Unlimited Fafnir:Volume 6 Prologue

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The young girl knew many things.

At the age when most people were learning arithmetic, the young girl was playing with complicated equations that even adults had trouble solving.

The girl's tiny head was filled with all sorts of knowledge unknown to children of the same age.

Untold numbers of mathematical theorems, knowledge gained from academic texts or illustrated reference books, languages for communicating with machines—It was impossible to count them all.

However, the solution to the one problem, which the girl truly hoped to solve, eluded her no matter how much time went by.

And again today, the girl was looking up at the white image of someone's broad back.

The girl's father was wearing a lab coat, focused on carrying out some kind of research the whole time.

He always had his back to the girl.

Hence, the girl wanted a method to make him turn his head back.

The girl cried: "Father."

But he did not look back, simply sitting in his chair, staring silently at the computer screen.

Even so, the girl still did not give up, calling him relentlessly.


"Shut up and give me some peace and quiet."

However, what the girl received were his cold words.

He scolded the girl angrily without even looking back at her.

The girl trembled in fright. The words reaching her throat were swallowed.

Inside the quiet room, all that could be heard was his tapping on the keyboard.

The girl bit her lower lip hard and held her tears back.

Thus as usual, the girl picked up academic texts and began to read in a corner of the laboratory.

Except that her tears were dripping on the open pages.

The girl did not understand.

Why her father refused to look back at her.

Days like these kept repeating. At some point, the girl no longer spoke.

Because speaking would only incur her father's irritation.

Despite being together clearly every day, she felt lonely.

But one day—The girl suddenly gained "an older sister."

Giving off a tomboyish impression, she smiled cheerfully and greeted the girl.

"I'm Ariella Lu. Nice to meet you, Ren."

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