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Chapter 8: The Founder's Void[edit]

In order to persuade the members of the council, the Elf Consul Turuk immediately left to return to Adyl.

At the moment, along with the pro-war representatives, led by the 'Steel-Blooded Party', most of Adyl was presently preparing to face the attack of the Halkeginian military forces. Since the situation was so critical, the Pope ordered Julio to escort Turuk on his return.

Turuk told Bidashal, who'd been watching him.

"After this, it is up to you."

Bidashal calmly nodded his head.

Actually, Turuk still didn't completely trust the Pope. In order to completely understand that person named Vittorio, they had to leave Bidashal here.

Vittorio and Henrietta's eyes followed Julio and Turuk as the wind dragon they rode flew towards the other end of the desert.

"Maybe we can prevent unnecessary sacrifice this way. The matter of Ms. Vallière heading to the Elven country, maybe it was truly the guidance of the Founder."

"Yes, Your Holiness."

Henrietta said, nodding her head.

The thing she truly longed for was to peacefully coexist with the Elves.

"But why do I feel so uneasy?"

I don't know why, but there's something strange when the Pope says the words, "Advance to the Holy Lands."

"But if we want to achieve peace, I have a question."

Bidashal said.


"Since the navy is controlled by the 'Steel-Blooded Party,' those guys probably won't listen to the advice of Lord Turuk. If they use the 'Jewel of Fire,' you're pretty much outta luck."

"Originally this was true. But please relax, we have a trump card in hand."

"Oh, trump card... This I must learn about."

"Very good. Queen Henrietta, can you please call Louise over here?"

"Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is here, ready for orders."

Louise, responding to the request to come into the Romalian sunshade, spoke as she knelt in front of Vittorio.

"Ms. Vallière, I have something to give to you."

Saying this, Vittorio handed over a small old-fashioned box to Louise, who was in front of him.

"This thing should belong to you."

Afterwards, Vittorio opened the box.

The things that were pulled out of the box were an old censor, a small music box, and a ring with a few precious stones. At the first glance, it looked like a pile of junk, but Louise's intuition felt that these weren't ordinary items.

"This is?"

"This is 'The Founder's Censor', 'The Founder's Music Box', and 'The Ring of Andvari'. They were all recovered from Mjöðvitnir."

This shocked Louise.

Sheffield, the Mjöðvitnir that died with King Joseph. It seems that the Romalian church secretly recovered 'The Founder's Secret Treasures' that she previously possessed.

"May I ask, why do you want to give me, 'The Founder's Secret Treasures'?"

"So that you can learn 'The Founder's Void'. 'The Founder's Secret Treasures' are items necessary to unleash the Founder's Void."

"The Founder's Void?"

"Correct, the strength of this void far outdistances that of your 'Explosion'."

"Void that's even stronger than 'Explosion'..."

Even hearing the Pope say this, Louise was completely unable to conceive this notion. In the end, Louise's 'Void' incinerated the elven fleet in one attack, if he's saying that it's stronger than that, exactly what kind of destructive power is it...

"If I can ask, does Your Holiness not intend to reconcile with the elves?"

"Presently we still don't know whether or not peace can be established, moreover, there's also an extremist faction amongst the Elves. They may try to use the Jewel of Fire to annihilate our 'Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Lands'. Thus it is necessary by means of the Founder's Void, to protect ourselves and not be threatened by the Jewel of Fire.

"So it's this way, this power is even stronger than 'The Demon's Light'?"

This time Bidashal jumped into the conversation.

"Yes, Lord Bidashal. This is our trump card."

"My apologies..."

"Louise opened her mouth to ask, as her hands slightly shook.

"Why have you chosen me? Since Your Holiness has become one who possesses the Founder's Void, it wouldn't be right."

"Because it's impossible for me."

Vittorio said, shaking his head.

"This was mentioned before, although it's unlike systemic magic, but those who possess the Void all have a part of the system they specialize in. For example, I am 'Movement', Ms. Westwood is 'Forget'. Although I know the method to utilize the Founder's Void, there's no way for me to actually activate it. The Founder's Void, among the items of Founder Brimir's Legacy, is particularly special, it's only possible that you, Ms. Vallière, can chant it since Gandàlfr became your familiar.

Saying this, Vittorio handed all of the treasure he pulled out to Louise.

At that moment, some things started to glow in Louise's cloak.

"Louise, the Founder's Prayer book is glowing!"

Henrietta let out a surprised sound.

"Ms. Vallière, please open the Founder's Prayer book and have a look."

Louise, with an uneasy look, stole a glance at Henrietta.

Henrietta immediately gave a hint of a nod.

Thus Louise pulled the Founder's Prayer Book out of her cloak.

And then slowly opened the book...

Originally it was a blank page, but glowing rune characters now appeared.

"Oh hoh!"

The Pope let out a sigh.

Subsequently, Louise studied the characters that appeared in the Prayer Book.

"When the four mages and four familiars appear, the final and strongest void..."


Louise felt that, on the first time seeing the image of these spell runes, they gradually slipped into her consciousness.

Due to the power being too strong, a trembling Louise knelt on the ground, stunned.

"This, what is this... really... really very dreadful."

"Louise, are you alright?"

Henrietta asked, with a face full of worry, as she put a hand on Louise's shoulder.

"Eh, I'm alright... Princess... it's just that my mind is full of things..."

Louise said, as she put her hands to her face, simply trying her hardest to escape from that dreadful feeling.

"This also shouldn't surprise you. According to legend, even the Founder Brimir only ever cast this incantation once in his entire life."

"Your Holiness... This terrible spell, is it truly necessary?"

Louise worriedly inquired.

"I also pray that we don't need to use this 'Void'. But I bear the responsibility for all of the people of Halkeginia, so the best I can do is to always be prepared for the worst possible situation at all times.

Vittorio's voice carried a bitter tone.

"Now Ms. Vallière, please get some rest first, to save up your magical energy."

The sun set on the edge of the desert... Louise, leaving the cover of the Romalian sunshade, sat by herself in a lonesome spot far away from the noise.


The devastation this Void creates, far exceeded the might of 'Explosion'. What was the Founder thinking in the end, giving the ironic name of 'Life' to this kind of spell.


Louise deeply sighed.

As the third daughter of Duke La Vallière, she had always been taught, that those people who possess power have a duty to use that power for the people. Since she possess the power of the 'Void', she always thought she should use that power for Halkeginia.

"But for me, as one person, to bear this kind of power, it really is too heavy..."

Tiny Louise, Bottom of the list Louise, Louise the Zero.

She was once known by these nicknames, now she was the bearer of Halkeginia's fate.

At that time Louise recalled her familiar, who was far away at the moment.

If it was Saito, what would he do?

If he suddenly obtained enough power to destroy the world...

"Saito... I really want to see you..."

Louise tightly grabbed the edge of her cloak.

If she didn't tightly hold on to something, the tears would definitely start flowing.

At that time, the sound of someone walking on sand came from behind her.

Louise quickly turned her head to look.

The person coming was...


Right after Louise asked, she realized she misidentified the person.

The person who was coming didn't wear glasses, and she was also wearing a long, gorgeous cloak.

Moreover, the crown of Gallia was on her head.

"Jose... Queen Charlotte."

Louise quickly stood up, and prepared to face royalty.

"It's alright to call me Josette, Vanessa."

Josette called Louise by the name she used before at Saint Margarita's Monastery.

This caused Louise a moment of uncertainty. Since they separated at that monastery, she hadn't had a proper talk with Josette. In the end, she was already the Queen of Gallia, moreover Louise always felt a little embarrassed about how Josette had actively aided Romalia.

Not knowing whether or not she understood the issue in Louise's heart, Josette sat next to Louise.

"About 'The Founder's Void', I heard from His Holiness, the Pope."


"I can appreciate your confusion. After being taken away from Saint Margarita's Monastery, I've now become the Queen of Gallia. Moreover, like you, I've become a bearer of the Void."

Josette spoke to Louise with an intimate voice, just like when they were in the monastery.

If you're talking about a person who had suffered, Josette has been at the mercy of a much more severe fate. And although she wasn't like Louise, the bottom of the class but still the third daughter of a famous noble family, that narrow world was the only one she'd known for her entire life.

"Aren't you afraid of this power of the Void?"

Louise revealed her feelings on this.

"Yes. Suddenly receiving such a tremendous amount of power, anyone would be scared."

"No, no, it's not like that."

Louise violently shook her head.

"If you don't want to use this terrible power, then don't use it, because we have our determination. However, suppose it was to save Saito, I definitely wouldn't hesitate in using it. No, I would possibly hesitate, I would maybe be very worried, but in the end I'd still use it. No matter how terrible the devastation would be... I'm afraid of myself like that."

Josette gently laid her hand on top of Louise's trembling hands.

"But I wouldn't regret it. For Julio, I also wouldn't care about the price. Really, I did exactly what he said to, and snatched the throne away from my older sister. I'm nothing but a dirty thief, but..."

Speaking to here, Josette tightly bit her lip.

"But I wouldn't regret it. It doesn't matter how he ordered me, I would accept it. If he told me to die, I would die. This is how I, who had nothing, got my one true love."


Feeling the surprise in the hand she was holding, Louise couldn't help but stare at Josette.

The current Josette gave Louise an unexpected feeling. At the time they were in the monastery, it was clear she was a timid and frail girl.

In the end, what led her to become strong... Louise pondered.

Of course, naturally it's that Romalian priest.

"So love can let a person change this much..."

Louise thought of Saito.

After meeting Saito, Louise also changed quite a bit. If I didn't meet Saito at that time... I would definitely be manipulated by Romalia now, guiding Halkeginia as some 'Saint'.

But my feelings towards Saito, and Josette's love apparently have some differences...

"Are you saying that my feelings aren't equal to hers?"

Thinking about these things, Louise's mood gradually became more serious.

Louise returned to 'The Ostland' with a serious look on her face, just seeing Guiche and the other members of the Ondine Knights around the camp fire drinking and singing, happily laughing and having a good time.

"My Valkyrie was like this, slash slash slash quickly dispatching the oncoming Elves with a swing of a sword! Ah, I really want Mon Mon to see my brave face!"

"And then, my wind magic made a 'whoosh' sound, and blew away the vile Elven golem, crying as it went!"

Guiche and Malicorne were apparently telling their comrades about their earlier heroic deeds when they bravely charged the tower of the Elves. "Although there were quite a few embellishments... or it should be said that it's practically all made up", thought Louise. Colbert and Kirche were currently repairing the Ostland, and Tabitha was by the fire buried in a book, so no one could expose their boasting.

"Wh, What are those idiots up to, people are obviously worried."

It looked like Louise was a little annoyed.

"You're all actually having a good time, but Saito and Tiffania have obviously not returned yet."

"Even if we're dejected and depressed, it's also not going to bring them back."

"Right, Louise, it doesn't matter what we do, first we need to get ready for our next move."

Hearing Guiche and Malicorne's retort, Louise mumbled a little.

However, what those two said made sense. Even if they were dejected and depressed, it wouldn't bring back Saito. Thinking this, actually made Louise feel even more sad.

"Come and eat, Ms. Vallière. I spent a lot of effort to make this."

Siesta helped Louise set up a table and chair, then brought over wine and a tray with meat, vegetables, and soup.

"Thank you for the food."

Louise took a drink of the soup. Originally she didn't have any appetite, but it gradually improved as she ate, and in a moment the food was all gone.

"It was really delicious, thank you."

"Cooking is the only thing that I can do."

Said Siesta with a smile spread across her face.

The present Louise felt that the Siesta in front of her was truly dazzling.

"No such thing, you're a bigger help to everyone than I am."

"Ms. Vallière don't you possess amazing power?"

"Amazing power... is it truly that way?"

Louise's heart was again shrouded in a haze, and she lowered her head.

"What happened?"

"It doesn't matter how amazing the power is, in the end it depends on how you use it. Even if it's the power of the Void passed down from the Founder, if it's used in the wrong way, it can also be a power that leads to disaster. I'm really scared, scared that I'll become like Joseph, that one day I'll eventually be devoured by this power."

Louise thought about the end of Joseph.

Enveloped in a giant fireball, Gallia's dual-use fleet was annihilated.

Although she had no sympathy for him, but if Joseph hadn't awoken to the power of the 'Void', perhaps he wouldn't have come to the end that he did.

"It's not a problem."

Siesta matter-of-factly said.


"If it's Ms. Vallière that we're talking about, there's definitely not a problem."

"Ho, how can you be so certain? There's no way I'm that strong, like I can't do anything now that Saito isn't by my side."

Louise squawked a retort.

Truly, this maid doesn't understand anything, is she just going through the motions with me...

"It's just because of this."

Siesta responded.

"Ms. Vallière is both timid, and flat-chested, so there's no problem."


There was no way that this thoughtlessly sarcastic comment wouldn't make Louise feel confused.

But the crazy thing is that it didn't feel wrong at all.

It gave her an indescribably wonderful feeling of courage.

"Really, it's truly a great thing to have you along with us."

Louise agreed with a bitter smile.

At that time, a disturbance came from inside the sunshade of Tristain's forces.

On careful observations, Dragon Knight forces mounted on wind dragons had just landed in the camp.

"What's going on?"

Louise and Siesta both took a look.

"Is this true!"

"Yes, yes, it's definitely Tristain's hero, Chevalier de Hiraga."

In the camp of Tristain's forces, a merchant was kneeling in front of a member of the Musketeer Corps, led by Agnes. This merchant was scared to the point of trembling by this soldier. He was discovered by scouting dragon knights while he was rushing towards Tristain's forces by horse, in order to pass the news that Saito was in Eumenes, thus was brought to Henrietta.

"How do you see it, Prime Minister Mazarin?"

"Ah, it seems reliable."

Saito's kidnapping by elves, was also a secret that was known by only a few people in Tristain. Moreover, by his timid appearance... it seems that he wasn't a swindler looking for a reward.

"You're aware of the consequences if you lie to her Majesty."

Agnes sternly warned the merchant while point her sword at him.

"I, I swear by the Founder and her Majesty!"

The merchant violently kowtowed.

"It seems to be true."

"Very good, give this person 500 gold coins."

"5-500 gold coins?"

Hearing this, the old merchant's eyes opened wide. That large sum of money was sufficient for a commoner to live the good life for a whole year.

"Agnes, immediately dispatch our best knights to Eumenes."


After Agnes answered, she turned and prepared to leave the sunshade.

At that time, the sound of a dispute came in from outside, and Louise walked in.

"Hey, Louise! What is it?"

"Princess, I heard Saito has been found, is it true?!"

Louise shouted.

"Yes, I heard he's in a location 200 leagues from here, in an elven city."

Henrietta said in a calm voice.

"I'm presently about to order the elite knights to go meet him."

"Princess, let me go with them too!"

"No, you can't."

But Henrietta shook her head.


"Because we don't know what dangers are there. Louise, do you understand? The power that your body holds no longer belongs to only you."


"Her Majesty Henrietta is not mistaken, Ms. Vallière."

At that moment, a steady persuasive voice was directed at Louise.

Vittorio, accompanied by Templars, entered into the sunshade.

"Your Holiness..."

"You hold the entire fate of Halkeginia, the one who possesses the Void. We can't let you have the opportunity to encounter even the slightest bit of danger."

"This... Saito is my familiar."

"Please believe me."

Vittorio said, showing a sincere expression.

"Furthermore, Queen Henrietta, I disapprove of using the knight corps. If the movements are too obvious, we'll instead be exposing Saito and Ms. Westwood to danger."

Henrietta wrinkle her brow.

"Your Holiness doesn't mean for us to leave everything to Romalia?"

"Yes, I've already dispatched serious experts. Those experts have received this commission, and it's an expertise they specialize in."

"Ah, you truly move quickly. If we're talking about spies and assassins, Romalia has a long history and profound knowledge."

Hearing this, Henrietta couldn't help but mock it.

Watching the two exchange words, Louise thought that... Romalia absolutely couldn't be trusted.

If there was no way to save and return Saito and Tiffania soon, those so-called 'experts' would kill those two without any hesitation.

If you think that anybody is going to take you at your word, then you're gravely mistaken.

But I'm Louise, Louise Françoise.

Louise took courage and arrived in front of Vittorio.

"Your Holiness, Saito is my familiar. Thus it should be me to go meet him, this is justified."

"Ms. Vallière, Saito-dono isn't really yours exclusively. Saito-dono and Ms. Westwood, are truly important to all of the people of Halkeginia.

"Those two are not Your Holiness' tools!"

At the end of her patience, Louise roared.

But even faced with a Louise who is unwilling to back down, Vittorio was still unmoved.

With a calm voice from the start.

"You are a follower of Brimir, thus you have a duty to follow the church. If not, I will have to accuse you of heresy."

"What did you say...!"

This made Henrietta's complexion suddenly change.

Heresy, speaking of Halkeginian nobility, this was the most terrible and serious accusation of all.

In the case that it was determined to be heresy, the criminal charge wouldn't only be for Louise, but would also include her older sisters Cattleya, Éléonore, and Louise's parents.

Hearing this, even Louise had no choice but to back down. This and Louise returning her title of nobility to Henrietta can't even be compared, it wasn't just a problem for Louise on her own.

Louise was immediately at a loss for words, she could only indignantly stare at the Pope.

"Wh, what should I do, Louise..."

Then at that point.

"But your Holiness, this is interfering with the internal affairs of my country."

Unexpectedly, the one to surprisingly contradict the Pope was Henrietta.


Louise suddenly raised her head.

You could just see Prime Minister Mazarin scared to the point of shock---

As well as Henrietta, with a firm expression on her face, blocking Vittorio from the front.

"Louise isn't your tool. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is my subject. I, as the Queen of Tristain, order her to go meet Chevalier Saito and Ms. Westwood!"


This brought an unbearable heat to the corner of Louise's eyes.

It's truly incredible... The usually strict Henrietta, unexpectedly, in spite of her position as Tristain's Queen, chose to support Louise.

"Princess, I..."

"Go immediately, Louise, go to the side of the one you love."

After Louise deeply bowed her head in respect to Henrietta, she immediately charged out of the sunshade.

"Queen Henrietta..."

"Your Holiness, Louise is following my orders as her monarch. If you want to speak of punishment, then please punish me for the crime of heresy."

Henrietta lowered her head, and knelt in front of Vittorio.


The sunshade was immediately enveloped in an endless silence. Agnes worriedly followed the development of the situation, and Mazarin quietly said a prayer.

Vittorio calmly closed his eyes, and placed his hand on the shoulder of Henrietta as she knelt on the ground.

"Please raise your head, Queen Henrietta."

"Your Holiness..."

"Indeed, Ms. Vallière is a subject of the Kingdom of Tristain. It shouldn't come from us as the voice of Romalia. Moreover, we can't let this matter just now sow the seeds of discord amongst all of Halkeginia, that was so difficult to unite.

Said Vittorio with his persistent calm smile.

"I shall engrave Your Holiness' magnanimous mercy into my heart."

A gentle atmosphere immediately pervaded the inside of the sunshade.

"In this case we should also begin preparing to welcome them back."

"Wa, wait a minute, Louise."

Kirche grabbed Louise's cloak as she charged out from under the sunshade.

Louise fell over, burying her face in the sand.

"Wh, what did you do!"

"Don't tell me you intend to run across the desert?"

"How could that be, I intend to use the 'Teleport' spell."

Louise said while wiping the sand from her face.

The same method she used to escape from Saint Margarita's Monastery. While repeatedly casting the Teleport spell, and resting along the way, she would arrive in the city where Saito was located.

"You big idiot, that city is 200 leagues away. You'd exhaust your mental energy halfway there.


That seems to be right... Louise thought. How would she do this...

At that time, the flap flap sound of giant wings could be heard.

On careful observation, it was Tabitha riding on Sylphid.

"Get on."

"Kyui, kyui! Pink midget, get on Sylphid's back immediately!"


"It's faster than riding a horse," Tabitha said in a calm voice.

"Thank you..."

Louise slightly lowered her head in thanks.

"I also want to go. I don't feel comfortable with just you two."

Sylphid grabbed both of their collars, and cleverly tossed them onto her back.

"Hey-- You're going to rescue Saito, we also want to come help."

Then Guiche, Malicorne, and the other members of the Ondine Knight Corps also rushed over.

"You guys... while I appreciate your intentions, being too conspicuous is a bad thing."

"There's no way that Sylphid can carry that many people at once, kyui!"

"Oh, that's right..."

Guiche scratched his neck and then said to Louise with an earnest expression.

"Louise, Saito needs you."

"Leave it to me."

Louise nodded her head vigorously.

"It would be good if my ship could fly."

Colbert regretfully said, as he rushed over a little later.

"Really... how can this girl always be so willful!"

Said Éléonore while firmly glaring at Louise as she strode over. Louise ducked her head... but Éléonore next words were actually those of concern for her little sister.

"Be careful, chibi-Louise."


With no way to stop the tears, Louise rubbed her eyes.

Mi-Ms. Vallière, please wait!"

Siesta, carrying a basket in her hands, trotted over.

"It's not going to work Siesta, there's no way to bring you this time."

"I know, this is lunch."

Siesta tossed the basket up.

"If you have some issues, it would be a problem if Ms. Vallière couldn't display her power."

"Thank you Siesta. I will definitely bring back Saito."

Catching the basket, Louise nodded her head.

"Fly at top speed."

Tabitha ordered.

"Kyui, kyui, leave it to me!"

Sylphid flapped her wings, and then a large cloud of sand expanded.

With a lot of her friends watching, Louise's group flew into the evening sky.

"That battle of words just now was brilliant, your Majesty. The fear was even making this old minister's body break out in cold sweat."

Walking out from under the sunshade, the old prime minister bitterly laughed, as he said this to Henrietta.

"A Queen capable of crossing swords with the Pope like this, you can truly say that you're one of a kind.

"I know I'll have to endure your scolding, Prime Minister Mazarin."

"No, on the contrary I believe your Majesty is completely reliable. If she could see your Majesty just now, Queen Marianne would also be at ease."

"Hearing your candid praise, it feels like this might be the first time."

"Oh, really?"

Mazarin began to act silly, after that he watched the backs of Louise's group soar across the horizon of the desert, riding on a dragon.

"They seem to be just like the previous magical guard team."

Mazarin said with a voice full of nostalgia.

"That group of legendary warriors that served my mother?"

"Yes. Narcisse, Bacchus, Sandillon... as well as Ms. Vallière's mother, Lady Karin. They were truly the most noble of the nobility, true warriors of the previous generation."

Seeing Louise's beautiful hair waving in the wind, Mazarin squinted his eyes as if they were dazzled.

The old prime minister who had served the royal family since time immemorial.

"Ms. Vallière's mother once held some title, does your Majesty know it?"

"I remember she was called the Heavy Wind…."

"That's right. She was known as 'The Knightess of the Heavy Wind'."

At sunset... Fatima, released by Saito, crossed the bridge over the river that went through the city, and arrived at Eumenes' old district. The old district, crowded with buildings made of wood, was originally a place where many banished Elves lived. Fatima's clan, which had previously suffered banishment, also once lived here.

Just as she was going under the bridge, Fatima stopped in her tracks. She had once made an oath, before she avenged the enmity towards her tribe, that she would absolutely not return here again.

But she didn't know why, yet her footsteps very naturally brought her here.

"Why did I return here..."

Stopping at the entrance of the old district, Fatima shook her head. Now isn't the time to return here, I need to immediately return to the Party, and inform them of the matter of the demons….

At this time.

"Look who it is, isn't that comrade Fatima?"

Hearing a familiar voice, Fatima suddenly turned her head.

"Com-Comrade Aishmail!"

That's right, the person in front of her eyes... it was Aishmail along with some guards from the party.

"Are you starting to think about abandoning your homeland, Comrade Fatima?"

Aishmail squinted his eyes, measuring Fatima.

"No, I haven't..."

Fatima promptly straightened her back, and gave the party salute.

"I heard you were captured by the demons, I was very worried about you."

"Yes, really, I'm very sorry…."

Hearing Aishmail's words, Fatima exhaled.

But at the same time it brought up a question.

The meaning was Aishmail really knew she was held as a hostage, yet still ordered the attack and sinking of the vessel….

No, this is impossible… Fatima immediately swept away the doubt in her heart.

"So you came here, to indicate you've already killed the demons?"

Aishmail opened his mouth and asked.

"No… I was unsuccessful."

"Oh, you were unsuccessful, right?"

These words drew the eyes of Aishmail, and they became sharp as knives.

"What happened, Comrade Fatima. You not only didn't achieve the feat of killing any of the demons, you also shamelessly ran back here, right?"

"Ab, absolutely not..." Fatima rushed to try and explain.

Her faithful heart suffered Aishmail's doubts….

"It doesn't matter, this is just a small matter before the main event. We'll wait until after the fireworks to decide how to deal with you."

But Aishmail was actually very happy.


"Correct, magnificent fireworks."

At that time Fatima noticed, the guards Aishmail brought with him were escorting a cart, and the cart was covered by a large cloth.

"Comrade Aishmail, what's the meaning of this?"

"It's a 'Jewel of Fire'." Aishmail grinned.

"'Jewel of Fire'? Why bring that thing…."

"What's to say, we want to obliterate the demons that are hiding in this city, of course."


Hearing this, Fatima was speechless.

The two people in front of her were actually talking nonsense….

"Par-pardon my boldness… if the power of 'Jewel of Fire' exploded, you wouldn't say the demons, but the entire city would be incinerated, right…?"

"Hm, you have a problem?"


Aishmail's expression didn't change at all.

"As long as we can destroy the enemy demons, what does it matter to sacrifice a city or two?"

"Bu, but this city also has a lot of elves…."

"Comrade Fatima, this city doesn't have any elves."


"In this city, all are traitors who broke the rules. They are not fit to be called elves."


This truly made Fatima speechless.

Her eyes immediately went dark.

Aishmail's expression was earnest, he truly thought to level the city...

"Ple-please reconsider! This, this is too much…."

"Oh? Comrade Fatima, don't tell me you've been influenced by the barbarians?"

"Ab-absolutely not!"

Aishmail shrugged his shoulders, and immediately on the faces of the group of elven guards, sneers were exposed, one after another.

"Sure enough, the blood of a clan of traitors flows in you."

"I-I'm definitely not a traitor!"

"Ah, your father's sister definitely said that as well."

At the command of Aishmail, the guards immediately grabbed Fatima.

"Rejoice, to dedicate the sacrifices you've made for the party until now, we'll let you enjoy these fireworks from a special seat."

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