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"—So what you mean is you wish to fight?'

In a grave tone of voice, Lisa Highwalker asked her classmates who had gathered in her room.

"Yes, I will fight!"

Clenching both fists, the silver-haired girl, Iris Freyja, nodded affirmatively.

"Tia wants to tour the school festival with Yuu too!"

"I'd also like to have a good time in Mononobe-kun's company, so I won't back down."

Tia and Firill nodded as well and looked at Lisa with serious eyes.

"Ren and I can take care of the first day, no problem."


Sitting with their backs against the bedside Ariella and Ren opted out of this competition.

"Due to parent schedules, it is already decided that Nii-san, Lisa-san and I have our shifts on the second day, thus leaving one remaining spot. Consequently, Iris-san, Tia-san and Firill-san will have to compete for that spot."

After Mitsuki analyzed the situation, Lisa nodded in agreement.

"So that is how things stand. Firill-san, do you have a game where three players can compete against one another at the same time?"

Prompted by the question, Firill began to search a paper bag she had brought with her.

"Let me see... If it's this game, up to four players can compete."

Firill took out the game to show everyone then explained.

"So what kind of game is it?"

"You can think of it as a Monopoly-style game where the goal is to buy real estate and gradually build up your assets. There are many versions of this type of game. This one is the solar system version."

"S-Solar system?"

Lisa asked in bewilderment.

"Yes, the stage is set in a future when the solar system is undergoing development. It's basically the kind of game where players throw a die to determine how far they advance along a galactic railway. Depending on which square they land, they might gain or lose money, or possibly receive attack items. The destination planets are determined randomly and you can receive a large amount of money when you land on them."

Firill explained calmly.

"—Although the scale is unnecessary large, there we go. Since it is essentially a Monopoly game, victory will depend on your respective luck, I suppose?"

Lisa consented to using the game to decide the winner then started to set up the console.

"...Lisa is getting more and more experienced."

Firill murmured upon seeing Lisa take out the cables to connect to the console in an orderly fashion.

"T-That's because you keep bringing games over to my room, Firill-san!"

Despite protesting with a red face, Lisa still completed the preparations then handed controllers to Iris, Tia and Firill.

"Well then, everyone, let the match begin!"


"Tia won't lose!"

"...Let's do our best."

Iris' eyes lit up with serious brightness as they started the solar system Monopoly game.

"Let me start first... Oh, so it starts from the Earth zone and the first destination is Mars."

Saying that, Iris rolled her die on the game screen. The result was 2.

"Oh, I didn't manage to leave the atmosphere but I received a bit of money."

Seeing her cash increase slightly, Iris rejoiced.

"Next it's Tia's turn!"

All fired up, Tia gripped her controller tightly.

"Oh, a 6! Tia can reach the Moon! Let's see... The Rabbit Steamed Bun shop on the Moon is very cheap and Tia can afford it apparently... Yes, real estate!"

After Tia rapidly bought real estate on the Moon, it was Firill's turn to roll her die next.

"I got a 4. Landing on an item square gives me an attack card, a Black Hole Generator."

"T-That's quite an outrageous weapon so suddenly."

Observing from the side, Lisa's expression froze.

"I'll have to work hard so that I don't get left behind, here I go!"

Iris tossed her die for the second round but the outcome was 1.

"Eh—I'm still on satellite orbit..."

Iris slumped her shoulders in disappointment.

"Tia will pull ahead of everyone!"

Tia tossed another 6, further increasing the gap.

"Man... Tia-san's so lucky."

Firill rolled her die with a frustrated expression.

"4 again... Obtaining the Tsukimi Oolong Noodles Shop at Moon's space junk zone."

Firill bought her real estate with slight discontent.

Thus, the game continued smoothly.

During the fifth round, after leaving everyone else in the dust, Tia was the first to land on Mars.

"Awesome! Tia is the first to reach Mars! So much money!"

Tia used her increased cash to buy out all of Mars' real estate.

Seeing Tia's total assets jump to first place, Firill and Iris looked worried.

"We're going to lose at this rate... And the next destination is Jupiter, with Tia-san closest to it. Iris, by this stage, let's use our cards to attack. We won't be able to catch up to her otherwise."

Firill spoke to Iris with a serious expression.

"G-Got it! By the way, something weird is following my galactic train!"

"Oh, that's the Super Galactic God of Poverty. Whenever players enter a destination, it will haunt the last player. You've got to be careful because it's going to wreak havoc on your turns."

"Ehhh! Oh no, it sold off my Colony Tomato Farm without asking!"

"The God of Poverty will move only if you reach the next destination or if you overtake another player."

"Is that how it works? Then I have to work hard to stop Tia-chan from advancing."

Iris nodded in response then used an attack card she had received earlier.

"Take that! Astral Cannon, fire!"

A beam shot out of Iris' galactic train, aiming straight for Tia in the Martian zone.

"Hmph, that kind of attack won't work on Tia!"

However, Tia activated a defensive card in her possession.

"Laser Bending Ring!? Woah, it's flying towards me now!"

The beam fired by Iris changed trajectory along the way and struck Firill.

"Now Firill has to rest for three turns!"

"S-Sorry, Firill-chan..."

Iris apologized, feeling very bad for Firill.

While Firill was immobilized, Iris overtook her, prompting the Super Galactic God of Poverty to move.

"...E-Even the God of Poverty is here. In that case, I have to use my final resort."

Firill finally regained freedom of movement. With a resentful gaze, she announced:

"The Black Hole Generator will suck in everyone then cause random movement. Prepare yourselves."

"Eh!? But Tia is almost near the goal!?"

About to reach Jupiter, Tia cried out.

"Hmph... Be devoured by darkness."

"Firill-san, it feels as though you've turned into another person!?"

Ignoring Lisa's comment, Firill used the Black Hole Generator.

In that instant, the screen was immediately swallowed by a black vortex. Every player's galactic train was transferred to a random location.


"Oh, Tia reached the goal!"


Moved to Jupiter, Tia cheered joyfully whereas Firill was stunned.

"Uwah—I'm back on Earth..."

Back to the starting point, Iris collapsed on the floor limply.

The gap was impossible to close. Hence, the match reached its conclusion.

"Tia can be with Yuu for the school festival! And with Lisa too!"

Tia ran towards Lisa happily. Lisa hugged her and stroked her head.

"Indeed, Tia-san, let's enjoy the school festival together."

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