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Chapter 1: The Ostland[edit]


Louise let out a deep sigh. She was on the deck of the Ostland. In front of her eyes, led by Guiche and Malicorne, the students of the Academy of Magic were creating a commotion.

Colbert was in the center of the circle. Previously, they heard how he had died during the attack by a group of mercenaries from the Albion army; but he was actually alive, and apparently, Kirche had secretly brought him back to Germania.

It was a mystery why Kirche did that. Louise inclined her head.

“Oh my, Louise. How is this ship my Jean made?”

Her hand went around Louise, and Kirche smiled sweetly.

Louise stared at the wings of the Ostland which were protruding from its deck. They were enormous wings, which were about three times larger than the ones of normal ships. Usually, wings which are set up in ships were wood, like the support, with a spreading sail. But this ship was different. To achieve that strength, instead of wood, tall iron masts were used. Reaching 100 mails tall, these straight iron masts could not be produced in Tristain.

In the middle of the wings, there was an engine room with huge propellers! It looked like the “steam engine” Colbert prided in. Apparently, it was something Colbert and the Zerbst family made using the “Happy Little Snake” from some time before as a model. From their outer appearance, they looked like two long, huge iron boxes with massive chimneys. With the energy from the steam which was generated from the combustion of coal and the heating of water, these huge propellers revolved- this was its mechanism.

Those two things were the product of Germanian mechanics who were excellent metallurgists.

“What a great ship.”

Louise expressed her thoughts briefly, and...

“To manufacture iron which could be of use to make such long and strong masts in Tristain is impossible! Louise, do you understand? For the sake of turning my Jean's design into reality, the fire technology of Germania is indispensable! It was a just like a fated meeting between the fire Zerbst and the Flame Serpent! In other words, the fruits of love!”

Unabashed, Kirche combed her hair back. Disgusted at Kirche who had now caught a teacher, calling him “My Jean," Louise said,

“So it's a teacher this time? You are really really someone who falls in love irrationally, huh?”

“It is my personality to be attracted to great gentlemen. I am only faithful to that.”

“Then why did you do things like lying about him dying and taking him away?”

Louise asked. At her words, Kirche displayed a somewhat lonesome look. Yet, she smiled immediately.

“There are a lot of reasons for adults. Complicated reasons.”

While waving her hand, she rushed over to Colbert.

Colbert was explaining the Ostland to the students.

“With the buoyancy acquired using these huge wings, the consumption of wind stones is minimized, and this ship should be able to travel for a long distance... uwa!”

Suddenly embraced by Kirche, Colbert let out a shout. Laughter escaped from the students. Saito was amongst the students. He was laughing quite innocently.

I know you are happy that he is still alive, but... Louise pouted.

Explain properly your kiss with princess.

Although when I was kissed during the drop, I thought, "Well, it's fine...", the kiss between Saito and Henrietta was still an uncommon relationship. Louise did not miss the hot atmosphere which drifted between the two. Although I questioned Henrietta, I still don't know whether that feeling was real or not... Louise declared. Oh no! Because he had stopped the army of seventy thousand and became the hero of Tristain, looks like Henrietta's eyes are clouded as well.

How would Saito react towards the Queen's feelings? Is Henrietta still better after all?

Louise recalled their kiss. Henrietta and Saito were just like characters of a soap opera, having something hot residing in their looks. What eyes! Looks which were as if they had just noticed the sudden destiny which came to them without them knowing it.

You had said so many times you like me that much, and yet what is thisssss~! Completely agitated, Pong! Louise kicked recklessly into the side of the ship.

“You are in a bad mood huh?”

Louise looked around, and saw Siesta standing there, holding a tray.

“Why are you here?”

With a voice similar to a snarl, Louise said. Nowadays, Siesta was Saito's exclusive maid. Right now, she was supposed to be cleaning the room.

“Because the students who had gathered said that they wanted to have their lunch on the ship. The workers carrying the meal are not enough, so I was called as well. Anyways, this is really an awesome ship, right? This is my first time seeing a ship with such long wings.”

Siesta was not aware of the incident involving Louise's attack by Myoznitnirn last night. And looks like she did not recognize this great ship, Ostland, which was made by Colbert who was living at Germania for some reasons, at all. With an innocent expression, her view shifted around restlessly from the deck to the mast and the wings.

The meal which was on the tray consisted of sliced bread, ham, and vegetables - a light meal. Louise took one of them, and started stuffing her mouth quietly.

Siesta whispered near Louise's ears,

“Was Miss Vallière found by Saito-san during the ball?”

Ugh! the bread she was eating got stuck at her throat. At her reaction, Siesta narrowed her eyes and whispered,

“Soooooo what's the maaatter? Oh my, oh my, oh my. Judging by that expression, looks like he did not, huh? If that's the case, I won the bet. If I won, that means...”

Siesta's face shone brightly.

“So I will borrow Saito-san for one day, right? As for Miss Vallière, please say that you have things to do and leave the room. It's all right! I won't do anything strange like Miss Vallière is thinking. I'll just practice a play, only that. A novel with the title 'A Maid's Afternoon,' just only practice one scene. So...”

However, Louise did not reply. While trembling, she was staring intently at a dot.

“Are you listening? Miss...”

Siesta recognized the target of Louise's gaze, and her eyes bulged.

“Isn't that Her Majesty, The Queen!?”

Just as she said, taking along some guards, Henrietta was about to go towards the students. In order for her to attend the Ball of Sleipnir, she had to stay at the Academy of Magic. Cheers could be heard from amongst the students who had gathered at the deck. Noticing Henrietta who had appeared suddenly, Colbert bowed deeply.

“A magnificent ship, right? Mister.”

“Thank you.”

Looking at the conversation between Colbert and Henrietta, Siesta sighed. The beauty of Henrietta which was described as “The Flower of Tristain” would stand out even amongst other noble ladies. The noble atmosphere drifted even to Siesta, a commoner, pressurizing her.

However... despite being in such a position, Henrietta still had this amiable feeling. Usually, noble ladies would always appear to be puffed up and aloof. Yet, Henrietta who reigned at the top did not make one feel like that. Was it because no one rivaled her?

“This is the first time I've seen Her Majesty, The Queen, so closely. If my family in my home town heard about this, they would definitely be envious...”

Yet, Louise did not respond. Motionless, her gaze was fixated straight ahead at Henrietta. What on earth is wrong with Miss Vallière? Siesta inclined her head. Eventually, her face lightened up. The person she liked was pushing his way among the crowd.


Sure enough, it was Saito, wearing an Ondine mantle. Although Guiche's figure could be seen beside him, Siesta's eyes were only on Saito.

Guiche stepped up in front of Henrietta and bowed elegantly. Saito who was standing half a step behind followed suit, bowing down in an unrefined manner for a knight. The clumsiness which was brought up from amongst the commoners made Siesta's heart beat more.

“Your Majesty, the preparation of your coach is complete.”

With a respectful bow, Guiche said. Because of his delight in directly serving the queen he admired, he showed a proud look never seen before this. It was in stark contrast to Saito who looked embarrassed for some reason.

“Thank you for the trouble.”

She said so, and as if rewarding their work, held out her right hand. At such an action, Guiche froze.



Saito prodded him lightly. Because of that, Guiche fell sidewards. Surprised, Henrietta took a step back.

“Wh-What happened?”

“He fainted.”

Saito said wistfully, and the other students who had gathered exploded into laughter.

Looks like Guiche was overcome by emotion and had lost consciousness.

“Well then, I will just express my gratitude to the Assistant Commanding Officer instead.”


Henrietta said in a slightly anxious tone. Around her, tension spread rapidly. Although Saito was a chevalier, he was still of a commoner origin (the truth was that he was a person of a different world). Previously, despite knowing that he was permitted to kiss Her Majesty's hand at Tristain, for him to do so right now before everyone's eyes, was something he could not even imagine, and this made him dizzy.

Saito involuntarily looked up at Henrietta's face, and blushed, lowering his head slightly. The surrounding noble students thought, Aren't you a little too nervous in kissing the queen's hand?, but that thing was reflected in Siesta's eyes as well. Squinting her eyes, she stared at the queen's and Saito's faces alternately.


From Siesta's mouth, a surprised sound leaked out. As might be expected of a girl in love, Siesta did not miss the hot feeling glimmering in Henrietta's eyes, even if it was only for a moment.

“H-How could this be? Don't tell me...”

Impossible, while thinking that, she turned towards Louise. Something grave was happening here as well. Clenching her fists tightly, with her face looking down, standing stiffly, she was murmuring something continuously.

“Miss? Miss?”

Siesta hastily shook Louise. From Louise's mouth which was mumbling something, curse-like words could be heard.

“Isn't he just a dog just a dog what is that supposed to mean that is impossible hey that's too rude anyway that's just not possible or should I say that Princess-sama has no morals she really has no morals I'm not serious or what am I joking or what this feeling is real or not I don't know I can't forgive them really can't forgive them they are just one stupid dog and a queen? That's just too funny really, reaaaaaaaally......”

“Miss! Miss!”

Paling, Siesta shook Louise harder.


“...That! That, what does it mean!?”

Whilst whispering softly, Siesta pointed at Henrietta and Saito.

“Whether it means this sort or that sort of thing, what you see is true.”

Siesta dropped to the ground clumsily.

“I can't believe it.”

“Even I don't believe it.”

Looks like Henrietta noticed Louise. Displaying a smile devoid of any ill will, she drew near her.

Behind her, with an expression as if he had done something wrong, Saito came as well. Guiche, who had come to, tagged along as well. Louise turned her back roughly against Saito's face, and greeted Henrietta awkwardly.

“I am going back to the palace after this... Before that, I would like to have a meal with you. Is that okay?”

“Be it okay or not okay, no objections. Just do as Your Majesty wishes.”

Henrietta laughed sweetly, after which she turned towards Saito.

“Would you like to join us as well?”

“That, that is... Gladly! Yes!” Guiche replied, standing stiffly. If Montmorency were present at that time, she definitely would not have hesitated to punish him with her magic.

Saito, however, shook his head apologetically.

“Sorry... I'm afraid I have some things to do for a bit.”

From the students who were watching him attentively, amazed voices could be heard. It was generally unimaginable for someone to turn down the invitation of a queen. Especially a lunch with the queen, a privilege which could not be acquired even if nobles were to wish for it.

Henrietta displayed a seemingly lonely look for an instant, but immediately changed that with a smile.

“It's alright. After becoming a knight, you would be busy with various things.”

The queen and those invited for the lunch descended the Ostland successively. Guiche, Louise, Henrietta... Feeling that the help of a waiter was necessary, Siesta followed behind Louise as well.

After that, Saito, who was left behind, looked up towards Kirche and Colbert.

The people surrounding the two of them until a while ago could not really attend the lunch as well, but still followed the queen's party. Thanks to them, Colbert was released with difficulties.

“What's the matter, Saito? Why did you turn down the queen's invitation? Aren't you too proud?”

“I have something I would like to ask.”

“Yeah, yeah. I have something I want to ask as well. Who were both of you attacked by last night? Who was that?”

“I don't really know either.”

“What is that? After that, what happened to Tabitha? She had been with you guys last night, but today I didn't see her figure at all...”

"The person I want to ask is Tabitha.”

Saito told Kirche what happened last night.

Louise was attacked by a mysterious lady who called herself “Myoznitnirn,” and was consequently abducted. He had tried to go along to save her, and somehow Tabitha started attacking him.


Kirche's eyes bulged.

“Yeah. But I couldn't hurt her. When I realized, I had already pointed the tip of my sword away. Though I received a blow at my stomach, she could not aim at my weak spots. So it was not a fatal wound.”

Saito removed his shirt, and showed the wound Tabitha inflicted on him last night. Thanks to the users of Water in the Knight Corps, the wound had closed up... but there were still traces left by the “Javelin” incantations.

“I don't know why she had a change of heart... but after that, she attacked that ally of hers until then. So, we rode on Sylphid together, and chased after the enemy which had carried Louise off, and were saved by the teacher.”

Kirche seemingly pondered on it... and turned her face around swiftly. And then, she started to run away.

“Kirche, where are you going?”

Saito and Colbert exchanged glances, and followed Kirche.

Kirche's destination was Tabitha's room in the tower of the dormitory.

Nonetheless, that was an empty shell. Tabitha's figure could not be seen anywhere at all. Kirche folded her arms, and started pondering about it. After that, she asked Saito, with a serious look,

“That girl, when did she come back to the academy?”

“Umm... ten days ago I think.”

Kirche frowned.

“Damn... If it's that girl, she won't say anything at all. Really fishy, huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“That girl went to Germania together with me, but... after confirming Jean's safety, she said “I'm going back,” and really came back.”

“Oi, oi! But, she just came back around ten days ago!”

“That's why! During that period, she must have received some 'mission' again. Dammit...”

“What do you mean by 'mission'!? Isn't she a quiet person? Oh yeah, she had also said...'I'll tell you the reasons after this fight.' Hey, Kirche! Tell me!”

Nnnnn~ Kirche placed her hand on her forehead.

“Well... It's inevitable that this fact is hidden from you for such a long time. Do you know that she is a Gallian?”

Saito nodded. He had heard it directly from Tabitha during their invitation for her to join the Knight Corps.

“She is not just a normal noble. That girl is a Gallian royalty.”

“Hah!? Royalty?”

“That's right.”

Kirche explained to Saito. The whole sad story of Tabitha studying abroad at Tristain Academy of Magic...

The younger brother of the ruling king, Duke of Orleans, who was Tabitha's father, was killed by people of the ruling king. To protect Tabitha, her mother drank poison, and became mentally ill.

And then, Tabitha was being sent to Tristain to study abroad, as if getting rid of her...

“But, what is the thing the Gallian royal family didn't allow...?”

Kirche bit her lips. In her usually taunting look, as if she was made to recollect that family line, fiery anger could be seen on her face.

“While treating her so poorly, troublesome incidents happened, forcing that girl.”

“...Troublesome incidents?”

“Still remember the Ragdorian incident?”

Saito recalled the incident at that beautiful Ragdorian lake. Depressing memories were revived. Wales' death... Henrietta's tears. And, the promise with the water spirit...

I had forgotten about the ring... After murmuring that, Saito lifted his face.

“Yeah, I remember. The fight with both of you.”

“That was also the command of the Gallian royal family.”

“Then, the attack on us yesterday...”

“Is most likely an order from the Gallian royal family as well.”

Anger surged in Saito's face.


“Before that, shouldn't we worry about Miss Tabitha first?”

Colbert, who had been listening to their words silently until then, frowned seriously and spoke.

“She isn't in her room, could it mean that she was kidnapped...?”

Equally worried, Saito said. But Kirche shook her head.

“That girl won't be so stupid to be caught. She must've hidden herself, I think. Not bothering anybody. That girl is like that.”

“But still...”

“Eventually she'll get in touch with us, I think. It's best that we don't move around. Let's believe in her and wait.”

Staring outside the window, Kirche said. Saito was moved by the complete faith in her heart.

“Is it okay to tell Louise?”

Saito asked, and Kirche nodded.

“It's better to tell her. That girl is involved as well. Really respect her, becoming a legendary user... That Vallière carries too heavy a responsibility. 'Void', huh? Damn...”

“You knew it!?”

In a shocked voice, Saito cried out.

“During that time, when that handsome Albion prince was revived and abducted Princess-sama, Saito, didn't you say it yourself? 'I am just mimicking the legend.' But that incantation which Louise chanted to nullify the magic used to revive the dead... was not of the Four Elements of Magic. Legendary... and a magic not of the Four Elements. Isn't it 'Void'...? But looking at your behavior, seems that it is true.”

Kirche squinted her eyes, and smiled.

During that time, the queen and her party were having lunch at Louise's room. Although the staff of the academy with Old Osman as their lead suggested using the canteen, Henrietta refused by saying, “It's a personal affair.”

With that, a big table was hurriedly prepared in Louise's room, and seats specially for the queen's lunch were prepared.

At the prepared table, in the seat of honor with its back facing the window, sat Henrietta; at her right was Louise, followed by Guiche. As a waitress, Siesta stood behind, displaying a nervous expression. Serving the queen was something she had never even dreamed of. Siesta stole quick glances at Henrietta's face occasionally.

Recalling that burning look Henrietta had towards Saito some time ago... she rolled her eyes. Seemingly, until now she still could not believe it.

Though she felt that Henrietta was listening to Guiche's words, apparently enjoyably, Henrietta would shoot an occasional, quick glance outside the window, and let out wistful sighs.

From such a look, doesn't Henrietta's affection look fairly deep? Suspicion was stirred within Louise's heart.

Yesterday night, I had accidentally blown my top and hit her... because I was not sure whether Henrietta's feeling was real or not. I was distressed for a while... to the extent that I thought I could not help but to strike her. Yet, what if that wasn't the case?

What if Henrietta's feelings were real?

What should I do?

For Louise who had believed since young that “Following Henrietta's will is a must”, thinking about that made her head go blank. Her brain refused to think about such things.

Troubled in such a manner, she noticed the things mixed in her food. The cuisine was a bird meat which was wrapped in a perfectly made pie crust, but when she cut it up with a knife, a slip of paper came out quickly.

“Please confirm the thing which I still don't believe until now.”

She turned around, and saw Siesta standing behind with a nervous expression. Apparently, the one who had concealed this note was this maid. Louise let out a sigh. She would probably want to know better whether Henrietta was serious or not. “I don't get it,” Louise murmured softly.

After her mutter, The monologue right now, can Princess-sama hear it? She became anxious. She stole a quick glance at the queen's face secretly. Henrietta was happy, but her mind had drifted far away. And Guiche was gazing at Henrietta's melancholic expression, like he was in a dream.

Fidgeting restlessly, as if urging Louise, Siesta unintentionally poked her back. Whenever that happened, Louise would turn back. Siesta was still obstinate, and Louise stepped on her foot.


Siesta jumped.

“What's the matter?”

With a bewildered look, Henrietta stared at Louise and Siesta.

“N-Nothing at all!”

Louise crumpled the note Siesta wrote, and put into her pocket. Upon which, claaannggg!, Siesta dropped her tray.

When Henrietta who was thinking that the maid was up to something looked at her, pretending to pick up the tray, Siesta dived underneath the table, lifted up the tablecloth, and showed her face between Louise's legs.

Those lips moved slowly.

“P-l-e-a-s-e c-o-n-f-i-r-m i-t.”

Louise closed her thighs on Siesta's cheeks.

“Ugh, uh, ug, uhh, uughh...”

Henrietta's attention turned back to Louise again.

“What's wrong?”

In a tone as if she did not notice the disappearance of the maid at all, she said.

“Re-Really, nothing's wrong...” Whilst pinning Siesta's face with her thighs, Louise broke out in cold sweat.

Once again, Henrietta gazed wistfully outside the window. At a look it could be seen that she barely touched her food. Ah, Henrietta looked deeply in love.

Louise heaved a deep sigh.

Well then, what about Saito? When his lips met Henrietta's, Saito's expression brightened up. His looks were... feverish... Whether he will look at me with the same expression or not, right now I have not such self-confidence. What if Saito prefers Princess-sama over me...

Louise felt an outburst of anger.

Hey, Louise Françoise.

Don't you get it?

That dog had said he liked you he liked you, yet he betrayed his master, and wagged his tail at other girls.

Moreover, that person is Princess-sama.

Of everyone else, that person is my most valuable Henrietta, Her Majesty The Queen.

This is be-be-be-betr-betrayal!

As I thought, am I not being deceived by a kiss?

Be it this or that, she had become increasingly irritated. Unintentionally, she tightened her grip at Siesta with her thighs, at which Siesta let out an agonizing moan.

“Mi-Miss... A, ah... It hurts...”

At that moment,

The door opened, and a serious-looking Saito entered.




With different greetings and expressions due to his social positions, the three girls welcomed the sudden guest.

With furious eyes, Louise glared at Saito.

Appearing from under the table, with craving and loneliness blended together, Siesta greeted him with a very complicated-looking face. The feelings of the two ladies who were beings exalted beyond the clouds... Towards Saito who had obtained those, they felt both proud and incredulous... and also that their distance was pulled further apart.

“What's wrong? Don't you have some things to do?”

In this situation, the only person who did not welcome Saito's intrusion, Guiche, spoke. He had finally managed to dine with Her Majesty The Queen, only to have Saito disrupt the atmosphere.

Ignoring Guiche, Saito bowed at Henrietta once.


“What is it?”

Taken by surprise, even now, Henrietta's cheek reddened slightly, although it was to an extent which was imperceptible apart from Louise and Siesta... Henrietta sensed the trembling in her heart, and closed her lips tight into a straight line.

However, at Saito's next words, Henrietta's blushed disappeared from her cheeks, which paled instantly.

“I know the identity of Louise's attackers.”


Everyone in the room opened their eyes wide.

Saito relayed the words he heard from Kirche some time ago to everyone in the room. As for the parts with insufficient explanations, Kirche and Colbert who had come along with Saito, provided further clarification.

“How can this be? Gallia...”

As if stating her disbelief, Henrietta shook her head.

“But unmistakably, this seems like the doing of Gallia. So we have to...”

Painfully, Saito added.

“Because there's no way Tabitha would attack me.”

“That girl went through a lot of hardships as well...” Kirche shook her head.

Henrietta was pale. Prime Minister Mazarin's words rang in her head again.

“We have to be careful with Gallia's attitude.”

The reason Gallia was satisfied with only a harbor during the division of the lands of Albion, was now understood. Gallia's true target was “Void," the legendary ability.

She did not know what Gallia planned to do once they acquired the power of “Void." Was it a scheme of King Joseph? Or was it the dogma of some influential nobles...? Either way, it was indubitably a bad scheme.

With anger in his eyes, Saito told Henrietta.

“Princess-sama. Please let me go to Gallia.”


Louise tried to reprove him, but Saito continued his words without listening.

“I don't know who did this and where they're from, yet there are these people who did such cruel things to Tabitha, abducted Louise, and tried to kill me, right? I will find them, and teach them to never even think about repeating such things!”

Guiche let out an astonished voice.

“Embark on a journey to Gallia!? Oi, oi, this will become a war!”

“What is this, Guiche!? You are the Commanding Officer right? The Assistant Commanding Officer was injured, won't you go and take revenge?”

Dissatisfied, Saito said.

“Well, take revenge is uhh, I am not reluctant but... the other side is a foreign country. When we, the Knight Corps, go there, it would not be so easy to clear up by mere fighting.”

At Guiche's words, Henrietta nodded as well.

“Saito-dono, I understand your feelings... but what Guiche-dono said is true. Now you are Tristain's knight. This looks like a trap into which you will fall in easily.”


Seemingly frustrated, Saito bit his lips.

“For the time being, please leave this to me. I wonder if we have anything to be served as evidence...”

“There are fragments from the gargoyles.”

Louise held out her hands. It was a fragment from the gargoyle which had attacked Saito and her last night. That was something which was scattered about the garden of the academy and the outdoor field.

“Right. If we get a proof that that is something made in Gallia, I would call the ambassador and protest strongly.”

“How could this be? And I have gotten hold of the true identity of the enemy with such troubles!”

Saito persisted further. Henrietta grasped Saito's hands tightly.

“Please. I do not want to let you people experience anything dangerous. The person someone values the most... I can't bear to see that person injured again. When you understand that, you'll see that this nation as a whole is protecting you people from Gallia, who's plotting evil schemes.”

As if being struck at the heart by Henrietta's words, Guiche knelt reverentially.

“Your Highness... I consecrate this life of mine to Your Highness. Your Highness' childhood friend, Miss Louise, is the same as well. Even if I have to exchange my life, I would not let the enemy lay even a finger on both of you.”

“Thank you very much, Guiche-dono.”

Henrietta smiled, after which she turned towards Saito.

“Please promise as well. By no means, never do anything dangerous.”

There was something solemn mixed in that voice.

Saito noticed that Henrietta's eyes were a little wet. Don't pay attention to that!... Saito murmured in his thoughts.

He looked at Henrietta's eyes which were about to overflow with tears... and he felt as if he must stay beside her to protect her, and that he must do what she says. And to think that he had been thinking of proceeding to get Louise's attackers after clearly identifying the true identity of the enemy.

His flaming fervor was splashed with cold water. Saito bit his teeth hard. As if asking for help, he looked at Louise... Louise puffed her cheeks up, and avoided Saito's eyes.

Looks like she is still very cross with what happened last night. Well, it's understandable, since she witnessed the touching of lips between Henrietta, the one she adores, and me, her familiar.

But... does Louise have any right to be angry at me?

Saito's heart denied strongly. No, not at all.

Saito had said he liked her to such an extent, and yet Louise had never said “I like you” even once. He had said he liked her so many times, even if there was once when he lied, but that's still alright.

As I thought, in Albion, when she said 'Reward,' did she really mean it? Saito was hurt. A sweet bait in order to fasten me, her familiar, to herself...

Where is the sweet bait? Looking at Louise's body which had little humps, Saito whispered in his heart.

Sweet bait huh... As he was thinking about this, he noticed Henrietta who was before his eyes. Covered by her dress, Henrietta's body was rich with absolutely ladylike curves. Although it was not to Tiffania's extent, her cleavage which peeked out of the sufficiently large breasts, flew into his sight. The feeling of that cleavage still remained in his hands.

At the same time, Saito remembered the kiss, and his cheeks reddened.

His usual firm expression... and his ecstatic expression when he sought girls - these gaps became the mainstream of appeal, which engulfed him.

At that... No matter what, Saito's heart confused. I love Louise. That truth is supposed to be unshakable... Unintentionally, Henrietta's face floated into his mind.

To lose someone you love, do you feel only loneliness?

If one thinks about it calmly, that's the case.

Yet... what if, what if that was not the case?

How did her heart change at that time? Even she did not know. But... there is only one thing I am sure of.

Nobody knows Henrietta's true self.

There is no being who knows the true self of this young queen with her firmness broken down.

No one knows her extremely weak true self as a young lady.

Even if it is Louise... she probably didn't know it as well.

The real Henrietta is merely an ordinary girl dressed in multiple-layered and pricey chiffon. If she kisses, she would blush; if she embraces, she would bury her face in the other party's chest. Her breasts and cheeks, all of them are soft... She is this fragile lady.

More... I want to see her former face more. Her face before the kiss, what on earth does it look like? Such a notion flashed past his mind... but Saito shook his head.

Somehow, he thought that it was something very wrong.

But still, this guilty conscience was also because of Henrietta's charm. Although he felt that it was wrong, he still drowned in it - this queen had such a charm. He felt like if he kept on looking, he would be beside himself. Saito averted his eyes.

Standing at a place slightly further away, with cold eyes, Louise and Siesta were staring intently at Saito and Henrietta, who had their heads down. Siesta seemingly felt too overcome by jealousy.

“T-To win Her Majesty the Queen's heart, as I thought, Saito-san is cool...”

Siesta said such things because of her fascination, and Louise tread her feet.


“Don't say unnecessary things.”

“But, Her Majesty the Queen's face... That is the expression of someone in love. Even I, as a girl, am fascinated by her charm. I am involuntarily captivated... Ouch!”

Siesta was pinched by Louise at her cheek, and she shrieked.

“Princess-sama is only deluded.”


“That's right. Newly born ducklings would regard the first thing they see as their parent.”

“Interesting words.”

“Princess-sama is the same. When she had lost Wales-sama and became depressed, she had coincidentally met that dog, only that. Because of this, by all means, I must save Princess-sama from the hands of this PERVERTED dog.”

“You are not frank huh... If you honestly say you don't want him to be taken away, Miss Vallière would be a little cuter... Ouch!”

Siesta was pinched harder by Louise at the cheek.

“Don't you get it? That dog, after kissing, he would be bad and lewd. That time when we were on the boat, after touching my buttocks, and with those hand movements, he even ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-caressed me to the top. When I imagine him doing that to Princess-sama, somehow the entire world is unforgivable. Because I would never allow him to contaminate my Princess-sama. By any chance, if he had contaminated her, that day would be the day he dies.”

“Hand movements? I still remember them well... Hyaaa!”

The ending was that Louise pinched Siesta's ass. Hyaah! Aagghh! Whilst groaning, Siesta jumped up into air, but Saito and Henrietta were engrossed in their own world, and did not notice her. The ever joyous Guiche mistook Henrietta's furiously blushing face as a response to his loyalty, and, overcome by emotion, had fainted long ago.

Kirche leaned flirtatiously against Colbert and said.

“It's really peaceful, rrrriiiigggghht Jean?”

Staring at the scene before him with a troubled face, Colbert perspired.

“Oh well, after all, this is a brief rest. Isn't it good? By the way, Miss Zerbst, umm... can you not use 'Jean,' please?”

Smiling sweetly, Kirche kissed Colbert on his cheek.

“N.O. And yeah, I have already asked many times. Just call me 'Kirche.'”

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