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Has edited the WN series "Tate no Yuusha."

1st Revision: Correct spelling/grammar error, faulty sentence structures and repetitive words/definitions. Also try to untangle any confusing or obscure passages. Emphasis on retaining original translation's literal meaning as much as possible. Takes about 2 1/2 - 4 hours depending on chapter length.

2nd Revision: Focus on story flow, making paragraphs/dialogue more clear and concise as well as less choppy, so it'll be more enjoyable to read without having it become a chore. Takes about 2 - 3 hours depending on chapter length.

3rd Revision: ????? [getting story closer to print publishing quality, going over everything again with a 10x magnifying glass]

Won't bother doing for multiple reasons.

(#1) I do enough work on this story series as it is.

(#2) Baka-Tsuki's version is more of a speed release, aka "Quantity over Quality."

(#3) Don't have a firm grasp of how this series is written in its original language. In other words, more of my own writing style will bleed over into the editing process should I attempt a full english conversion.

(#4) Don't feel like it~ Let other lazy leechers out there pick up the slack.

Well, I've proofread twice the Vol. 1 LN equivalence of the "Tate no Yuusha" WN series, so my main goal has just been achieved. With this series getting the attention it deserves and the former lazy leechers have hopped on board to work on this project, now is a good time to retire from the scene until another under appreciated series catches my attention. Until next time, so long all~