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This is Tsukasa. By the time I noticed, 6 volumes have already been released. With so many scheduled trips this summer, it feels kind of like time went past in a flash.

Getting invited to take part in a Taiwan event was my first time leaving the country ever. Since I've never even taken a plane before (I apparently took a flight once in my childhood, but it doesn't count since I don't remember it) so everything felt so fresh.

Oh my, a plane really flies in the sky... Although that's only logical, seeing the scenery tilt for real and the ground gradually getting far away, it's truly breathtaking for me.

Sure enough, there are many things which are hard to understand without experiencing them.

I originally thought that Tokyo's summers were very hot, but Taiwan is even hotter. It made me feel poignantly that I've really arrived in a different country. Then my next surprise was the number of vehicles and that traffic lights showed seconds to countdown. There were so much scenery I wouldn't normally see.

But when I came to an anime shop, I saw many characters commonly seen in Japan arranged inside. There was even an extra large poster of Fafnir!

The event was so crowded and bustling it was like a doujinshi fair in Japan, especially the lively atmosphere centered around young people. And all the readers attending the Fafnir autograph session were very enthusiastic and welcoming. I had a very happy time there.

...Oh, this is totally a Taiwan trip report, or more like a "summer vacation reflection" (sweats).

I was very bad at writing picture diaries or book reports for summer vacation back in school, so I'm not confident whether I can write these kinds of reports in an interesting way... Anyway, I would be deeply honored if I succeeded in letting you feel my joy slightly.

Then after returning to Japan, every day was extremely busy for me, either attending a doujinshi fair or having meetings for the anime.

That's right... The anime adaptation is progressing step by step! Recently, the meetings have gotten frequent, making me finally feel that my work is being animated for real... Scheduled to air next year starting January, please check out the book band for this volume to see the details.

My feelings are so similar to when taking a flight.

While on a flight, I kept looking at the screen showing the altitude, speed, temperature and current location. I felt a sense of surreal elation at the situation of flying 9000 meters in the air at almost 800 kilometers per hour.

It was a floating, restless feeling, perhaps it might be easier to describe it this way.

Amidst this massive project of an animated adaptation, it's like being on a plane flying at immense speed across the sky and afraid to look "outside."

But it's a loss if you take a plane without looking out the window, so I intend to enjoy things properly, doing everything I can, working hard to create a good product, so please show your support.

Also, Fafnir's manga adaptation, serialized in Good! Afternoon magazine, is currently entering the climax of the Leviathan battle. Leviathan is super impressive, it's so cool looking! The manga's first volume will be released for sale at the same time as the novel's sixth volume, so I'd be overjoyed if you could read both together.

Then next are acknowledgements.

Korie Riko-sensei, thank you for drawing so many charming illustrations of Ren in this volume, I'm so grateful to you! It's so happy to see Ren have so many expression since she did not have a prominent part in the story until now. Of course, it's not just Ren. Iris and the others are very cute too, it's too awesome!"

Editor in charge, Shouji-sama, thank you for your amazing draft correction advice for this volume as well. Thank you for looking after me during the Taiwan event and anime meetings, I'm truly grateful to you. Things seem like they'll get even busier from now on, I look forward to us continuing to work together.

Then I have to express my utmost thanks to all the readers cheering for me. See you next time.

Tsukasa, August 2014

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

UnlimitedFafnir v06 307.jpg

I drew so many illustrations of Ren-chan this time!!

I really wanna hear Ren-chan call me Onii-chan (Onee-chan) (°∀°*)

Korie Riko

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