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I guess I'll create this page so the link to my name isn't red anymore...

I'm really thankful for the work the translators (and editors) have done so that I am able to read these light novels; so I figured the best way to show my appreciation would be editing. I spent some time reading and editing Toaru Majustu no Index, so I'm a little attached to that project. I also try to help out a little with some of the other new and ongoing translations.

These days I also help out with some of the admin'ish tasks and play around with my bot.

Italics Macro

Converting Microsoft Word text formatted as italics into the wiki format came up in a discussion. So I copied a visual basic macro from the internet and modified it to add the two single quotes around text that is italicized in Microsoft Word. Just go to Tools -> Macros -> Create New Macro, then paste the following code into visual basic window that pops up, and then save. Go back to Word, open macros again, and hit run on the new macro.

(Nov 25, 2012) Updated macro to better deal with italics that go to the end of a line (previously would put the closing single quotes on the next line), or italics that contain blank lines. Hopefully there aren't any other edge cases / bugs I'm missing.

Exporting all chapters (edit versions) in a series

I spent a little time figuring out a good way to compile all the chapters of a series into a single file, so I figured I'd share it (Really I'm just trying to justify having spent the time to figure it out by pretending that people will actually see this page; now if only I had a way to justify the time spent writing these instructions). I think this would be useful if you're doing multiple edits through an entire series (ie updating terminology). I also find it useful to have a file with all the chapters open just so I can run a search through the series to check for consistency when editing.

Obviously, if it's a shorter series, then it may be easier to just copy paste each chapter individually than it is to read these instructions (but I didn't want to do that for Index's 300+ chapters). I found the cutoff for me as to which method was more efficient to be around 8 volumes (~10 min); or if I already have the page list done and am repeating (updating) the download, then the cutoff is about 4 volumes (~5 min).