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Dantega is a light novel written and illustrated by Deck of cards.

Story Synopsis[edit]

Based 1000 years after the battle of Armageddon and the Apocalypse...

The human race has virtually started over and is trying to put the pieces of its past glory back together. But with God's enemies still lurking in the shadows, the world is once again thrown into chaos by Damien, the son of the Devil, when he kidnaps a group of young royals and sends them to Purgatory.

The princes and princesses were set to be married in an attempt at world peace by the three largest kingdoms of Troy, Eiyazalo, and La'Juune. And their simultaneous disappearances sends a ripple of hate through the world.

Due to certain events, two men join the group of royals, one named Ubica, who holds tremendous power and along with it a mysterious past. And Rage, who is actually the Angel of Death.

This is all according to Damien's somewhat unknown plan to start a world war amongst the humans.

In order to stop this war, the group must travel through the 5 gates of Purgatory and escape back to Earth before the world is again thrown into utter turmoil.

However, to accomplish this, they must find their way through this new world, fight through its residents, the 'Gatekeepers', Demons from Hell, and even themselves.


  • 16 April 2021: Dantega project re-edited & new chapters.

Series Information[edit]

  • Genre: Action, Seinen, Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Adventure, Thriller, Tragedy
  • Author: Deck of cards
  • Illustrator: Deck of cards
  • Volumes: 1-9
  • Series Status: Ongoing

Format Standards[edit]

Every chapter (after editing) must conform to the general format guidelines.


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Project Staff[edit]


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Project Status[edit]

Project Status: Ongoing