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What are you?[edit]

An ordinary human, with no superpowers, normal amount of luck, and high faith on my religion.

  • Age : 17 (5th June 1997)
  • Occupation : Student, Life Observer, hoping to not become a N.E.E.T
  • Hobby : too much random activities to take one as a hobby.. but most of the time I spend in front of my gadget..
  • Comes from the warm country of Indonesia, near its capital, Jakarta
  • A too lazy translator, almost no motivation (I really admire those not-payed translators!)
  • No particular genre in anything, I like to observe many things
  • Likes to help as long as I could do something..
  • A loner, amount of friends is low
  • Not a silent person but had a mouth of a liar that almost never spoke what I really wanted to say.
  • Likes to imagine stories and theories... some already written
  • Favorite anime? I think there is none in particular.. But I'd love something with nice graphics and a good story especially tearjerkers..
  • Favorite projects? SAO, Accel World, Oregairu, Hataraku Maou-sama,