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I started translating SAO because I love this series so much that I wanted to share how great it is, to a wider audience who can't read it from the source language, and at the same time, reducing the burden of Teh_Ping, a major contributor to this project. I was happy seeing readers discuss the story, and happy that I could be some help to Ping and the project as a whole.

However, I didn't think this through thoroughly, I didn't know SAO project has a very high standard compared to other projects hosted here. I thought the readers wouldn't mind some mistakes from an amateur translator such as myself, I don't read too many LN here, but I can't recall seeing readers constantly complaining about the translation in every volume like in this project.

Also, this might be my personal motto and no one else thinks like me, that I respect the works from other translators, it doesn't matter what their level of skill they have. I respect their contributions and will never poke my hand into their works, and although I did occasionally edit the scripts, but that was to update the terms used, never to retranslate the script. So I expected the same treatment from other translators.

I was wrong.

I had reflected on my inadequate skill and decided to quit translating a while back, and I expected to regain some peace of mind by doing so, but it seems it wasn't enough, as long as my scripts are still available for others to tear apart and grade here.


I decided to take all my scripts posted on Baka-Tsuki back. This is very harsh action, but I can't think of a better way, just stopping myself from visiting B-T but leaving the scripts behind wouldn't give me the peace of mind I desire. I kind of understand now why some translators refuse to host their work here, a bit too late I might add.

I am really sorry to the innocent readers that get caught in this mess, but please continue reading my works on various versions of eBooks that are still being distributed in the forums for now, until better translators put up their superior versions later on.

And I'm sorry I couldn't be a translator who can stand criticism.