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About me[edit]

Not so much to write here, part of ND and BT at the same time since a long time ago. you can see my bio at NanoDesu Translations keep in mind that the bio is not NOT serious at all... Able to make PDFs and EPUBs for LNs(though I hate EPUB), typeset manga and illustrations, somehow able to clean images too. Main language : Indonesian (and 9+ from the so many accents of it). Secondary language : English, Chinese (some variation of it too). Middle twenties, not-so-young(?) and have a not-so-bright(?) future.

About me(Part 2)[edit]

You can find me easily on IRC Rizon at #campione or #nanodesu. Or at the link below, Spamming The ND forum too I write tons of fanfics and translates things there too.

About me(Part 3)[edit]

I guess somehow I got appointed to be BT admin for Indonesian Language, so if you got any questions or something, ask away on my Talk page

Current TL Project[edit]

Chinese to English. (Dropped, replaced by XIceArcher @NanoDesuTL Forum )

Seitokai No Ichizon ( Teaser @NanoDesuTL Forum )

My Girlfriend Is a Mahou Shoujo. Chinese Web Novel. Part of NDT group.

Editing / helping / administrating[edit]

Patrolling various Indonesian projects, killing MTL and/or bad TL. But I am more than willing to help those who ask.