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#6: Sympathy, Jealousy, and Ferris Wheels[edit]

Alright, I understand.

Take a deep breath first.

Masuzu, Chiwa too.

I want you to take a deep breath and calm down, and listen to what I have to say properly.

I know what you want to know.

You want to know what happened after Misora Miharu-chan took me away by the hand after school, right?

I understand.

I’ll explain properly—just lower your bamboo sword, Chiwa.

Masuzu, please take away the note you took out from your bag.

Okay. You understand, right?

Is that so……

Well, here is what happened after that.

I went to Miharu-chan’s house.

I entered her room too.

Because her parents weren’t in, we had tea alone.

—I told you to wait! Wait, Chiwa! I told you to lower your bamboo sword!

Masuzu, don’t take out the note at a speed which the naked eye can’t even follow! Are you a master of iaido[1]?

I’ll continue.

Miharu-chan said her father is the chairman of Fafnir Private Girl’s Middle School right? I did think her family should be quite rich, but her house was way grander than I imagined. There was a distance of about ten meters from the gate to the entrance, and the doorknob was well carved too, and on the ridiculously high ceiling was a ceiling fan, the type you see in high class cafes. It’s like interviewing a celebrity in their house, really.

To make that much money, they must be quite busy with their work. According to her, her parents rarely come home. Her house is always silent. Because her garden is so wide, her neighbours houses are too far away from hers, you can’t even hear the sound of cars. Staying alone in such a place at night must be lonely.

Misora-chan said “you’re the second man to step inside this room”.

The first person is the late “onii-chan”.

Although she put it that way, they’re not related by blood. He’s four years older than her, a childhood friend who grew up with her like brother and sister.

Miharu-chan said something like this.

‘When Miharu-chan was small, onii-chan often stayed here overnight when papa and mama weren’t here.”

‘He’ll read me picture books, play games with me, cook with me. Compared to papa and mama whom I rarely see, he feels more like a “family member” to me.’

Hey Chiwa. Don’t you think it’s similar to us?

I think I can understand what Miharu-chan is feeling. To have someone like this dying; how lonely is that. Losing that onii-chan of hers, I think it’s like losing a father, a brother and a friend at the same time. For her.

Eh? What’s that Masuzu.

You think being kind to a girl with such cheap sympathy isn’t good?

…...well, honestly, I don’t deny that.

However, there’s still more to my story. Or should I say, the following is the main part. Listen up.

Actually Miharu-chan─apparently she’s going to Tokyo this summer.

She said she’s attending an all girls boarding school run by a relative on her father’s side with both middle and high school included. It’s a missionary school, so the rules are extremely strict, it’s just like a prison.

That’s to say she won’t appear on this street after this month.

If that’s the case, she’s really pitiable.

That onii-chan of hers is so similar to me, isn’t it just like fate? Wanting to create more memories for her is just a human thing to do. Am I wrong?


Is that so!

So you do understand.

Thank you Chiwa. I knew there wouldn’t be any problem if it were you.

Thank you, masuzu. Looks like red blood is flowing through your veins too!

And, ah.

If I were to say what I did after that, specifically─


We’ll be going on a date.

This sunday, we’re going to the amusement park.

With me. Just the two of us.

Haha how embarrassing.


Chiwa, stop pinching me! Ouch!


Don’t run to the photocopy room with my note in your hand!

You guys don’t understand it at all do you!

─the above is what I heard from Eita-kun, all the things that happened yesterday.

In short, he was moved by Misora Miharu’s heartful story, and promised to go on a date with her to the amusement park.

While he already has me.

While he already has me.

While he already has me.

This made me so upset I repeated it thrice without realizing,. However, after hearing Misora-san’s circumstances, I can’t stop holding sympathy towards her--as if.

“As if” is me withholding my opinions, because there’s the possibility that Misora-san is lying.

To be honest, I am doubting the existence of this “onii-chan” she’s talking about.

Isn’t that an excuse to get closer to Eita-kun?

If what she said was true, is she telling the truth when she said Eita-kun is similar to him?

Even if that’s the case, “changing schools and moving” shouldn’t be a lie, no, I can’t be sure that the possibility of that is zero. I don’t know her real intentions, it wouldn’t be surprising if she had a few tricks left.

That’s why I will be tailing them on their date.

I understand that this is the worst thing to do--but for now, I’m Eita-kun’s girlfriend. Going to see how things turn out shouldn’t be a problem.

After slightly disguising myself with a pair of vanity glasses, I went to the clock tower in front of the station they’re meeting at.

Hanenoyama City, which just ended its rainy season a few days ago, is being detestably sunny today. Breezy wind blew at a good pace too. A great day to visit the amusement park, should also be a great day for a date. The couples passing by in front of me all have a similarly bright face on, making me want to destroy the world.

Eita-kun was waiting for Misora Miharu under the clock tower.

It’s 11:50, ten minutes before the arranged time. For a boyfriend’s behaviour, he would’ve passed it, but when the partner is another girl, it’s feels complicated.

I hid behind a signboard of a fastfood restaurant, looking at him.

“Ah, as expected, Natsukawa is here too!”

Saying that, Harusaki-san appeared from behind me.

Is she trying to disguise herself like I was? Her eyes were hidden under a beret.

“What’s with ‘as expected’. What a greeting.”

“Because, I thought Natsukawa would definitely come.”

Harusaki-san smiled fearlessly.

I, too, thought she would definitely come; the feeling is mutual.


Alright, she’s here.

Misora Miharu waved her hand wildly while running towards Eita-kun.

Her light pink camisole swayed, her slender and beautiful legs fell under the hem. She was showing her cleavage too, men can easily see her brassiere.

A seducing and strategical choice of clothes.

The so-called “battle attire”.

I could feel her enthusiasm from going all in for today’s date.

“I’m sorry, have you been waiting long?”

“Nope, I just arrived.”

Chanting the staple incantation for meetups, Eita-kun was met with the envious gazes of the surrounding men. Eita-kun didn’t seem to dislike it, a wide smile appearing on his face.

“Uuu--Eita-kun turned all embarrassed. Uu--”

“Please don’t talk that loud. We’ll be found out.”

While I was consoling the Chihuahua-san, who looks like she was about to bark, both of them walked towards the ticketing gate.

“Well then, let’s go.”

Oreshura v065 117.jpg

We started moving too.

We already asked about their plan, so it wouldn’t be a problem if we lost them. However, I’m still interested in knowing what will happen on the train.

We sat down in the box seat three seats away from them; and since we were facing their backs, we could spy on them easily.

“Onii-chan, are you hungry? I made sandwiches--♪”

“Oh, I’ll eat I’ll eat!”

Harusaki-san peeked from above the backrest, staring at the harmonious duo.

“Ahhh. They’re so close! Even though the area one meter around Ei-kun is my territory!”

Showing her crudeness as a sports-oriented person, that’s the Chihuahua-san who gets fairly calculating when it comes to Eita-kun.

“There’s no helping it. Because she’s Eita-kun’s girlfriend today.”

“I understand that, but that’s--”

Harusaki-san sighed and stopped looking, returning to her seat.

“Speaking of that, why are they going to Hanenoyama Land?”

“? Is there a problem?”

Hanenoyama Land.

An amusement park located at the edge of Hanenoyama City, it’s been thirty two years since its foundation. It’s a place of rest and leisure made for country kids with little entertainment--that’s the description we found on the website yesterday.

However, Harusaki-san had a different understanding.

“Because ‘Gorgeous Tsubasa Park’ is newer and more famous.”

“Ah, that’s true too.”

Everything is gorgeous! Exciting![2]

Come shake my hand at the Gorgeous Tsubasa Park!

--I have seen commercials with these catchphrases quite a few times before. Even I, who doesn’t watch much television, has heard of it; it must’ve been some rather flashy advertisement. “There are a few people in my class who have gone; I heard their 3D attractions were great. The images were so real they look touchable, people instinctively dodged when they flew at them.


Why are they purposely going to the old one when there’s such an amusement park.

Does she hate crowded places?

Or--is there something at Hanenoyama Land?

After reaching Hanenoyama Land, the first attraction Misora Miharu wanted to ride was the merry go round.

“Come on, onii-chan, faster faster--”

“Don’t rush. The amusement park won’t run away--”

Spitting out full throttle lovestruck brains’ lines, both of them got onto the pumpkin carriage.

As we looked at them from under a nearby tree, Harusaki-san started muttering.

“Riding the merry go round right away, she’s a senior.”

“Eh, what senior?”

I’m not quite sure where the line is drawn.

Harusaki-san brought out a magazine from her tote bag. “Pachi Lemon”. A fashion magazine targeted towards teens she loves to read.

“Look at this submission. It says that it can judge your popucute level by the first attraction you go on.”

I’ll take a look.

At the readers’ submission corner was “Popucute Test by Pachimate”.

‘’’♪You who chose the roller coaster are a...Love Beginner--’’’

‘’’When you just start going out, starting with the exciting screaming machine to shrink the distance between the two of you is fine.’’’

‘’’But instantly eating the main dish...how’s that?’’’

‘’’♪You who chose the haunted house are a...Love Survivor--’’’

‘’’Instantly choosing something with an ulterior motive is NG!

‘’’Do not rush, it’s bad if you don’t build up the atmosphere first--lol’’’

‘’’♪You who chose the merry go round are a...Love Master--’’’

‘’’Returning to a childish heart first will make his heart’s defences sway…’’’

‘’’Together with the white horse, your love story will definitely be spunned out…’’’

‘’’♪You who choose the swan boat are a...Love Universe’’’

I can feel the universe from your taste.

Although I don’t think you’ll be popular, give it your best!

(Submitted by PN “Ai-chan Epic Victory-san”)

“...how should I put it, this article ticks me off slightly.”

“Is that so? But the submitter is really great. She’s the first person in Pachi Lemon’s history to score full marks on the popucute test.”


In short, the personification of a lovestruck brain. I do feel like meeting her slightly now.

The two of them sat on the pumpkin carriage leaning on each other, laughing innocently. For Eita-kun, who’s always frowning, this is a rare sight. He looks like he’s really happy.

“Hey, Natsukawa.”


“When Eita-kun is with us, does he feel all sorts of pain……”

“......that might be the case……”

Standing there, the two of us stared into the distance without realizing it.

Next up was the coffee cup ride, and after that the mirror house, “feeling the universe” swan boat; the two of them enjoyed the attractions one after another.

“Harusaki-san, what have you been doing since just now?”

“What do you mean?”

“No, that……”

For quite some time, Harusaki-san was pulling out the weed around her. She did a favor for the caretaker of the park.

“Whoa, what’s this! My surroundings become a desert!?”

“You were pulling them out yourself right.”

“Really!? I-I didn’t realize……”

It seems while we were looking at the two of them flirt, she vented her anger on innocent lives. Unpopular girls are scary when they get jealous. I’m creeped out.

“Speaking of that, Natsukawa, what have you been scribbling furiously on the notepad just now?”

“Yes. I’m thinking about counting how many times Eita-kun was hugged properly. Ufufu.”

“You’re creeping me out!”

Even though it’s a sunny Sunday, the park is quiet, and even if there are people, they’re at most families bringing their children. We are probably the only students there.

Doing detective-like things in such a place will definitely make us stand out.

“Papa, what are those onee-chans doing?”

“Hmm. Papa doesn’t know either. --however, Yuri-chan. I can tell you this.”


“When Yuri-chan grows up, I hope you forgive cheating men. Alright?”

Looks like we became bad examples for a little girl’s life education. Rather than life education, I’m more concerned about the father’s wish.

“Even so, they’re only going on the attractions targeted towards children.”

“Now that you say it, that seems to be the case.”

The two of them are sitting on a panda go kart now, safely going along the circuit.

The rides were all chosen by Misora-san. These are likely to be her interests.

“I think Misora-san is an adult in a child’s body.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Yeah. Although she talks in a childish manner, she thinks like an adult. It doesn’t feel like she’s an eight grader.”

Her childish manner of speaking is probably just an act. She’s quite knowledgeable in the art of acting cute towards adults. For me to be saying this is a bit, but I can understand someone of my “kind”.

After the two of them fully enjoyed the go kart, they bought some juice at the vending machine, and after resting for a bit, they headed towards the huge ferris wheel.

When we realized it, it was already four o'clock in the afternoon.

“If they’re heading to the ferris wheel, this might be the last ride. It’s an unspoken rule for amusement park dates after all.”

Saying that, Harusaki-san looked relieved.

I felt the same way. I can finally be released from this “I feel frustrated! But I have to watch!” date observation.

But the two of them weren’t headed to the huge ferris wheel.

“......riding this, is it fun?”

I felt the same as Harusaki-san.

It’s still a ferris wheel, but it’s the quiet “miniature ferris wheel” located outside the amusement park.

“Is she afraid of heights?”


Compared to the twenty meter tall huge ferris wheel, it doesn’t even have half its height. I think only “miniatures” are able to enjoy it.

Anyway, the two of them are inside an enclosed space. This is definitely the highlight of today’s date.

“Natsukawa, you prepared it, right?”

“Yeah. I gave it to Eita-kun yesterday to hold.”

I took out two wireless earphones from my pocket, giving one to Harusaki-san.

For today’s date, Eita-kun made us an offer.

‘I understand. Since you said that, I need to do something to reassure you.’

‘During the date, if we happened to be alone in an enclosed space, I’ll let you listen to our conversation. It should be easily done with a phone, right?”

Just as he said, my phone rang. I’m moved by my boyfriend’s reliability.



“Why is Ei-kun’s ringtone ‘The Omen[3]’?”

“Only for today. There’s no deeper meaning to it?”

After confirming the incoming call was from Eita-kun’s number, I pressed the pick up button. Of course, we aren’t going to talk. We’re only going to listen to their conversation from his receiver through our earphones.

The first voice we heard was Misora-san’s.

‘--this amusement park is really old huh.’

We couldn’t help but look at each other.

I didn’t expect this negativity to come out of Misora-san.

‘This place has not changed since Misora was little. There are no screaming machines, nor any fancy attractions. If this goes on, customers won’t even come anymore.’

If that’s the case, why didn’t they go to Gorgeous Tsubasa Park.

‘Even onii-chan feels bored, no?’

‘That’s not true. It’s like returning to my childhood, it was fun.’

Eita-kun’s words were probably spoken from his heart.

Although it isn’t the same as the submission by “Ai-chan Epic Victory”-san, I can see that he’s having fun, as if he got his childish heart back.

‘I came here with “onii-chan” once. This park. The rides we went on today were all the same as that time.”

I see.

She wants to re-experience the memories with her late onii-chan.

That’s the truth behind this childish date.

‘Although it seemed like onii-chan had riden the huge ferris wheel before, he rode this with Misora, who was whining because of her fear of heights.’

Misora-san’s voice started choking.

…...seems like the situation is turning bad.

Even through the phone, I can feel that their “atmosphere” is building up.

‘He said ‘let’s ride the huge ferris wheel when you grow up’.”

‘--but, it’s impossible now.’

Misora-san’s voice had tears mixed in.

Thinking about her dead childhood friend, she started crying.

“This is……”

It might not be an act.

If it was an act to captivate Eita-kun, I could instantly see through it.

But these tears are probably real.

Just like when she said I was a “demon”, her words hold some weight when she’s serious.

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Even when it’s a date, I……’

‘Idiot, what are you talking about. Alright look over here. The sunset is so beau--’

After a “pachi” sound, we couldn’t hear anything anymore.

“E-eh? The phone call was cut off? Is the signal bad?”

An anxious Harusaki-san looked at me.

“......no, it was cut off.”

It’s probably Eita-kun who cut the call.

I don’t know if it became some meaningless love talk--but since they were talking about Misora-san’s precious memory, he doesn’t want others to invade her privacy; that might be his judgment.

That judgment is morally correct.

So I can’t fault him or anything.


“This might be the start of something bad.”

Looking up at the small ferris wheel, at the cabin they were riding in.

Can it be, he’s actually--

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Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. Iaido is a martial art that focuses on the quick drawing of the sword out of the scabbard, striking the opponent, cleaning the sword and placing it back into the scabbard.
  2. Said in English.
  3. The Omen, an American-British supernatural horror-drama film from 1976 directed by Richard Donner.
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