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Hello there. I'm just going around using my knowledge of English grammar and spelling to rectify some mistakes that I see while reading. English is my first, and currently, only language. Many thanks to all the translators that take the time to translate all of these light novels. I hope my edits help improve the works on this site.

Current Projects[edit]

I am currently studying Japanese, with the hopes of one day being proficient enough to read fluently and possibly even translate. So that seems to be eating up the majority of my free time right now.

I am currently part of the editing team for:

Indefinite hiatus from:


I always prefer reading to watching something.

I will read just about anything that piques my interest, regardless of genre.

If anyone has any recommendations based on the information above, I'd love to hear them.

Contact Information[edit]


[email protected]

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns or comments. It is probably to easiest and most reliable way to get in touch with me.

I am also on the forums now. Although I doubt I will be on them all that much.