Unlimited Fafnir:Volume 5 Toranoana SS

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It was the first day of the school festival. That night, Midgard Academy's student body president, Mononobe Mitsuki, had finished helping out with her homeroom's cafe preparations for the next day, and was patrolling the school with a flashlight in hand.

While making the rounds through the various classrooms, paying particular attention to whether sources of fire hazards had been switched off, she noticed quiet whispers.


The voices were coming from the stairs leading to the roof.

Mitsuki walked quieter and made her way towards that direction.

"Hehehe... You're no upstanding person."

"Not at all, I can't even compare with you."

Overhearing an overtly suspicious conversation, Mitsuki frowned.

—Although I do not know who they are, I must stop them if this is behavior disrupting public morals.

Committing her determination, Mitsuki stepped onto the crime scene.

"Over there! What exactly are you two doing!?"

Shining her flashlight at them, Mitsuki questioned sharply.

Amidst the circular beam of light, two girls were illuminated.

One of them was wearing sunglasses with a surgical mask to hide her face. The other girl had her face turned away from the brightness of the light.

"Eeek! President Mitsuki!? Sorry, sorry!"

The sunglasses girl screamed, threw away the object in her hand, turned around and tried to run away.

"Hey! Stand right there!"

Mitsuki was just about to chase her down the stairs when the remaining girl grabbed her arm.

"Hurry and run! I'll hold her here!"


While Mitsuki was obstructed, the sunglasses girl fled the scene.

"Phew... She finally got away."

The girl who had remained breathed a sigh of relief, but this time, it was Mitsuki's turn to grab her arm instead.

"I shall not allow you to escape. Confess obediently, what exactly were you two doing here? —Eh? Principal?"

Mitsuki shone the flashlight at the girl's face and froze in surprise.

Over there was Midgard's chief administrator, Principal Charlotte B. Lord.

She was scratching her cheek in embarrassment, looking for an excuse.

"No, umm... I wasn't doing anything illicit, okay? As the principal, I simply wish to form stronger bonds with students..."

"......Choosing this sort of location out of scrutiny, I humbly believe it would be rather unconvincing if one were to insist that nothing illicit was going on."

Since she was dealing with the principal, Mitsuki could not take too forceful a stance, but still, she questioned in a sharp tone of voice.

At this moment, her gaze shifted towards the objects scattered on the floor.

"These are... photos? How rare it is nowadays to see someone printing out this great quantity of photos to carry around."

"Well, because censorship of digital data is extremely strict nowadays, printing them out makes it easier to keep things under wraps when carrying out transactions—C-Crap!"

The principal was explaining smugly when she realized her slip of the tongue. By the time she covered her mouth in panic, it was already too late.


One by one, Mitsuki picked up the photos that were scattered on the floor so as to check the contents.

"These are photos of female students taken during the school festival, are they not? The angles are especially vulgar... Did you obtain consent when taking these photos?"

"No, well..."

The principal looked away in panic.

"I will have to confiscate these photos if they were taken without consent. Even if you are the principal, I cannot condone behavior that threatens public morals."

"W-Wait! Rather than making a collection of young maidens all dressed up for the school festival, these are important records—"

"Principal, you are confessing on your own."

Mitsuki sighed with undisguised exasperation.

"Please! At least... his photo, even it's just that one, could you return it to me?"

Mitsuki was just about to place the photos into her pocket when the principal grabbed her arm and pleaded.


"Your brother."

"Nii-san? But the subjects of the photos are all girls..."

Mitsuki suddenly stopped mid-sentence. She stared at one particular photo but the principal swiftly snatched it away from the side.

"How is it? Great photo, right? Unexpectedly my type, I can't help but feel my heart racing. Oh how I regret that I could not see it in person because I had too much business to attend to."

"Indeed... Although the angle is still objectionable, it is quite a pretty photo."

Admiring the appearance of her brother who had been forced to crossdress for the first day of the school festival, Mitsuki answered.


"However, I still have to confiscate it. Secret photography is wrong."

"Ahhh... That's so cruel."

The principal slumped her shoulders in despair.

Seeing her like that, Mitsuki felt a little apologetic. Hence, she hesitantly said:

"—Please do not be so depressed. I will return the photo to you once I explain to Nii-san and obtain his consent."

"Really!? Well, but... I don't think he'll consent."

"Do not worry, just leave it to me. I will assuredly make sure he consents."

Mitsuki promised the principal with a smile, finishing her sentence in her mind—

—Because I want one too.

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