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Story 2: Knight Corps of the Water Spirit, Charge!

Chapter 1[edit]

“Remorse. I, the sub-commander of the Knight Corps of the Water Spirit and Her Majesty's administrating court lady De La Valliere’s familiar, Saito Chevalier De Hiraga, within the territory of the Tristain Academy of Magic infirmary, using both of my hands, massaged lady Tiffania's chest in an inappropriate manner. However, it was not done of my personal accord, but by the request ‘Do these things seem that unreal?‘ of the receiver; thus, the ulterior sexual motive was completely absent. In the year 6243 of the Brimir calendar, Ing’s week on Hemdall phase of the moon. Her Majesty's Saito Chevalier De Hiraga.”

Solemnly, Saito read out the remorse sentence. However, he looked miserable. He was stripped of his usual parka and was wearing just underpants. On his neck hung a wooden tablet.

There, in official Tristanian language, was written:

‘I don’t like big breasts.’

Next to Saito stood Siesta, with a broad smile on her face. Behind her… with her back turned to Saito, on a chair, Louise sat and listened to the remorse sentence.

Her back emanated a cool, lingering anger. Even though some time had passed since then, Louise's anger had not only not diminished, but in fact had grown only stronger. Maybe it was even toxic enough to kill a small birdie passing by? – he thought gloomily.

Three days had passed since Saito leapt through the infirmary window. When he was about to crash onto the ground, it was Tabitha’s familiar Sylphid who saved his hide.

And though Saito miraculously escaped major injuries… it was not possible to escape Louise without injuries, more so, injuries caused by magic. Since he could not move, he was captured easily and brought to the room, where for three straight days he had to endure repetitive violence and forced ‘remorse’.

Louise’s anger level exceeded all the ones before. Not only had he neglected her when she was resolved, he had also gone to the infirmary to grope the half-elf’s breasts.

It could not be helped since she has been made a complete fool. One should be grateful for not taking one’s life.

“How was Saito-san’s remorse now, Miss Vallière?”

Siesta asked Louise with a smile.

Louise was silent. With a loud sigh, Siesta shook her head.

“Rejected, I guess.”

The vein on Saito’s temple started to throb. Just how many times did he have to remorse till she’s satisfied?! No matter what he wrote, it never pleased Louise.

Saito was not aware of the reason behind Louise’s strolls last week. And because he did not understand how greatly his mistress's pride was hurt, anger over being treated like this accumulated within him.

Geez. Yeah, I was touching her chest, but only because I was asked by Tifa! Why is this over-jealous girl so self-centered – Saito trembled with anger.

What if one marries such a girl someday?

Saito became immersed in a fantasy.

Surely… when he would return from work, she would be sniffing his smell.

“What is this perfume?”

“Ah, I guess it rubbed off in the metro. It was crowded.”

“Didn’t I tell you that you cannot get closer to any other woman than a radius of two meters?!”

“That’s absurd.”

“That’s not absurd! If she gets closer - push her away!”

Probably common sense would not work…

Or perhaps… that’s why this girl never said she loved him – it was just a strong desire to monopolize. Saito watched Louise’s back.

Surely, Louise is still a child… Saito thought, looking at the back of the girl who was one year younger. In this world, one year was made of twelve months which consisted of four weeks, eight days each. In this world one year had 384 days.

Louise, at age sixteen, was one year younger than Saito, but since in Saito’s world a year had 365 days, the gap was smaller by 16x19, thus 304 days, making them almost identical in Earth age... Saito shook his head at the thought. Even though he was not bad at mathematics, it wasn’t something to think of at this moment.

Anyway, Louise was almost the same age as Saito.

And yet, how childish this girl was!

Saito, without noticing his own insensibility, held such impression of Louise.

While thinking so, cold anger surged up.

As for Louise, to prevent him from escaping, she seized all Saito’s clothes. And to make matters worse, he had to bow his head before her…

Hey Louise. Your chest is not the only childish thing about you…

Saito grabbed the wooden ‘I do not like big breasts’ tablet with such force that it cracked.

No, it’s not that I dislike her… it is love in any case, however, it’s not all… Saito narrowed his eyes and looked up, but there were no stars visible. There were ceilings. Yeah, I want to see a star. When he thought vaguely about the reason to see it, Siesta whispered.

“Umm… Saito-san. Can I ask you something?”

“Hm? What’s the matter?”

After seeing her face being grim, Saito became serious as well.

“Are Tiffania-san’s things truly real?”

“Yes. I think they are real.”

“Did they feel like this?”

Siesta grabbed Saito’s hands and pressed them against her chest.

Siesta’s breasts filled Saito’s palms and pushed them back a little. Though usually he got excited and had a nosebleed like this, because of Siesta’s casual attitude, Saito became nonchalant himself and kneaded Siesta’s breasts.

“Well it feels similar, but…”

“Was it bigger? Tell the truth, please.”

Saito nodded solemnly, Siesta nodded as well.

“Would you like to touch them directly? Only this way you can evaluate the real size correctly.”

Siesta whispered. Enticed, Saito nodded.

“Oh no, you won’t.”

Louise, with a riding crop in her hand, fiercely lashed the maid and familiar.

“It hurts, it hurts!”

“Stop it! Hey!”

Then, Louise’s face twitched and looking away, told Saito.

“What about remorse.”

Her voice was shallow and her body shivered. The anger was boiling behind her words – that was the aura she emanated.

However, Saito was at limit.

Didn't I save you so many times before?

Didn't I say that I loved you so many times before?

Louise not only does not return my feelings, but she also demands even more remorse.

This girl.

“… That’s enough!”


Louise said, glaring at Saito. The courage that Saito had, vanished in an instant.

“That’s enough, please?”

From the beginning Louise was convinced that Saito’s words were lies.

“Do you think it’s enough? You touched only because you were asked – what a lie! Hey? Did it feel good? Were you happy to touch it? Surely, it must have felt great!”

The vein on Saito’s temple trembled.

“Yeah, it felt good! Better than a certain someone…”

“Certain someone, who?”

Saito honesty disappeared to the tiniest molecules and he decided to lie for now.


However, all words were useless against Louise today.

“Heeh, I see. So I am on the same level as Guiche. Is that what you are trying to say?”

“I-I didn’t say such a thing!”

“Sorry. Truly. Really sorry. I am honestly very sorry.”

However, Louise turned a deaf ear to all pleas. The two people, with their jaws clenched, stared at each other. After staring at each other for a while, Saito grabbed his jeans, parka and Derf from the corner of the room and sighed.

“Saito-san! Where are you going to?!”

Surprise was obvious on Siesta’s face.

“Out. I can’t take being treated like this forever.”

Saito turned straight to leave the room. Siesta tried to follow him, but was stopped by Louise.

“Leave him alone.”

“But, but…”

Siesta looked between Louise and Saito and sighed.

After Saito left the room, the first place he went to was Colbert‘s laboratory. It was built next to the Tower of Fire.

Seeing the light inside, Saito felt relief. The teacher could take him in for a night.


Saito’s hand about to knock froze.

“Hey Jean. It’s time to go to sleep.”

“Miss Zerbst, please return to your own room immediately. This is my laboratory and you are my student.”

“Ara? You are sending me off at such late hour?”

“H-hey, s-stop it, heyyy!”

Saito left Colbert’s laboratory. From the turn of events, it didn’t seem like there was enough room for him to spend a night in there.

Then Saito went to the men's dormitory tower. If it comes to this, I can ask Guiche to take me in, he thought.

When he stood before Guiche’s door and was about to knock…

“Come on, Montmorency! Don’t say never! I belong just for you!”

“Liar. What are those clothes then?”

“It’s a gift for you I got from Tristania.”

“Then why are all the sizes different?! To how many people were you planning to give those?!”

And Montmorency started to beat Guiche rapidly. Sounds of violent struggle came from inside. Guiche is in… trouble too as it seems.

Saito leaned against the wall, thinking of waiting for the turmoil to pass.

But Montmorency didn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. While putting an ear against the wall he heard Montmorency sobbing and Guiche’s voice trying to calm her down.

“I am worried. You are a commander of imperial guards now. Girls won’t leave you alone.”

“Don’t say foolish things. I do not need anyone but you. Now, my Perfume, turn your beautiful face to me.”

The modesty of Montmorency, that she hasn’t shown anyone, left Saito speechless. What, Monmon can be cute too?!

Someone with pink hair was not… muttering, Saito trudged away.

He’ll have to go to the Knight Corps of the Water Spirit hangout in the end. Though it turned into a hangout, originally it was not, as it was built with Saito’s chevalier annuity to store the Zero fighter.

I should have gone here from the beginning, he thought approaching the building. There were lights. Who could be still in there in the middle of the night? If they are boozing, then I will join in as well. When he peeped through the light window, an incredible spectacle played before him.

“Fantastic poem, Malicorne-sama.”

A neat-looking, black haired girl was sitting next to Malicorne! The color of the mantle showed that she was a first year. It was a rather cute girl. Two people were sitting in their seats and composing poems. Malicorne, with a pompous look on his face, pulled out another verse.

“My round belly is a fragment of the moon that illuminates your night…”

Belly huh? He thought but the girl was listening to that absent-mindedly. Seems like spring finally came to Malicorne’s yard too.

Malicorne asked the girl shyly.

“Hey, what do you think about my body?”

What Malicorne? His nervousness passed over Saito too.

For a moment, there was a worry in the girl’s eyes, before she smiled broadly at Malicorne.

“You are rather fat… But I do not mind that.”

Aah… such a nice girl – Saito almost cried.

Though the look was different from hers, she didn’t seem to mind Malicorne at all.

“… ‘Fat’ sounded like a strong word - could you say it again?”

In an excited voice of a man who found a mine of ore, Malicorne asked.

“Eh? F-fat…”

Embarrassed, the girl answered. Malicorne’s cheeks flushed.

“Repeat the words again.”


“M-more. More!”

The girl was about to cry, but repeated the word again.


“Haah haah. Great. Now stronger. Add some feeling of abuse.”



Spring came indeed. Deciding not to bother them, Saito left the hideout.

Not having any other place to go, Saito went to Alviss Dinning Hall in the tower. When he entered the hall from the back door, a fantastic spectacle rose before him.

The alvisses that rested on the shelf at the wall during the daytime were dancing now. Combined with the moonlight falling through the window, it looked like a dream.

“When the night comes, they dance.”

He remembered Louise’s words from before.

Saito faced the shelf where the alvisses were placed. Since the occupants were dancing, he thought he could use it as a bed.

Saito lay down on the waist-height shelf. Except for the fact that it was hard, it was quite a suitable bed.

He rolled his parka up and placed it under his head as a pillow, trying to get some rest for now, and closed his eyes.

However, the thoughts about tomorrow were not letting him alone.

He could not return to that room again. Saito still recalled the cruelty of those three days. Compared to the amount of love, the amount of anger was too unjust.

Even if she cries or apologizes I won’t return, determined Saito thought.

The more he thought, the angrier he felt. To sleep like this was… Saito heard a strange clattering noise coming from the corner of the shelf.

Is it a rat? He thought while looking. An old vase fell down and something was slightly noisily moving underneath.

Saito reached out and lifted the vase.

“What the?”

Underneath it was a female figurine of an alviss. Because it lay in the corner it was covered in dust.

“My, you are pitch black.”

Saito took the handkerchief out of his pocket, and cleaned the alviss.

“Good now. Hey, go dance with your friends.”

Clattering, bit by bit, the doll turned around a few times before Saito.

“You want to thank me? Interesting.”

After that, giving a bow of gratitude, it dashed to the dining room where a lot of other alvisses were dancing. The figurine joined the circle of dancers and soon became indistinguishable.

The silent dance party continued under the light of two moons, the light that could be called mysterious.

Saito recalled the ball where he danced with Louise.

One year had passed since then… Louise’s character did not change. With a deep sigh, Saito shook his head and closed the eyes again.

Meanwhile, left alone in the room, rolled in sheets, Louise was lying silently in bed.

Tiffania asked him by herself?

Does he really think she would fall for such an obvious lie?

There has to be a limit of how much of a fool he held her to be.

I think you touched her by yourself. Yourself…

Louise firmly bit into the futon.

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