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This is Tsukasa. Thank you very much for holding Unlimited Fafnir Volume 9, Cerulean Engage, in your hand right now!

As you can probably tell from reading the story, this volume is the first half of a major episode.

I really wanted to keep everything tightly wrapped up in one volume as before, but there were many depictions and things I had to write about, so this sort of structure resulted.

As the first half, this volume is slice-of-life—I wondered if it would be okay, but there you have it, non-battle scenes dominated.

And for some reason, "hot spring" scenes account for the majority of the volume.

Given the density of hot spring scenes, it's better to call this a "hot spring volume" rather than a "hot spring event." It's my first time writing an episode of nothing but bath scenes. With all that blood rushing up his head from the heat, I seriously worry for Yuu's health.

Truth be told, when I first started writing the Unlimited Fafnir series, my intention was to put in one bath scene per volume.

But after putting all my strength into writing the hot spring scene in Volume 3, there was an interruption in bath scenes from Volume 4 until Volume 7.

However, with the number of bath scenes in this volume, it feels like I've more than made up for the deficiency all at once. If you calculate the ratio of bath scenes to volumes, you can see a trend shooting at 100% with super momentum. A bath scene ratio of 120%—People will probably no longer be able to tell what this novel is about.

Speaking of which, although it's a completely separate matter, the other day I visited a hot spring for the first time in roughly ten years.

I was greeted by very refined and efficient systems with a rich variation of baths. Hot springs are surely evolving... After this experience, I'll be able to depict evolved bath scenes that won't be left behind by the times. However, due to the momentum of the plot in the current episode, there might not be any room left in the remaining volume for bath scenes...

And now for acknowledgements.

Korie Riko-sensei, thank you very much for your splendid illustrations again this time!

Bath scene illustrations are the best, of course, the frontispieces of Kili and Ariella are wonderful too. I especially love the depiction of Kili in high spirits.

Editor in charge, Shouji-sama, I really appreciate your support in all areas in addition to the novel, such as various anime-related maters.

I always look forward to the synopsis that Shouji-sama writes for each volume's back cover, which is kept secret until publication, always impressing me with the intensity and fervor of his phrasing. I am honored to continue working with you.

Next, this is my first opportunity to write an afterword after the anime finished broadcasting (although the previous volume was released after the anime ended, the afterword was written before that), so allow me to express my gratitude here.

Everyone involved in the anime, I am so glad to see Yuu and all the others speaking and moving. Getting to work with so many great people really motivates me to try my best.

Then finally, my heartfelt thanks to all the readers and watchers of the anime.

Well then, see you next time.

Tsukasa, May 2015

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

UnlimitedFafnir v09 261.jpg

Because the editor said that something serious was going to happen to Ariella-chan this volume, there's someone here who was looking forward to see what kind of erotic scenes she'll face. (ashamed)

Korie Riko

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