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"Mitsuki-san, for what purpose exactly have you called me specifically to your dormitory?"

On Sunday, Lisa Highwalker inquired with an expression of puzzlement after being summoned by an email from her classmate, Mononobe Mitsuki.

"Well... Actually, I have a favor to ask of you—I-In any case, please come to my room first."

Having gone out of her way to the entryway to receive her visitor, Mitsuki invited Lisa to her room with slight nervousness in her demeanor.

"By the way, is he here?"

Lisa looked around while walking inside the spacious dormitory because Mtsuki's older brother, Mononobe Yuu, also lived in the same building.

"If you are referring to Nii-san, he has gone out for training."


"Yes, he apparently engages in many types of training inside the jungle. During times like these, he pretty much stays out until evening."

The tropical island of Midgard was predominantly occupied by dense jungle filled with flourishing tropical plants. There was a vast patch of jungle behind the dormitory and Mitsuki's older brother apparently engaged in training there.

"Training in such hot weather... What a peculiar hobby he has."

Gazing at the fierce sunlight streaming in through the window, Lisa remarked in exasperation.

"Lisa-san, you sound rather displeased. By any chance... were you hoping to see Nii-san?"

"O-Of course not! Instead, it is more of a relief that he is not around."

Blushing to her ears, Lisa averted eye contact.

While the two girls were talking, they had already arrived at Mitsuki's bedroom on the second floor of the dorm.

"Please enter."

"—Thank you for your hospitality."

After entering Mitsuki's neat and tidy room, Lisa sat down on the sofa in front of the television.

"So, what favor did you intend to ask of me?"

Lisa brought up Mitsuki's request again.

"Actually, umm... I would like you to be my practice partner."

"Practice partner?"

"Yes... Umm, I would like to do something for Nii-san... But because it is too sudden, I have no idea if I am able to do it well, hence..."

Seeing Mitsuki fidgeting awkwardly and stammering, Lisa sighed.

"Simply stated, you would like me to serve as a Guinea pig, right? Very well, I accept your request."

Mitsuki showed relief to hear her answer. Pointing to her large bed, she said:

"Thank you! This is something I can only ask you, Lisa-san... W-Well then, could you please undress and lie down on the bed?"

"What...? Undress? A-And lie down on the bed? Mitsuki-san, what on earth are you intending to practice!?"

Lisa went red and lost composure, but Mitsuki also blushed after seeing her reaction.

"Please do not misunderstand, okay? I simply wish to give Nii-san as much pleasure as possible..."

"Pleasure!? S-Such shameless indecency..."

Hearing herself exclaiming shrilly, Lisa covered her own mouth.

"Please let me finish first! I simply, umm, wish to give Nii-san a massage!"

Mitsuki waved her hands and finally explained her goal.

"—Eh? O-Ohhh... So a massage is what you intend to practice."

Lisa stroked her chest in relief.

"Will Nii-san be happy if I give him a massage after he is tired from training...?"

Mitsuki nodded in embarrassment and wondered.

"You are such a paragon of virtue as always. Please experiment on me as much as you wish, seeing as it is for such a cause."

Lisa sighed, undressed and laid herself on the bed, wearing only underwear.

"W-Well then, please bear with me..."

Mitsuki straddled Lisa who was lying face down and started to massage her.

"Mm... Ah... You have excellent technique."

While Mitsuki was massaging her back, Lisa immediately commented as though in great pleasure.

"Really? Then let me switch to the area of the shoulder blades next... Oh, this part is rather stiff."

"Yes... I do get very sore and stiff shoulders because of my heavy bust. In this regard, I am quite jealous of your slim figure, Mitsuki-san."

Hearing this, Mitsuki's movements instantly froze.

"—Mitsuki-san? What's the matter...? It really hurts! You're using too much force!"

Feeling fingers pressing hard on her stiff shoulders, Lisa kept kicking her legs due to the pain.

"No, it is because you are quite stiff here, hence exerting greater force would be just right."

"Like I said, it really hurts! Mitsuki-san, stop the massage—"

Pressing on the suffering Lisa, Mitsuki mercilessly continued to massage.

"Phew...... I suppose that is enough."

Just as Mitsuki finally stopped, Lisa sat up unsteadily.

"—How ruthless of you. Now it's my turn."

Lisa moved her hands and gradually approached Mitsuki.

"Huh? N-No thanks."

"Cut the nonsense! Come, undress yourself now!"

"Kyah! Wait, Lisa-san, you are showing such scary eyes!?"

Mitsuki was forcibly stripped and pushed down on the bed.

"Fufufu, I shall make you scream from pleasure. Prepare yourself."

"N-No... Ah, nngghh... Kyah... Ah, nngghh... Kyahhh—"

Mitsuki's seductive screams rang out.

And those screams could even be heard faintly by the older brother who was training in the jungle behind the dormitory.

Hurrying back in haste, he was going to barge into the scene, only to see the two girls locked in struggle dressed in only underwear. However, there was no way they were going to know that at the time.

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