OreShura: Volume 3 Afterword

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Super powers, aliens, other-wordly people, and magical girls do not exist in this world.

No matter how much we 「desire for this existence」, they will never be found.

However, you can 「play」 as them.

I am a hero with super-powers who comes from another world, and I am presently using magic powers to battle alien life forms—I can play this character.

This is the beginning of Chuunibyou

However, what’s the result of 「playing」?

For example, what is the difference of playing the perfect 「boyfriend」, and being a real boyfriend? If 「acting it isn’t love」—then what is 「true love」?

All the characters in this work are playing a certain role.

Boyfriend, girlfriend, childhood friend, and ex-girlfriend.

The debut of a new female lead, Fuyuumi Ai, is no exception.

She does her best to bluff and exaggerate, but what was the role does she play? What kind of impact will this in turn bring to Eita and Masuzu?

If all my readers can continue to focus on this future development, it will be my pleasure.

It is very fortunate that SQUARE ENIX scheduled three manga series to be launched.

「GANGANJOKER」 is already serialized as an original comic. It is serialized on 「Young GANGAN」 as, 「Stuck in the Mayhem Between my Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Manga」."

On 「BIG GANGAN」, it is serialized as 「Stuck in the Mayhem Between my Girlfriend and Childhood Friend + H」.

I am responsible for the script in +H, and in many senses it can be called H. The three works are full of the charm of the original + α, so I invite my readers to take a look at it. It would be my greatest joy.

Well, the story for this time ends here. Thank you readers for supporting me until this point.

Please turn to the next page for a preview of the fourth volume. [1]


  1. Translation is too lazy to translate the preview. Keehee.

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