have to report on the manga version.

The manga version will apparently be serialized in Good! Afternoon magazine. I think the latest news should be announced successively on the official website, so please show your support.

Well then, see you next time.

Tsukasa, November 2013

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

UnlimitedFafnir v03 259.jpg


Volume 3 is released!

I really want Mitsuki-chan to share my bed.

The ending of Volume 3 is so shocking!!

Please look forward to the next volume!

Korie Riko

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