Unlimited Fafnir:Volume 3 Toranoana SS

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Tia Lightning woke up amidst gentle body warmth again today.



On the bed, she was sandwiched between Lisa Highwalker and Firill Crest who were soundly asleep.

Tia was currently living in the girls dorm as Lisa's roommate. Firill had her own room, but because it had essentially turned into book storage, she would come to Lisa's room every night.

And for some reason, even though there were clearly two beds, the three girls were sleeping together in one of them.

According to Firill, that bed apparently provided better sleep.

Tia agreed. Sandwiched between the two girls' soft bosoms, it felt very warm and calming.

"If it's right now... Tia should be able to touch them without getting scolded."

After making sure Lisa was sound asleep, Tia buried her face into Lisa's bosom.

This feeling was as though the mother's warmth in her vague memories had reawakened, hence, Tia loved to touch Lisa's breasts.

However, Lisa would scold her for acting like a baby if Tia touched them while she was awake.

Hence, Tia indulged herself in Lisa's bosom without reservation only when Lisa was asleep.

"So soft... So warm..."

Buried in the cleavage, she kept turning her face.

"Ah... Mmm..."

Perhaps feeling a bit ticklish, Lisa moaned seductively in her dreams.

"Such huge breasts... Maybe milk could be squeezed out?"

Tia tried groping Lisa's breast with her hand.

(Grope grope.)

"Ah... Mmm..."

"...Nngg... Ahmm..."

"...Nothing's coming out."

Tia kept groping Lisa's breast while thinking what to do.

"Oh right!"

Tia's expression brightened up with inspiration. Moving up from the pajamas, she pressed her face against the front of the breast.



Lisa's body suddenly shuddered violently.


The unexpectedly fierce reaction made Tia jump in surprise. Frantically, she moved her face away from Lisa's breast.

"Phew... She didn't wake up yet."

Confirming that Lisa was still asleep, Tia breathed a sigh of relief.

"But it looks like she'll wake up, so Tia should switch to Firill next."

Tia turned the direction she was facing then pressed her face against Firill's breast on the other side.


Firill's reaction was faint and she seemed to be in deeper slumber than Lisa.

"Firill's boobs are so big and soft too..."

Tia remarked happily. Firill's bosom felt a little more elastic than Lisa's.

"...If it's Firill's, maybe some milk can be squeezed out."

Thinking that, Tia started to grope Firill's breast too.

(Grope grope.)


(Grope grope grope.)


But still, nothing came out.

"If that's the case, Tia will resort to sucking!"

Making her decision, Tia went to suck Firill's breast.


"...Ah... Mmmhmm..."

Firill exhaled hot breath faintly.


"Ahmmm... Nn... Ahhh... W-What?"

With a violent shudder, Firill opened her eyes.


Thinking she was going to get scolded, Tia instantly shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

"Ah... So Tia must have gone delirious in her sleep. Sheesh... My pajamas are wet."

"...What's the matter?"

Apparently due to Firill's murmurings, Lisa had woken up too.

Worried of getting found out and scolded, Tia fearfully listened to their conversation.

"Ahaha... Tia was sucking on me."

"...Looks like I was a victim too. I was thinking why did my pajamas feel a little cold... So it was because of her."

Lisa sighed.

"Surely, she's still... at an age when she wants her mother."

"That I know... but I feel that she likes being spoiled a bit too much."

"...That's part of what makes her cute, right? Looking at Tia... Don't you feel like having a child one day?"

Gently stroking Tia's hair while Tia was pretending to be asleep, Firill asked Lisa.

"W-Well... That kind of thought does cross my mind occasionally..."

"...By the way, can I ask who do you imagine to be the child's father?"


"Fufu... Lisa, you're turning bright red."

"Q-Quit teasing me!"

The early morning bedroom was filled with noise. Deciding it would not be unnatural to wake up under these circumstances, Tia opened her eyes lightly—

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