Zero no Tsukaima:Volume22 Epilogue

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The night had ended, and the day had begun. Beginning with Henrietta and Osmond, the Headmaster, all of the pupils and teachers of the Academy had assembled.

"That was the authentic, last "Void", you know?"

Louise spoke.


Saito thought back on everyone.

Siesta, who had cried so much, had seen them off with a smile resembling the sun.

Louise had chanted the rune which had emerged from the round mirror.

And, similar to the time when Saito had been summoned in the beginning, a "Gate" where a person was able to pass through, had appeared before their eyes.

The destination of the sparkling "Gate", should have been the very place where Saito wanted to return to the most.

He had thought that he was to bring home some things in commemoration, but stopped.

He could always remember the adventures in Halkeginia.

He had decided to only bring back Louise's beautiful pink-blonde hair, and Derf's sword guard.

"Louise, I love you."

"Me too."

Saito kissed her.

Louise smiled as if she were shy.

"Don't forget me..., because you were my familiar."

"Yes, I'll always be your familiar."

What he remembered were the days in Halkeginia, filled with love and adventure, which had begun ever since that first kiss.

He had experienced a lot ever since he had been summoned as a familiar.

The first time he had met Louise, he had been treated like a dog, and thought that she was an unsociable, unpleasant person. And, they had often quarreled, but now she was a lover to him.

Slowly parting her hands, Louise sunk down behind him.

Farewell, Halkeginia...

Farewell, Louise...

The girl who I love.

Saito walked into the gate of light.

His body was engulfed by the light...



Saito, who had entered the "Gate" halfway, unwittingly spoke.

Large tears overflowed from Louise's reddish-brown eyes and spilled down onto her cheeks.


"Hey, take me with you too!"


Aiming at Saito, Louise started running.

"Wa, wait, please wait, Miss Vallière!"

Siesta shouted. Everyone else had surprised expressions on their faces.

"I, hey, won't like it if I'm not with Saito!"

"Y-you, that 'Gate' is only for one..."

At that time, a voice spoke in Saito's head.

"Partner, if it's only one person I'll do something. Take the little lady with you."

Wh-what? What's this voice?

I have no idea what it is, but I'll need to do it!

"Come, Louise!"


Extending both of his hands, he embraced Louise's body.

"Hey, wait, Miss Vallière, that's unfair!"

"Louise, what are you going to do about the saintess' duty? Louise!"


Just as everyone, dumbfounded, watched them attentively...

Their bodies simply disappeared into the world beyond the gate.

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