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"Welcome to the Fourth Brynhildr Class Girls-Only Gaming Event!"

After dinner, Mononobe Mitsuki was called to Lisa's room and was greeted by the grinning Firill Crest.

All the girls belonging to Brynhildr Class had gathered in Lisa's room. Seeing them wave cheerfully, Mitsuki sighed.

"Although I had a feeling already... So it is a video game again."

"Yes, I've obtained a fun game, which is why I gathered everyone."

Welcoming Mitsuki while holding a controller in her hand, Firill pointed at the television proudly.

Displayed on the screen was a game with pixelated images and a relatively limited palette.

"This is quite an old game..."

"Old but it's a classic, you know? The content is very profound."

After answering, Firill handed a controller to Mitsuki.

"Uh, what needs to be done first...?"

"This game requires you to create your own character to conquer a labyrinth. A team can have a maximum size of six. Mitsuki, go and make a character too."

"But if the upper limit is six, then aren't there too many of us here?"

Mitsuki looked at the other classmates in the room. Lisa, Ren, Ariella, Iris, Tia, plus Mitsuki and Firill gave a total of seven. Hence, a count showed that one person would be excluded.

But for some reason, Lisa and the others were shrouded in gloom, not reacting to what Mitsuki said.

"Oh, don't mind them. They're like that because we already played a little bit and everyone got wiped out except me."

"W-Wiped out?"

"Yeah, characters in this game die when their HP reaches zero, so be careful."

Firill smiled and explained.

"T-This game is quite something."

Mitsuki gulped. In any case, she started with creating a character with her own name.

"Assign the randomly determined total of stat points then choose your job class."

"Well then... I shall select a mage."

Mitsuki followed Firill's instructions to finish creating her character.

"Okay, now we've got two in the team, leaving four spots... Who wants to redeem themselves?"

When Firill asked, Lisa, Iris and Tia raised their hands.

"I shan't admit defeat so easily."

"I definitely won't lose again!"

"Tia wants to play!"

However, Ariella and Ren remained depressed, shaking their heads to give up.

"No thanks, it feels really bad when a character with your name gets taken out..."


Ren agreed with Ariella.

"Then we're lacking one person. I guess times like these calls for..."

Saying that, Firill leaned close to Tia who had finished making her character.

"Tia-san, let's create a Mononobe Yuu character together."

"Yes! Tia wants to go adventuring with Yuu!"

Tia nodded in agreement and immediately started to customize a new character. When the stat point total came up, Firill shook her head and said:

"No good, re-roll."


"The number of stat points for allocation is decided randomly. Since we don't do this every day, we'll insist on re-rolling until we get a high number of points... Let's make him a very powerful character."

"Yes, Tia will make Yuu strong!"

"Tia-san, in order to help Nii-san survive the upcoming battles, please take care in helping creating Nii-san's character."

Listening to their conversation, Mitsuki placed her hand on Tia's shoulder as though offering a prayer.

Thus, the long struggle began.

"This total is not bad, right?"

"No good, the theoretical maximum is even higher."

Mitsuki rejoiced to see a much higher stat total on the screen than usual, but Firill calmly shook her head in disagreement.

"Tia will try harder!"

Tia persevered in customizing the character.

"Let us just use that total. Can we hurry up and begin...?"

Despite Lisa's exasperated urging, Firill and Tia ignored her.

"Even if he's weak, he's still Mononobe. There's no need to keep starting over..."

Iris seemed to be disagreeing on a different point. However, Mitsuki shook her head with a stern expression.

"Iris-san, please bear with it. Nii-san must become strong. Because... I do not wish to see Nii-san die."


Iris and Mitsuki clasped each other's hands.

Behind them, Ariella yawned instead.

"I'm starting to get sleepy..."


"Oh, Ren's already asleep."

With people starting to succumb to sleep, Tia and Firill were still quietly working on character creation.


"Got it... This is almost the highest value."

Firill cheered.

"This is the best... Tia could do."

Tia rubbed her sleepy eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

"We did it..."

"Mononobe is so strong, so very strong..."

Mitsuki and Iris looked touched and congratulated each other in delight.

"So it's finally over, is it...? Let us begin the adventure at last."

Lisa sighed irritably whereas Ariella and Ren were already fast asleep.

"Yes... But—"

Although Firill nodded, a worried look surfaced on her face.

"If possible... I would like Nii-san to avoid dangerous places."

"Tia doesn't want Yuu to die..."

Tia agreed with Mitsuki.

"Everyone, let's leave Mononobe in the town."

"Yes, I believe that would be best."

Mitsuki supported Iris' suggestion.

But after hearing what they said, Lisa began to yell.

"Then for what purpose did you spend that huge amount of time!?"

"Even if you say that... I will still worry about Nii-san. No, rather, I should ask why must he go adventuring in the first place...?"

Iris immediately nodded in agreement with Mitsuki's murmured question.

"Yeah, I think living in town is both safe and happy."

"—Hmm, that's one kind of ending too... I guess."

Firill made a gentle smile, but Lisa glared at her and said:

"Stop making a facial expression as though you have brought about a happy ending! Give me back my time!"

Hence, their adventure came to a close amidst Lisa's mournful yelling.

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